One Southwest State Wants To Make It Illegal To Teach Your Kids To Protect Themselves


One of the worst things that you can do to your kids is to refuse to help them understand something so that they can have an understanding of why they shouldn’t do something (or when they should).

Take alcohol, for example. A smart parent makes sure that it’s clear to their kids that getting drunk causes people to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise want to do because of the repercussions. You know, things like getting pregnant or driving drunk and getting into an accident. You don’t help your kids to make a smart decision about if and/or when it’s okay to use alcohol (even as an adult) and to what extent (how much they decide to drink).

But it’s this exact shortsightedness that an anti-gunner politician in one southwest state had when she put together a proposal in that state for the (supposed) purpose of keeping kids safe. Dan Zimmerman writes,


Remember, no one knows what’s better for you or your children than the state. Being a mouth-breathing, gap-toothed, deplorable insurrectionist gun owner, you can’t possibly be entrusted with the responsibility of knowing if, when, or how your children should be introduced to the proper use of firearms.

Zimmerman continues:

Senator [Antoinette] Lopez has introduced SB 224 that’s ostensibly “an act relating gun safety.” In addition to mandating the “safe storage” of all firearms in the Land of Enchantment, Lopez’s bill would fine any parent who dares to take little Johnny or Janey to a shooting range without complying with the state’s preconditions.

If signed into law, New Mexicans could be fined $1000 for taking a child under 12 years old for a day of plinking, no matter how safely you conduct yourselves. If your kid is at least 12, the government will allow you to pop a couple of soda cans with your 10/22, but there’s a hurdle you’ll have to clear before enjoying an afternoon of fun.

What is that hurdle? Your kid will have to “successfully” complete “a firearm safety training course.” Now, the language of the bill doesn’t say what qualifies as “a firearm safety training course” or what “successful” completion means. Will than mean that your kids must be able to repeat back the mindless anti-gun mantras of Michael Bloomberg and company? Will your kids need to be trained to riot against intersectional oppression to successfully complete that course?

We don’t know, and that’s concerning. Based on the bill’s wording, could a parent simply say that they took the kid through a firearm safety training course? That parent is likely to have more patience and take more time to make sure that their kid is safe with the gun than an instructor can be with a number of children in the class.

But it’s likely to be that, if passed, this bill would force you to fork out money to take your kids through that course because, hey, anti-gunners can’t have you raising your kids to be self-sufficient adults independent of government meddling in their lives. That won’t do at all, will it?

P.S. If you’re looking for good information related to gun safety, the video series below may be a good place to start.



  1. Every parent in America should sent this idiot an email or call to the effect of. “You raise you child however you want, and I will raise my child as I see fit.” The government should have NO say what so ever in how parents raise their children.

  2. So what’ gonna be next—–Can’t let your dog bark or growl at people in their own(dogs) yard especially on SAt morn unless they went for dog classes? Speak in a loud corrective voice to your children as in STOP !! before the kid chases a ball into the street-unless you’ve had anger management?? UNFREAKIN real

  3. Thanks for showing it to be the leftist , controlling propaganda campaign it has always been . ‘Tis unfortunate our feelings and sensibilities are openly laughed at by the Kamalas , Pelosis , and Dopey Joes , but , at least up to now , we can still express our complete disdain for their lack of coherent reasoning .

  4. I taught my kids how shoot fire arms and how to hunt. You just have smarter than the tools you use. I would trust my kids anywhere with weapons. I would like do gooders to stay out of my business. I believe most people that don’t want the rest of to have guns don’t know much about them their selves. Everyone is different so just leave the rest of us alone.

    • I learned to shoot, a healthy respect for guns and gun safety at age ten via my grandfather taking me out plinking and have not shot anyone although I own several guns

    • I learned to shoot a BB gun when i was 5-6 and then a 22. Mostly tin cans and target and then to 12 gauge shot guns for hunting. First time i had a double barrel and pulled both triggers and you can guess what happened . On my BUTT If we did not practice we hunted for food on the table. Those were the good all days until a bunch of ass holes had to ruin our way of life by killing people for no reason. I am a Retired USMC and fought to protect our country from Foreign and Domestic So Help Me “GOD”. but not to kill another human unless they tried to bring harm on my self or family or any other innocent person. I will continue to uphold that Pledge until i Die. Our Law Enforcement needs all of the support that they can get to remove these asshole from the face of earth. As we say “SEMPER-FI” Do or DIE” “OOHRAH”

  5. So according to the bill, it amounts to forced creditanilining/permits for kids and parents which no doubt the information will be placed in a giant database to be accessed by the government with a private company controlling the data and selling it for profit to track people amd their guns
    throughout their life times. As well it amounts to illegal taxation and many poor people will be shut out because they won’t be able to afford the fees imposed

  6. You need to consider the source and sponsor of this bill for something this stupid to make sense.

  7. This to much. What is wrong we these politicians. I will teach my kids what I want when I want

  8. I think this bill is a crock. It is like the argument I had with my spouse pointing out that I would teach my son the safety and respect that firearms require and not somebody from the streets teaching him with no safety or respect. Look whats happening in Albq. with the current murder rate, some done by kids with guns they shouldn’t have, who have never been taught except by their peers. If you think this bill would stop this I believe you are mistaken.

  9. The Democrats will probably propose the following as well.
    1 Ted Kennedy will teach driver safety.
    2 Nancy pelosi will teach hair salon security
    3 AOC How to wait tables make drinks. Should have stayed with that !
    4 Ilhan Omar how to immigrate to a new land and then rape your new country blind
    5 Bill Clinton Sex with young girls. right Mr Epstein
    6 Hillary will teach deplorable basket weaving
    7. I Gotta be Fair Mitt Romney will teach about treason to ones party.
    8 Andrew Cuomo will teach lying and then lying some more when caught. This is also know as how to kill the elderly in nursing homes with Covid 19!

    But they want to make it illegal for us to teach our kids gun safety. I’ll take a hard pass !

    • Very well put, one addition, if you wan to stop “gun violence” disarm all democrats !

  10. “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”
    Mulbury v. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176 (1803)

    re•pug•nant. rĭ-pŭg′nənt►
    adj. Arousing disgust or aversion; offensive or repulsive.
    adj. Contradictory; inconsistent.
    Opposing; resisting; refractory; disposed to oppose or antagonize

  11. How about a new law that prohibits people that are braindead, do not have a brain, or are educated beyond their capacity are not allowed to hold any legislative office. That would eliminate every democrat from holding office. UTOPIA.

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