These People Know The Ultimate Gun Control Loophole


There is an ultimate gun control loophole that anti-gun politicians and anti-gunners in general simply don’t acknowledge, and even if they did acknowledge its existence, they haven’t closed that loophole. In fact, based on the statistics, one could argue that they aren’t even trying.

There are numerous reasons why gun control doesn’t work, but this one loophole explains, by itself, why gun control, in practice, is simply a way to punish good people who want to protect their lives.

No doubt, you’re asking yourself if this can be true, and, yes, I can assure you that this loophole absolutely works to bypass efforts to control firearm and ammunition sales in every single state in the United States and that this loophole will never be closed.


And what is this loophole? John Agar gives us one specific example of this loophole being put into practice. Agar writes,

Thieves broke into a gun shop by crashing a vehicle through the front wall.

The vehicle was found early Thursday, March 11, partly inside Bullet Hole Firearms and Training on South Waverly Road near Chicago Drive.

An undetermined number of guns were stolen, police said. Stores workers were taking inventory this morning.

A newer Ford Escape – reported stolen in Grand Rapids – crashed into the building, breaking glass and concrete. It appeared to get hung up in metal bars.

“The vehicle had been used to ram the building and gain access into the business,” Holland police Capt. Robert Buursma said in a statement.

Yes, the ultimate loophole to bypass gun control is gun theft. It’s been used by criminals since the invention of firearms, and because criminals don’t obey the law, this loophole cannot be closed. Ever.

Naturally, I’m not suggesting that you steal guns or do anything illegal. I’m just making a point.

But whenever you hear an anti-gunner jabbering about the gun show loophole or about how the problem with gun violence in America is that we have too many guns, remind that person that the gun crimes that are committed are nearly always committed by people who don’t get their guns through legal means anyway, and, therefore, gun control wouldn’t prevent the gun crime that they are so concerned about. (There is also the inconvenient fact that gun control would increase the overall crime and violence levels in America like is has in so many other countries.)

Gun control doesn’t work to reduce violence because it cannot restrain those who inclined towards violence. The only thing that stops people inclined toward violence is the ability to hurt the attacker because attackers don’t want to get hurt either.