Unbelievable: MI State Rep Crashes Car While Drunk And Tells Police That He’ll Call Gretchen Whitmer If They Try To Arrest Him


One thing that I’ll say about members of a certain political party: they’re brazen and bold about their willingness to use political connections to help themselves personally.

Too bad for one Michigan state Representative that it didn’t work for him. But he sure gave it his fighting best to get out of this mess. Jack Phillips writes,

Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones was charged with a DUI, resisting arrest, and weapons charges earlier this month. But newly released dashcam footage shows Jones, a Democrat, being arrested after he allegedly drunkenly crashed his vehicle and arguing with police.

Jones allegedly taunted the officers who were arresting him on Interstate 96 in Fowlerville, which is about 65 miles outside of Detroit. Officers said they found the lawmaker’s SUV with the vanity plate “ELECTED” in a ditch.

“I’m telling you if you do, it’s not going to be good for you. I run y’all budget bro,” Jones allegedly told the arresting officers, according to a police report.

“You pulled me over and I’m not doing [expletive],” Jones can be heard saying on the video, adding that “y’all don’t know who y’all dealing with, bro.”

“I can give you my address. You can drop me off at the crib,” he also appeared to tell the officer, according to the footage. “You can drop me off at the station. I don’t give a [expletive], bro. You just let me know what you wanna do.”

Troopers said Jones had no idea where he was and claimed he was going to call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as he struggled with them, according to the police report.

In case you didn’t realize how incredibly drunk Jones was when this happened, Phillips also notes, “Authorities said that Jones had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit to drive.”


Yeah, that’s pretty drunk. Apparently this guy is high on both power and on alcohol. Let’s hope that he doesn’t vote while intoxicated, too, or he’ll vote more foolishly than he appears to already be inclined to do.




  2. Throw him in the brig and give him his one phone call. If he calls the Gov, he’ll rot in jail when she ignores him!

  3. Ya know, there should be laws out there to make “people of renoun” (politicians, sports figures, etc) toe the line through legal intimidation, i.e. fear of guaranteed verdict and sentencing up to 10 times the normal sentence length. Put THAT in place and I guarantee you won’t have to put up with their garage attitudes and actions while out and amongst “the little people”.

    • Actually an automatic “guilty” verdict would tickle almost any prosecutor but would be unconstitutional and the 10x sentence would be excessive. Better would be prosecution for threatening police and forcing him to step down.

    • Yes, he is and all that you said is when he’s sober. It also applies to “ALL” Democrats!

  4. The Police arrested him because:
    You must pick three answers.
    1 They did not believe his position in life.
    2. The Police are white and he is black.
    3. There is no professional courtesy provided to black anything in America.
    4. The Police were acting drunk too and did not listen.
    5. None of the above.

  5. Typical democrap response . Down with cops, down with guns, down with walls ,down with Trump / supporters, MEANWHILE these HYPOCRITES are Living in GATED homes, Sleeping on GIZA SHEETS, with a SEMI AUTO under their MY PILLOWS !

    • You nailed it!! All the Dems care about is power OVER the People. Remember, the Dems were the slave-owning party and they want to enslave us all!

  6. If you voted for him you need to look at what you are doing in the next election. Or is this the new democratic way. Install an dumbass and keep control cause no one is paying attention . We have to get involved to hold our elected officials accountable. We need to enforce laws to remove them if convicted of any crimes. The news media need to have laws enforced so they can’t put out news that they can’t back up with evidence to support the story.

  7. Anyone that votes for these lowest of lo-lives should have their head examined. The results will show that they are brain-damaged and weak-minded. Therefore, they should lose their right to vote, drive, have guns (or knives or any sharp instruments)!

    • Driving is not a right! However, maybe we could blame the car maker, the fuel maker and the people who built the road for drunk driving!

  8. As a 16+ year veteran of law-enforcement, I wish people would quit saying “Legal limit!” There is no such thing as a legal limit! You can be found guilty of driving while impaired at a .01. It’s all about how the officer articulates the evidence. In the state of North Carolina, when a police officer goes to Intoxilyzer school, There is a controlled drinking exercise that you may choose to participate in. I’ve seen a person drink one and a half measured mixed drinks, blow a .02 and be falling down throwing up drunk. Should they be allowed to drive because They didn’t reach the magic .08? NO!!!!! Again, in the state of North Carolina that magic number must be reached before the state can suspend your license 30 days pre trial and require you to pay a restoration fee to get your drivers license back before going to court. Then when you’re found guilty you will most likely lose them again for one year and pay another restoration fee. If you refuse to blow and are found guilty, you will lose your license for two years. One for the guilty conviction and one for the refusal. If you refuse to blow and you are found not guilty, you lose your license for one year for failure to comply with the test

  9. Well you who choose to live there are choosing a two tier justice system. The Dimocrats are special and you are not! get used to it or move. This is your tax dollars at work.

  10. I sure hope they took his sorry ass in and charged him. He is not above the law and I don’t care who the hell this jackass knows or how important he thinks he is. Lock the sorry ass up.

  11. I think he should be charged to the full extent of the law. I think congress people, if they break the law, they should be broken. Lose their job and not be allowed to run for office again. I know the argument, they are only human. I don’t buy that. They are supposed to be law abidding and observe the law.
    They think they can get away with breaking the law. I also think, very strongly, that the voters should decide what raise they get decided on performance of their job. This getting to decide to raise their own pay is ridiculous. we vote them into office that they will do a good job. Most of them don’t and they reward themselves with a raise. You can’t do that in other jobs so why should they be any different.

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