TRAGIC Tale Proves This ‘Solution’ Wrong


What do you call it when a situation happens that shouldn’t have happened, and the situation has deadly consequences? Most would call it, at the very least, a tragedy, and this story is certainly about a tragedy.

But there’s a lesson to be learned from this story, too. See if you can see it before we talk about it after you read what happened.

Hilda Flores writes,


A homeowner was shot early Monday with a firearm that a burglary suspect “most likely” found in a gun safe, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner died at the hospital hours later, officials said.

Flores continues:

Officials said the suspect was in the area burglarizing vehicles, when he made his way into a nearby backyard and inside a detached structure.

Inside that structure, the suspect found a gun safe and multiple firearms were taken, the sheriff’s office said. It’s not clear if the gun safe had been locked or broken into.

At the same time, the homeowner was alerted to the break-in through his security system. As the homeowner went to confront the suspect, he was shot at at least twice in the upper body, authorities said.

Did you catch the lesson that we should be paying attention to? You and I need to catch that lesson because anti-2A folks are certainly going to ignore it.

So, what’s the lesson? It’s that the gun safe didn’t prevent a determined person from stealing the guns out of the safe. That’s right, the gun safe didn’t stop the theft of guns or prevent a shooting.

Now, am I telling you not to buy gun safes? Certainly not. What I’m saying is that mandating locking up guns isn’t going to prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals. In other words, that favorite policy of anti-2A politicians, locking up guns, isn’t the solution to gun violence.

This situation is a tragedy, but we would be foolish to allow anti-2A politicians to keep pretending that locking up guns is a solution when this story shows the truth.



  1. And DONT buy a CHEAP gun safe.
    You gotta know what I mean.
    There is NO way in hell’s your getting into my safe without explosive’s or possibly a torch.
    How many thieves run around with that kind of equipment? … Answer, NONE…!

  2. Some want a ‘finger-print’ accessable safe, for speed of access, and security. However, unless you have a quality item, the ‘finger-print’ feature can be troublesome. If there is a backup security, dial, whatever, fine. Else you may have some delay accessing your firearm, having to contact the manufacturer, friendly local lock-pick thief, whatever!!

  3. If the Anti-Gunners would Obey and Follow the Constitution as the Law of the Land it is this wouldn’t be a Problem!

  4. I dont mind Gun safe for all the guns that i have in storage, As long as i got a double barrel 20 gauge pistal in my hoster next too my bed and of on me while i am on the road.

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