Breaking: Rittenhouse Prosecutor Does Potentially LETHAL Thing During Trial [Pictures]


You would think that someone who is trying to prosecute another person for being unsafe with a firearm would have the presence of mind to make sure that they aren’t endangering anyone else with a gun, either.

Then, again, if you’re talking about Thomas Binger, prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse political witch hunt… er… murder trial, you would be mistaken.

See, Binger clearly doesn’t know the four basic laws of gun safety. Here’s a refresher, in case anyone reading this is new to firearms:

  1. Treat every gun as loaded.
  2. Never point a gun at anyone or anything that you’re not willing to kill or destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off of the trigger until your sites are on target, and you’re ready to fire (at someone or something that you’re willing to kill or destroy, of course).
  4. Be aware of both what is around and what is behind your target (and take that into consideration before firing).

So, Binger, who is trying to convince a jury that Rittenhouse acted in an unsafe manner (other than, of course, acting in justified self-defense), proceeded to take a rifle in the court room and violate at least three of the four basic laws of gun safety (to be fair, he may have been aware of what was around and behind his target) (hat tip to here for the lead).

Here’s one tweet about Binger’s idiotic actions in the court room:

Now, maybe you’re a doubting Thomas and you need to see it to believe it. If that’s you, here is a tweet with a picture of this danger:

You’ll notice his finger on the trigger.

And here is, yet, another tweet with a picture that also shows Binger pointing the firearm at the jury:

So, clowns like Binger want to ban guns and punish legal gun owners when Rittenhouse only fired in what appears to clearly be self-defense, and Binger, who was not even remotely in danger, pulls what could have been another ugly Alec Baldwin incident.

Totally unacceptable.

People like Binger are exactly why legal gun owners don’t trust anything that anti-gun politicians say about gun safety. Anti-gun politicians clearly don’t know anything about the subject.



  1. Binger should be the one on trial for wasting the courts time for being a frivolous impersonation of a human being.

  2. I’m surprised a Wisconsin jury didn’t all hit the floor at once when they saw that demonstration of nearly every wrong thing you can do with a gun, loaded or not.

  3. What do you expect form an anti-gun nut that wastes the courts time with a case that is clearly self defense for political reasons …
    He clearly follows the lefts version of the laws , every one knows that you have the right to remain silent …

  4. It was clearly self defense. Its totally unacceptable that this hero is on trial. There need to be more like him who are willing to stand up and protect others.

  5. sweet Mary mother of God….they are going for a mistrial, cause he knows he’s blown it!
    What. An. Idiot. Is he related to Biden, by any chance?

    • “Alice”, or silly Alec BALDwin looks smart in comparison . Now, this prosecutor should be “charged with unsafe firearm handling” AND FINED!

  6. Binger’s lucky I wasn’t on the Jury. I’d jump the rail and shove that rifle up his A**.
    You Never Point A Gun At Something You’re Not Ready To Destroy!!

  7. These idiots don’t care about Truth & Justice,
    all they want is for Rittenhouse to be found quilty in spite of real video footage showing
    the facts. He is innocent because he shot the
    lowlifes in self defense. Everyone rooting for
    this young man to be in prison should totally
    be ashamed of themselves. He is INNOCENT.

  8. OH MY GOD!!! He’s probably never been taught how to treat or even hold a real gun in his life. He should be arrested or held in contempt of court for his actions. And if I was part of the jury, I too, would have jumped over and shoved that gun right up up his a*# as well! I hope they dismiss the case.

  9. Apparently the judge doesn’t know anything about gun safety either, or he would have said or sanctioned the prosecution. & yes someone on the jury that knows anything about weapons should have protested or better yet, jumped on the floor.

  10. Hopefully, the Wisconsin Bar Association will disbar this sorry excuse for a prosecutor/lawyer for malpractice! His actions are the kind of behavior that keeps incompetent lawyer jokes fresh and relevant! From the start, his case was so thin he was depending on the court of public opinion to carry the jury. Now that that plan has failed, he’s grasping at straws trying to pull a conviction out of thin air!

  11. Prosecutor Binger proves that there is no authority on gun safety on his team and that the trial is a political witch hunt. Without a good understanding of the issue at hand (gun safety), how can this be a fair and objective trial?

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