Were Gun Rights The Issue That FLIPPED This State?


Gun rights has been a hot button issue in politics for years, and in recent years, this issue has seen more and more controversy, especially in some states.

For example, one state in particular had a huge amount of money from anti-gun organizations pour into the state so that the few anti-gun areas in the state (which concentrated in urban areas) were able to turn the state blue in the last gubernatorial and legislative election. But that all changed last week.

See, Virginia flipped from a solid blue state to a Republican in the governor’s office and Republicans taking control of other parts of the government, too. And some are saying that the battle over gun control and gun rights may have been the deciding issue. Cam Edwards writes,


There’s going to be a lot of ink spilled and theories offered about how Republicans were able to pull off what was thought to be nearly impossible in Virginia on Election Day- victories for all statewide candidates and the retaking of the House of Delegates, which was lost to Democrat control two years ago.

And in reality, there’s not a single reason why Governor-elect Glenn Younkin, Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears, and Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares were able to defeat Democrats like Terry McAuliffe. There were a lot of factors that led to record-high turnout for Republicans, but one that absolutely should not be ignored is the impact that Second Amendment sanctuaries had on the elections.

As I wrote on Election Day while the polls were still open, the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement swept across Virginia in the wake of the 2019 elections, which saw Democrats take control of the state legislature for the first time in nearly three decades. The top priority for the new Democratic majority was gun control, which led to an immediate backlash in the vast majority of counties. Tens of thousands of gun owners turned out at their county supervisors’ meetings to demand the passage of 2A Sanctuary resolutions and ordinances, and while the movement may not be making headlines in Virginia anymore (well, at least not until now), those gun owners didn’t go away or give up. Instead, they turned out to vote.

Now, it may be hard to say that gun rights was the only key factor that flipped the state, but there is no question that, at least for some voters, gun rights was their issue to vote on. And anti-gunners lost.

Good for the people of Virginia, and I hope that they keep this change.



  1. It was the combination of pissed off gunowners and people fed up with Ralphie boys bs is what turned the state back to red and also that Bloomberg wasn’t there to buy votes.

  2. The army of Northern Virginia fought and won another battle over their gun rights ! Time for them to undue the damages the Democraps did over the last couple of years!

  3. Education was also a top issue in VA’s election. When McAuliffe stated on the record, “…parents should not have a say in their children’s education…”, you knew right away he was a Leftist operative, more concerned with indoctrination than education!

  4. There are a lot of issues that has a part in the elections in Virginia and gun control was certainly one of the larger issues, but I think that Virginians also recognized that the Democrats were fast becoming the totalitarian despots that caused the original revolution in this country. I don’t know and/or understand why anyone would ever want to be controlled and directed by anyone in government service. There are literally tens of thousands if not millions of government employees that have their hearts in the right place and want to do what is right for the folks that they serve, and make no mistake, they know that they are there to serve, not to dictate. Unfortunately, that does not translate to those that rise to the top of the government food chain. They are politically driven to maintain their positions of power and influence and they don’t have the best interests of those that they are supposed to be serving at heart, but rather the continuation of power and control that they are able to assert, and they are willing to do almost anything to maintain it no matter what it takes to insure it. So, there should be voter imposed term limits on those that are in office that do not do the job that those they ostensibly represent wish for them to do, and that would also mean that they should not be just promising more and more giveaways of other peoples prosperity. Taxes and fees, and regulatory costs should always be at a minimum and the impact of government should also be a minimum to the greatest extent possible. And it is “our” fault! We elect folks, and then we allow them to do whatever they wish so long as we like the lip service and welfare that we get. If we continue we will not have any vestiges of freedom left at all, and that fact is not far away.

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