Horrifying CO Shooting Proves That High Capacity Magazine Bans Don’t Work


You may remember the horrific mass shooting that happened at a Colorado supermarket a few weeks ago (see here for details, if you’re unfamiliar with the case).

This was an absolutely horrible situation that shouldn’t have happened, and if anyone had been armed on site, it could have ended much sooner with much fewer lives lost. Sadly, that is the typical situation at scenes of mass shootings (there are numerous documented incidents in which a good guy or lady with a gun stopped a would-be mass shooter from killing lots more people).

But a recent detail about the Colorado mass shooting calls into question other popular gun control policies. Colleen Slevin and James Anderson write,


The man accused of killing 10 people at a crowded Colorado supermarket last month armed himself with 10 high-capacity ammunition magazines, devices banned in the state after previous mass shootings, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty told reporters that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 22, possessed the magazines that hold more than 15 rounds unlawfully but that investigators don’t believe the magazines were purchased illegally.

The high-capacity magazines were banned in Colorado after the 2012 mass shootings at a suburban Denver movie theater and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Although the magazines can’t be sold, people in the state can still buy the parts for the magazines at some gun stores and assemble them on their own, at which point it is illegal to possess them.

The magazines were found on Alissa and in a car parked outside the King Soopers store in Boulder after the March 22 attack, Dougherty said. He declined to say how many unused bullets investigators recovered and did not say how many bullets the magazines seized could hold.

So, wait, it’s been illegal to possess high capacity magazines in Colorado for the last nine years, but this guy had ten of them? How can that be since passing a law magically makes everyone obey that law?

If you didn’t notice my sarcasm, let me be blunt: gun control doesn’t work because people with evil intent can always find a way to get their hands on weapons and do evil things. All gun control of any sort does is make it more difficult for non-law enforcement people who wish to keep themselves and other people safe from doing so.

Guns aren’t evil. Gun control is.



  1. A murderer weapon is by imagination or inventive ways to kill , anything can be called a weapon . From a toothpick to a butter knife and so on . It’s not only bullets .

    • I’m 74. I’ve carried a gun since of some sort of gun since I was 16. That includes 23 years in the Army. Why does our country always punish the law abiding citizen and not the criminal. I think they owe us an explanation. Freedom to own guns is a right. No political bullshit can remove a right. They are god given. Man cannot remove a god given right.

      All enemies foreign or DOMESTIC! Don’t be fooled they are going try!🤬

      • Only the ignorant obey illegal and unconstitutional laws. No gun control law is just in my opinion and no matter what asinine laws they come up with will not be complied with.

  2. If people were allowed to go armed to defend themselves it would not have happened! The fault is no gun zones where murderers know they can kill helpless individuals! People have to understand police are after the crime responders! Police, government can’t protect you You have to protect yourself!

  3. The stupidity of the DEMONS is baffling.
    That man has MANY magazines. ONLY ten people were harmed?
    That is called NO GUN CONTROL!
    You are lucky all people like me respect the law. And are professional at handling weapons. And only take care of business when it is required by the worthless demons who want to destroy the best country on earth! Allow more people like me who respect the laws and respect life to carry what is needed to help the police, the helpers, the firefighters and EMS.

  4. The focus on guns, magazines and ammo ignores the availability of other common items, often used as deadly weapons, that are readily available to anyone entering a supermarket, hardware store or sporting goods store.
    Assuming it is possible to confiscate every gun and every round of ammunition in the US, those bent on killing innocent people will still have access to hammers, hatchets, axes, knives of all sizes, archery equipment, baseball bats and razor knives like those used on 9/11.
    I realize this is not news to most readers on this web site which is why I would ask you to remind your representatives at the local, state and federal level that we do not have a gun problem, we have a people problem. People with mental health issues are the root cause of mass shootings and will continue to be so no matter what anti-gun laws are passed. First you have to find an honest politician who has is interested in something other than re-election. Then vote.

  5. So correct ! The one reason foreign operators did not come on U S soil during WW2 was because they did not know who was armed, and how many ! The enemy thought 100% of America was armed. ARM AMERICA and bring back the death penalty with trial and sentence to be carried out within 7 days! ALL STATES.

  6. The 9/11 horror brings to mind another point. WHY have the liberals NOT sought to ban box-cutter knives? These caused over a thousand lives on just a few occasions, yet there is NO hue and cry to ban them!

    Why are the libs so comolacent about box-cutter sales? I can walk into a store, even, say, even a WalMart and buy a dozen or more! Not one liberal would bat an eye! They don’t LOOK dangerous?

    Have you EVER examined the BLADE of that box-cutter? It is ULTRA-sharp and could cut flesh with MINIMAL effort, even your THUMB, when you tested the EDGE! Horrors!

    Why are liberals so COMPLACENT on the sales of such brutal weapons! You sit there and say nothing! NOTHING!

    OK, enough of the sarcasm. Liberals, THIS is what we 2nd Amendment citizens feel when you rant about “fully semi-automatic” rifles, “extreme magazines”, “pistol-grios”, and “black, scary-looking tubular stocks”

    As with box-cutters, ANYONE can carry one, so carrying a firearm is NOT dangerous to anyone UNLESS used aggressively or improperly! As well, if EVERYBODY is assumed to be ‘toting’, people will be MUCH more polite, and not want to aggravate others! ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS!

  7. I can’t believe all you people are assuming that politicians actually have a grain of common sense. Ever hear of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden? I could go on and on.

  8. I have a good friend who retired after 30 years as a Psychiatrist for the LA Sheriffs Dept. Incredibly he is a strong advocate for gun control and background checks!!
    I have asked him on a number of occasions to please tell me how any type of interview or deep background investigation will predict, with even the slightest degree of accuracy, when ANY
    person will become so deranged that they will commit such a cowardly act of murder…… one victim or twenty or a hundred??
    It is a sad fact that so many seemingly intelligent folks can swallow such stupidity.

  9. Even if ALL the guns in Colorado were removed from the State, and a 50ft tall, 10ft thick steel wall buried 20ft deep were erected around the State…guys like that Muslim plant would buy a machete and would have no problem hacking up 10 people before the cops got there.

    Now, if we have to “go-by-nutjob”, I’d rather be shot than go piece-by-piece. I’d also rather carry a gun, than have to carry a sword.
    A sword is hard to wear while driving … heck, my hunting knife is somewhat hard to wear while driving…

  10. There will ALWAYS be bad guys with guns, ALWAYS! They could be completely banned and confiscated but I will bet the cartels would LOVE the new market. If you smuggle drugs by the ton a few guns are no sweat.
    National constitutional carry might actually be the answer along with doubling sentences illegal acquisition of arms. And a felon with a gun would get life if caught a second time.

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