Moms Head EMBARRASSES Herself With This Foolish Tweet


Shannon Watts must have foot and mouth disease because she, like her favorite anti-gun President, Joe Biden, keeps putting her foot in her mouth.

I mean, she’s said some pretty outrageously silly stuff, but this one may take the cake. And I’m not exaggerating in the least.

See, Watts objected to gun safety training being offered to children. It’s true. As if ignorance of firearms has every made anyone safer around them.


Certainly, Watts’s ignorance about firearms hasn’t made her seem any more sane or rational over the years. She should put a bag over her head in public out of embarrassment over her ridiculous comments.

AWR Hawkins brings us the details of today’s foolishness from her. Hawkins writes,

WLWT reports that DAMPE Community School principal Tonjarene Bronston pointed to the violence ravaging many of the neighborhoods in which her students live, noting, “Grief can turn into anger, and when you’re angry, you just go out without thinking, and you go to your friend and get a gun or go to the streets and get a gun, and [think] ‘now I’m just angry, so I’m going to do something to somebody.’”

As a result, this year the school is teaching “some students as young as fourth-grade… basic gun safety right in the classroom.”

While Bronston believes that the “gun safety” courses can save lives, gun control proponent Shannon Watts claims that teaching the courses is an example of “indoctrination” rather than education.

On November 8, 2021, Watts tweeted, “Hey Ohio: This is called indoctrination, not education. Studies show gun safety training DOES NOT MAKE KIDS SAFER.”

You can see Watts’s tweet below.

Now, if you’re like me, the very first thing that popped in my head was, “What studies, exactly, show that gun safety classes don’t make kids safer?” You’ll notice that she didn’t link to any in her tweet.

But maybe the study that she is referring to is her study of her own misplaced righteous indignation.

And I’m willing to bet money (seriously, I am) that she can’t find any unbiased study that shows that teaching kids the four basic laws of gun safety don’t reduce firearms incidents in which a child pulled the trigger.

Those four basic laws keep adults safer. Does she seriously think that children can’t understand them?

Maybe she thinks that kids don’t understand the four basic gun laws of gun safety because she doesn’t.

It’s unbelievable that anyone still listens to this woman.



  1. Hell, I learned to shoot at age 13 and learned to have a healthy respect for guns and have not shot anyone nor pulled a gun on anyone.

  2. Safety is never “INDOCTRINATION” , then I guess Kitchen safety , First Aid , Drivers Ed , ECT. are all “INDOCTRINATION” programs …

  3. Does anyone seriously actually listen to her ? I think not . Not anyone with even half a functioning brain anyway.

    • You’ve just nailed the biggest part of the problem. Most of the libs have less than half a functioning brain; look at Biden.

  4. Nobody ever said that her gun jumped up and fired on someone! Or his gun!
    Have they? What were they smoking at the time? CRACK?
    No one ever saw a gun fire without a finger on the trigger! Have one?
    The imbecilities proffered by the left are demonstrating the abject desire of the leftist left to control the world under a tyrannical thumb!
    Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the country that made them FREE!
    Vote the DEMON RATS out of office, in drove. And punish the tyrannical aholes!

    • Stephane – Your comment was made before Alec Baldwin claimed exactly that. He was holding the gun, it was pointed at a person, but he never pulled the trigger; the gun just went off when he cocked the hammer. It’s not his fault because he never pulled the trigger.

  5. I guess INDOCTRINATION of homo sexuality , teaching children transgendering , and not listening to their parents is a better way of life right ? HELL NO ! One must ask themselves ….. WHY SHOULD I OR ANYBODY ELSE GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WHAT THIS PERSONS OPINION IS ??? BTW , under that bag looks to me to be the frame of a man , and NOT A WOMAN ! ! ! GOOD GOD ! Guns prevent crimes ! Guns prevent government from over-reach to the people ! It is a WIN / WIN to me !!!

  6. Shannon Watts is a professional fund raiser. She could care less about “firearm safety courses” for children which would educate them in safe firearm handling. She claims it doesn’t make kids safer, how would she know that? Just say anything about a subject you know nothing about just to get donations and money

    Suddenly, gun banners are experts on firearms.
    Shannon Watts says lock up all the guns, while in the article it says that they pick up guns on the streets.

    Her gun banning group also wants to ban all semi auto rifles, claiming this will stop crime. How? Rifles and shotguns are used in very few crimes.
    Only around 400 people a year are shot with them.
    Fists and feet kill 1,700 to 2,000 a year.
    Car accidents kill 50,000 a year.
    Illegal drugs, as shown on TV, now kill over 100,000 a year.
    Doctors kill over 100,000 patients a year through malpractice.

    On TV, in commiefornia, in broad daylight, shoplifter’s walk into clothing stores and grab arm fulls of clothes off the racks and walk out to a waiting car and drive off. No one does anything, execpt to film it on their phones. If these shoplifter’s ever do get caught they are not charged with any crime and are let go because they are “poor”.

    Many of these demoncrap run cities have a “no bail required” and let criminals back on to the streets to commit more crimes. Some cities have a $1.00 bail for criminals who commit murder, so they can go out and murder another person.

    In LA, the police tell people if someone mugs them or rob’s them, just stand there and give them everything they want and go file a police report afterwards. But some criminals take great pleasure in harming, raping, or murdering people.

    There is not enough police to patrol the streets.
    Now there are “follow home” criminals, who will follow people to their houses to rob, rape and murder them. But the gun banners say you don’t need a knife or gun for protection. Just cry and plead with the criminals.

    Maybe if these demoncrap run cities would stop listening to a bunch of loud mouth criminals, rioters looters protesters, and arsonist, and stopped trying to defund-abolish the police and let the police go out and arrest these criminals and put them away in prison for long sentences then the crime rate would go down. It’s as simple as that.

    Now there has been two million illegals that have come across the border. The border patrol has no more room for all of the illegals coming up from Central America and Haiti and they are putting them on busses and planes and sending them off to major cities and the crime rate goes up and so does the CV rate, measles small pox, tuberculosis and polio. But the news media never mentioned that on the evening news.

    On TV, in Haiti, warlords with soldiers armed with AK 47’s, control the docks and warehouse’s and demand extortion money before any goods can be moved. Now you have these same people coming to America posing as migrants to cross the border These criminals from Haiti are coming to America to rob, rape and murder Americans and the administration welcomes them..

    Even President Trump has talked about the Central America and South America countries that are emptying out their jails and prisons and sending tens of thousands of prisoners and convicts to America, and the administration welcomes them too.

    Demoncrap mayor’s in big cities, welcome illegals and give them apartments, money, cars and jobs, while our homeless veterans live on the streets in cardboard boxes and they could care less.

    Many Americans are being evicted from their apartments and homes and the government is going to give these apartments and homes to the illegals.

    The administration is having sections of the border wall taken down and sold off, so that more cartel members, drug dealers, M 13 gang members, terrorists, spies, prostitutes, can cross the border.

    There are about a half dozen “caravans” of migrants ( numbering up to 120,000 to 150,000). heading to the USA. Many have illness, and there are also hundreds of pregnant women who want to have “anchor babies” in the USA, so they can collect welfare, ADC, free housing.

    Now with the administration going to give illegal families up to a million dollars each, thousands of illegals are going the caravans expecting Uncle Joe to make them millionaires.

    On article said as many as 5 million and up to 10 million illegals could cross the border in 2022. The USA cannot become the dumping ground for all the world’s poor, criminals and terrorists. And they wonder why crime is going up.

    Do we really want America to become like India with over a billion people? What kind of life and living conditions are that? People living on the streets, alleys and gutters.and eating garbage to survive.

    Most of these gun banning groups are run and funded by Micheal Bloomberg, George Soros, the Chinese government, the U.N.,. Russia , North Korea and Mexico. But they never mentioned that on TV

    The gun banners try to con people into supporting their next gun ban scheme by always saying ” but this will stop crime and criminals”. Did you know that when street lights first came out one of the reasons was ” street lights will help stop crime”.

    The reason why they are criminals is because they don’t follow or care about the laws. The only ones these laws effect are the law abiding citizens.

    In commiefornia, they have over 800 gun laws on the books and keep adding to them saying ” but this new law will stop all crime”. So why is crime skyrocketed in commiefornia then? The far leftist politicians won’t give you an answer, they just say they want more and more gun control laws.

    AOC and the squad want to repeal the 2nd amendment. They also want to replace the Constitution and Bill of Rights with something out of Castro and Stalin handbook.
    AOC and the squad want to replace the American flag too.

    Gun banning is never really about stopping crime, it’s all about “control”. The evil, far leftist politicians say ” you will obey us. We are now your gods. You will get down on your knees and bow down before us, or we will put you into cattle cars and send you to the extermination camps”.

    Gun banning groups are joining up with hunting banning groups. If they can ban hunting, then they will say ” no one needs hunting guns as hunting is banned. So ban all hunting guns”. Do you see how they work? Purchase a hunting license even if you don’t go hunting this year. Also buy a duck stamp

    The gun banning groups want to ban all firearms, archery equipment. ( In Australia there is talk of banning archery equipment, bows and arrows!). then they will want to ban all knives.

    Protect and support your right to keep and own all types of firearms and accessories. Don’t allow the evil far leftist power crazed politicians to restrict and ban firearms and accessories.

    Buy more guns, ammo and accessories now, before it’s too late.

  7. I’m a 71 year old vet. I started handling firearms at age 5 learning to hunt. My father kept our guns on a wall rack over my bed. Yes my bed. The guns were empty and ammo locked up. The Golden rule don’t touch without permission, and he had a razor strap(never used) to enforce it. Parents today in many instances don’t teach their children and or discipline them. That’s why in my opinion we have a society more and more like the Lord of the Flys.

  8. Like the man said the way to reduce DUI accidents is to pull the licenses of the other drivers. Lady, get accustomed to the fact that guns will never begone in your lifetime or any other. Read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence about unalienable rights of which self-defense is one and the remedies for abuses and usurpations. Those phrases are the foundation of the text in the second amendment.

  9. When I taught hunter safety courses my 6-year-old daughter went with me and one of the ladies kept her busy but I found out she was listening to what I was saying because on the way home we saw a deer on the crest of a hill and I said look a deer and she said yes but you couldn’t shoot that deer Daddy I ask why not, not knowing what she would say. she said well you don’t know what’s behind it and you said be sure of your target. So don’t think they don’t pick up things and I didn’t even know she was listening as she was coloring in a book huh

  10. I was told about guns at 6 years of age. Being taught about guns at an early age does work if the person being taught is not either willfully ignorant or mentally unable to learn well that and not mentally ill say a Sociopath.

  11. Show me 1 gun restriction or gun control law that has ever stopped a criminal from getting or using a firearm.
    Next, show me some proof that teaching basic firearm safety to youngsters makes them less safe.

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