Does Moms Want MORE Mass Shooting Deaths?


It’s a sad day in the world when even the people that you disagree with don’t seem to realize the implications of what they are saying.

Of course, it seems like huge portions of our country have this problem, but Shannon Watts, the head of Michael Bloomber’s Moms Demand Action, has really taken the cake for complete cluelessness with a recent social media post in reply to a story about an almost mass shooting in Louisiana (hat tip to here for the lead).

I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised. She is an anti-gun zealot, after all.


So, here’s the scenario, details of which are provided by Michael Ruiz and Brie Stimson:

Armed citizens were credited with limiting fatalities in a shooting in Louisiana on Saturday that left three people dead, including the suspect, according to authorities.

The outburst, at a gun store and range just down the road from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, also left two people wounded, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“Arriving deputies located several victims suffering from gunshot wounds,” the sheriff said in a statement. “Three individuals were pronounced dead on the scene, and two more were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The two transported victims are in stable condition.”

Ruiz and Stimson continue:

It happened near a gun shop and shooting range on Airline Drive in Metairie, La., just west of New Orleans, and the armed people at the scene helped subdue the gunman, according to authorities.

Now, this seems to be a pretty clear case of a situation in which the good people with guns prevented a massively higher death toll.

Preventing a higher death toll is a good thing, don’t you think? Apparently, not to Watts who posted on social media:

Lots and lots of armed people at a store in a state with lax gun laws.

According to the @NRA, this Louisiana gun outlet should have been the safest place in America.

One has to wonder if Watts has even thought about what would have happened if armed people at the “gun outlet” hadn’t been there to stop the shooters. Does Watts want another Sandy Hook situation or a Parkland shooting or a Colorado Springs shooting? All of those mass shootings were worse because either no one on the scene had guns other than the mass shooters or, in the case of the Parkland shooting, the law enforcement officer who was on the premises refused to engage the shooter until the death toll was ridiculously high. In other words, he had a gun, but he didn’t do his job of using it.

You have to wonder from this social media post, does Shannon Watts want to prevent gun violence or does she actually prefer higher death tolls in attempted mass shootings?



  1. Watts is a One Trick Pony. The Only Solution in Her Mind is Remove All the Guns. The Fact that No One will ever get Rid of All the Guns doesn’t Even Cross Her Pea Brain as the Bad Guys will Always have Guns in spite of Her Wishes. All the Gun Grabbers will Accomplish is More Helpless Victims!

    • She might be a 2 truck pony ! she’s fairly good looking so hopefully her and the rest of the MILFS demanding hot action might be good in the sack. Liberal Democrats like to F$$k at least !

      • Liberal democrats should be neutered so not to be able to reproduce, thus preventing the spread of their mental disorder.

        • I didn’t say reproduce. Just bang them and make them go away. I mean come
          On admit it I’d do A O C.

  2. True, the criminals will never follow any gun banning laws…
    The evil Dims like Bloomberg and Watts are actually focusing on guns to distract attention from their beloved ADDICTIONS that are actually causing most murdering/crimes in Dim run cities’ CRIME WAVES !!!

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a link between the insane shooter and that moms group.
      The solution to protecting oneself isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than whatever the left proposes. At least your chances of survival increase and I love how they pretend or don’t seem to realize that the firearm can be combined with other skills to help ensure the good guy can react before the bad guy can get first shot off. Kind of hard to believe they are being serious with this response.

  3. The American people are like frogs slowly being boiled to death by the totalitarian socialists. If the public does not wake up soon they will find they have lost the electoral tools to vote the socialists out of office in 2022. If that is the case, then there is only one option left to recover the constitutional freedoms. That option is a national organized armed rebellion , a civil war if you will. This is your last chance to keep from losing your freedom in a peaceful manner; so write your Senators and implore them to oppose numerous anti 2nd Amendment bills emanating from the House along with HR-1 which would make the 2020 election cheating process permanent.

  4. Of course they want more gun deaths! All gun control advocates are either stupid, insane, or evil. Or some combination thereof.

  5. Indeed, how much worse could this have turned out had there not been some trained shooters on scene prepared to engage the threat. Voila! No more threat….to anyone, ever.

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