Need A Laugh Today? Check Out The Results of These Anti-Gunners’ ‘Research’


I don’t know where some people get their information. I mean, you can tell that some folks get all of their information from the mainstream media, and you have a pretty good idea what information that they’re missing from the narrative that they’ve been hearing.

But other folks? The conclusions that they come up with are absolutely bizarre. On the upside, though, sometimes those people say things that literally make you laugh out loud. Just hysterically funny stuff.

And we’re not even talking about ridiculous things like calling bump stocks machine guns or thinking that the gun acts on its own without any human action to pull the trigger or to set up the situation in which the firearm can discharge. Some anti-gunners obviously think that guns are magical weapons with their own intelligence and agency to act! (Sounds like something out of a game of Dungeons & Dragons, doesn’t it?)


But a few anti-gun ladies decided to take that silliness to new heights (hat tip to here for the lead). Take a minute to watch the video in the Tweet below.

Did you watch that and hear what they said? That is some serious next level thinking there! I mean, “you just put in a clip, and it just runs and runs and runs and runs!” And they obviously know what they’re talking about because they’ve “done their research.”

And that holstered pistol with the safety on? It’s obviously more dangerous than driving a car. Never mind the death statistics of death by auto accident versus shooting deaths in the U.S.

That would be 28,000 people who died by auto accident in the U.S. in 2020 according to versus 19,379 gun violence deaths in 2020 according to So, let’s see, that’s 8,621 more auto accident deaths last year than gun violence deaths, but, obviously, those ladies have done their research.

The scariest part of this whole thing? These people vote.

God help us all.



  1. Quote: “The scariest part of this whole thing? These people vote.” The really scary part? They have the potential to reproduce.

  2. Liberals are so dumb that it is frightening. I am always surprised by the ignorance of these snowflakes since they have been totally brainwashed to the degree they cannot think for themselves. I have done my research!!!

  3. Anti gun people typically have minimal firearms understanding! The weapon she describes in the video is illegal to own unless you have a special Federal permit for it (machine gun) . I wonder what she thinks about all the mental patients that have run people (crowds) down with a car or truck!!

  4. ” … smaller in size and in weight …”

    Compared to that land whale? Is there anything that ISN’T smaller in size and in weight?

  5. Where can I get one of those guns that you just put in a clip (magazine) and it just runs and runs and runs, would really like to have one. You got it right when you said that the scary part is that these people vote! That is truly scary!

  6. Reporter to Albert Einstein: Dr. Einstein, what is the difference between Genius and Ignorance?

    Albert Einstein: The difference is, there is no shortage of ignorance.

    And that ladies and gentlemen is why the man was a genius.

  7. Give that critter a few more years and it’ll be rising through the ranks of federal gub’ment …

  8. OH ! Then it’s OKAY, because “YOU’VE DONE YOUR RESEARCH!
    And you quoted directly from the “Dumb Ass Book of absolutely invalid knowledge”

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