Lauren Boebert Trolls Anti-Gun Members Of Congress With EVERY Zoom Call (You Have To See This Picture)


Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has quickly become one of my favorite people in Washington, D.C. Granted, that doesn’t take much since I think that D.C. is populated primarily by sociopaths and the negative stereotype of a used car salesman, but there are, to my pleasant surprise, a few good apples in Washington. Clearly, one of them is Boebert.

Of course, you may already be familiar with her from her ownership of a restaurant in which the waitstaff open carry. Or maybe you know about her announcement of intent to carry her Glock at the Capitol and the receipt of her carry permit on Capitol grounds (see here and here for more information on those stories).

Now, Boebert is trolling anti-gunners in Congress on every Zoom call in which she takes part by prominantly displaying firearms in her camera view on Zoom calls (hat tip to here for the lead). No surprise, but some anti-gunners in and out of Congress tried to criticize her for not “safely storing” those firearms. Reagan Rose writes,


So you KNOW she’s just doing this to troll everyone. She probably had a few minutes before the call started, so she grabbed an armful of guns and just tossed ’em all on the shelf.

But, of course, some suckers took the bait. And expressed their vErY sEriOus concerns over gun safety.

Like California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter who tried to get the hashtag #SafeStorage trending.But

But Boebert, who obviously has no problem blatantly showing off the four firearms in her camera view in those Zoom calls, trolled those anti-gun comments in a replying tweet which includes that Zoom camera view. You can see that tweet below.

That’s right: Those aren’t decorative weapons or firearms in storage. Boebert knows how to shoot them, and they are ready to go.

Frankly, Boebert has the guts that I wish my “representatives” in D.C. had. Maybe in the 2022 election, the rest of the country can put some people with this kind of intelligence and guts back into D.C.



  1. I worship her bravest! Til these leftists politican can prove the TRUTH! I will keep carry my guns! One has anything been done about CRIMINAL GETTING GUNS ON THE BLACK MARKET? NO! All the laws are aim at taking away people right to keep them selves safe! Not every person are able to fight out two or more people who are trying to rob, steal, or commit murder! These politican need to PASS A LAWS THAT WILL MAKE THEM BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF AN INNOCENT PERSON IS KILL BY A CRIMINAL! Or an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

    • Those leftist CommieCrats and RINO’s are motivated by more that their protection; It is all about ***Power Over The People*** by disarming We The People. If our Congresscritters really mean to serve and protect our Constitution from “all enemies, foreign and domestic” then they would sweep ALL anti-gun laws off the books instead of adding to them. They are taking us for fools as well; they don’t know or care that we have heard the old fable about The Arab And His Camel a k a – in PC times – as the Camel With The Cold Nose. First the camel wanted his nose in the tent to keep it warm (desert nights can be cold), then his head, then his shoulder, then one leg and at dawn the camel had the tent all to himself. I am old enough to remember the teacher reading it to us and we discussed it in class. Try and find it these days. Now the aim is to turn the greatest country in the world into a communist dictatorship with the technology to make “1984” look like a Sunday picnic by comparison.

  2. If you are a police officer or a federal officer you need to Think! I’m dam serious! I’m going to tell you this for your sake. One you sworn to uphold the CONSTITUTION LAW OF AMERICA! TWO YOU PLACE YOUR HANDS ON A BIBLE. SWORN TO FOLLOW THE LAWS! THREE AND PROTECT AND SERVE! RIGHT? THESE POLITICAN HAVE BROKE THE CONSTITUTION LAW MORE THAN THE Average citizen. So before you sign your death paper you better come to your sense. YOUR ENEMY IS IN DC! Not the people who carry firearms. Do they attack you? Or do they wear it for their own protect? Only CRIMINAL ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE AND POLICE OFFICER! So my point is your life MEAN NOTHING TO THESE POLITICAN! You can either refuse to do their dirty work or meet your maker!Founding fathers knew this would come! That why it IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! AN ARMS CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHTS TO STOP AN TYRANNY POLITICAN!

  3. They’re just too stupid and too easy!! I guess when you wake up in the morning already “triggered”, it doesnt take much!!😂

  4. Does anyone else remember when the Federal Government did their job as directed by the Constitution. Now they are reading children ‘s books and medaling in everything that they have no right to be discussing including the second amendment. Maybe just maybe if they would put half of their attention into Covid infected illegal’s at the boarder and focus on legitimate voter ID and registration we would have a much better country where more than half of the people would agree on something at any one time!
    And the damn fools ask why are there people storming our Capitol? Really you have to ask???

    • all above hit the nail on the head. Since they are not following their oath of office ,they should be tried for treason, then taken out and shot.

    • The Democrats want to register guns and gun owners. They don’t care who votes. Elections have consequences.

  5. If congressional members do not uphold their sworn oath to defend the Constitution they are in violation and should be removed.

  6. I’m still waiting for my permit to carry on the Capital grounds.
    Must have been lost in the mail.

  7. God, guns, and guts are what made us the greatest nation on the planet. If you eliminate anyone of them, you end up with a mess like we’re dealing
    with today ! God forgive us and help us to turn back to our roots !

  8. She has everyone’s full attention…whether they want her to have or not! Masterful show conviction and Constitutional RIGHTS! The whole thing boils down to one clear and simple truth. The 2nd Amendment IS our only defense for a “government gone rogue”! Who’s intent is to do something WE THE PEOPLE would shoot them for! 2A IS our only defense! Obviously voting doesn’t work as prescribed! The gene pool of candidates is seemingly, just shallow puddle! The nar-do-wells that float on the surface leave no real choices. WE have to do better! Our candidates have to, live, eat and breath the Constitution of the United States of America! Period! Thank God, MS Norbert checks all the boxes! So far…Me and God above, love a well armed woman with drive and intent!
    Go getem Gal! Take no prisoners….

  9. I think she should advertise her cafe more in national media. So, the anti gun morons can see that no one is harmed by the right use of fire arms. It would even cause people to feel safer if most carried a weapon.

  10. AMEN LAUREN BOEBERT !!!! Don’t take SH1T from ANYONE !! We need MORE like her in RE-GRESS !!! DOWN WITH DEMONRATS !!!

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