Interesting: Major Theme Park Sees Surge In Concealed Carry Firearms


Most people, when they go to an amusement park or a theme park, don’t tend to think about carrying a firearm with them.

Now, the point of this article is not to argue the pros and cons of carrying a firearm when you go to Disney World. As an advocate for the Second Amendment, I think carrying would be ideal, though you have to work through your own beliefs about obeying the rules on private property that you don’t own (the theme park’s property).

We all know, if we think about it, that some people carry when they go to Universal Studios, Disney World, Six Flags, or any other park. What’s interesting, though, is that more people are getting caught doing it which may mean that we’re seeing more people trying to get in with a firearm. Suzanne Rowan Kelleher writes,


Walt Disney World Resort has seen a spike of visitors carrying concealed firearms over the past year, the Orlando Sentinel reports, a remarkable trend considering that the world’s largest theme park resort was closed for four months during the pandemic and then in operation at reduced capacity.

At least 20 people were arrested on gun charges in 2020, compared with only four arrests in 2016, according to sheriff’s reports obtained by the Orlando Sentinel through a public records request.

And 2021 is off to a record-breaking start. Deputies arrested at least 14 Disney visitors for carrying concealed firearms in the first three and a half months of the year, through mid-April. If that pace continues, there could be four dozen arrests of this kind this year.

Disney World did not respond to a request for comment.

“Firearms, ammunitions, knives and weapons of any kind” are banned at Disney World, according to its park policy. At the entrance to each theme park, security officials search each visitor’s bags.

Now, twenty people arrested out of the thousands who go to that park each year isn’t very many people.

Still, as the article notes when it was published on June 14,2021, less than half of the year of 2021 had already passed, and if the trend continues, 2021 will outpace 2020 by at least forty percent.

It makes you wonder why the uptick in people trying to carry concealed at Disney World. What do you think? Tell us below.



  1. I’ve only been to Universal in Orlando so I can’t speak for the other parks but they have metal detectors so how are they getting in with a concealed weapon?

  2. It’s simple. Dozens of people were killed, hundreds were injured and millions of dollars of property damage in “peaceful protests”. Police were directed to stand down. Responses to 911 calls elongated to hours long waits, if they arrived at all.

    Responsible gun owners have never been the problem and “No Gun” signs NEVER stop a criminal. In fact, almost every mass shooting event has been in a supposedly “gun free zone”. True criminals and psychopaths know that’s where they will meet the least resistance.

    When I first heard about Disney’s “No Gun” policy, I immediately cancelled our family vacation plans. I also dropped my subscription to Disney+ and other products that are owned by Disney.

    “No Gun” means “No Money”.

  3. Those who carry under HR218 should be able to carry as they are properly trained and understand the liability of carrying a firearm.

  4. I don’t know, but…..That’s some resolve heheh Assuming this isn’t theatre or some conspiracy. I guess they decided they aren’t let anybody force them to live a limited life, even if it means jail. These people must love freedom. Personally I’d just not go. These parks aren’t anything interesting imo, and if places and persons don’t welcome my freedom, then they probably aren’t anything impressive or worthy of me.

  5. There really is know reason for them to carry any guns on Disney property. I really think the reason for the spike is that you have allot more people during the shutdown and the riots getting there concealed permits.

  6. If you can’t carry concealed DO NOT GO
    where you are not welcome.
    If you get seriously injured on their property while assaulted, SUE the crap out of them for negligence for not protecting you.
    The catch is you have to survive the assault.

    • Don’t know FL law, but in VA the worst they can do is a charge of trespassing, and that is only if you refuse to leave.
      Of course that doesn’t include schools, etc.

    • Good question. If they have a sign “No weapons” is that breaking the law to be carrying assuming you have the proper paperwork?

  7. I will NEVER go even within 10 miles of any place with a link to the word disney!
    Their stand on every aspect of life is despicable!

  8. Not a problem. Just don’t go where firearms are not allowed. That way you remain safe and deceived activist organizations can enjoy the danger caused by their agenda driven stupidity all to themselves.

  9. Walt was anti hunting and his successors are anti-2nd amendment. Their new movies are mindless pablum compared to their classic movies and Disney is very leftist. It is a small world after all. Communist Chinese sentiments at the “happiest place on earth”. How sad.

  10. They don’t deserve to be patronized AT ALL,with not allowing concealed carry permit holders to be permitted to carry their firearm. I do not support any business that Post a no carry entry . Why would anyone ? Disney has went so far out there anyhow , on their agendas that they support & their backing & beliefs that I will never give them another nickel of my income. I will not even ever watch a movie that has Disney’s name on it. They need people to send them a message.

  11. Amen to everyone who does not support the socialist/communist agenda of Disney and companies that support the lefts ideals. There are so many firms that just want, Freedom loving Americans to fall in line and be good little followers. No more, we want OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!! I just don’t understand WHY,WHY do you want to give up all your FREEDOMS? Hopefully we can get rid of the people who want to give up our country by giving them their belongings and a ticket to any hell hole that want to live in but no more coming back. Say NO to vaccine passports,taking down are monuments and trying to convert our country to socialist ideals. We are proud of our country and our Veterans past and present. God please save OUR REPUBLIC!!!!!

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