Senate Candidate Has SURPRISING Gun Hobby


When you think of people running for the U.S. Senate, you may think of people who are either left wing nutcases, partisan hacks, or boring pretend conservatives. It’s pretty disgusting, and, frankly, I have to fight not to feel absolute contempt for the two Senators who supposedly represent me and the other people in my state.

One guy running for the Senate, though, makes me almost wish that I lived in that state.

Why is that? Well, all you really need to know is this guy’s hobby to know that he gets gun rights in America. In fact, his hobby (or just the fact that he’s willing to talk about it) may just shock you. Philip Wegmann writes,


[A] so-called ghost gun [is] the “weapon of choice,” according to the White House, “for criminals, for terrorists, for domestic abusers.” And for at least one Senate candidate, who is none of those things. Blake Masters owns a handful of ghost guns. He built them himself.

The Arizona Republican certainly doesn’t fit the administration’s description of a typical ghost gun owner: He is an upstanding member of his community and a law-abiding citizen. Nor does he share the sinister view of these weapons espoused at the White House. He views building a gun at home as an interesting hobby and a legitimate political statement, not as an urgent threat to public safety.

Ghost guns are “very legal” and “very cool,” Masters tweeted Monday along with a picture of an AR-15- style rifle that he said he made himself.

That’s right, Masters makes his own ghost guns, and, judging by the fact that he’s built several already, he seems intent on building more.

Good for him. He gets that the Second Amendment, like all of the rights protected by the Bill of Rights, shall not be infringed.

Just knowing his position on guns, especially ghost guns, makes me think that Masters may be exactly the kind of Senator that needs to be sent to Washington, D.C.



  1. We need more Senators like him!! We must preserve the 2nd Amendment along with the entire Constitution as it is written. We also need to get all of the Democrats OUT of office. They are trashing our country, we will never be communists or agree to the government running our lives. The people who want to get rid of guns are blaming deaths on guns. This is so ignorant. Guns do not kill, people kill. When States closed all the Mental Hospitals they put all of the patients out on the streets. Most of the shooters in mass shootings are mentally ill. They could remove everyone’s guns but that would not stop the killing. Guns will always be available to criminals on the dark web and through illegal sales. We need a Government that realizes you cannot stop shootings by removing guns. Stop harrassing good people who have guns and go after the criminals!! Worthless government people 😡

    I would say that 99% of GHOST GUN owners are law abiding citizens that just want something they built or something the factory does not offer … Or they could be fed up with the government knowing what they own …

  3. You apparently know the meaning of the phrase Shall Not Be Infringed. Outstanding Senator. Thank you for your service to the Nation

  4. Good for him. I’m pretty handy but have never built a firearm. If he wins, maybe he can start a YouTube channel. That would seriously derange the proggies. It could be called “Mr. “Smith” Goes to Washington”.

  5. Sounds like my type of dude. It is good to see younger Legislators and candidates running for Congress with diverse backgrounds and real world experience! Most American citizens are law abiding and pay more than their fair share of taxes. Not what the geriatric corrupted swamp politicians think of U.S. But i personally don’t give a damn what greedy career politicians think or say. Or the policies they try and institute violating our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. “I like my guns like Democrats like their voters, Undocumented” Red Tsunami Wave coming in November! If by chance our votes and the voice of “We the People” have become cancelled, then we know what to do with the part about our enemies Domestically, don’t WE. Defending the Constitution in this Republic doesn’t make one a domestic terrorist. That goes for Republican Rhinos as well. Our way to big for their britches politicians in the District of Corruption aren’t afraid of the Citizens like they should be. Well they outta Be… God Bless America, Semper Fi

  6. It should be a requirement that ANY AND ALL elected officials believe in and protect our God Given Rights, idk maybe they could all take an oath or something…OH WAIT!!!!TERMLIMITS AND ENED ALL LIFE LONG BENEFITS FOR THESE WELFARE RECIPIENTS!

  7. The one reason our Constitutional Rights need to remain as they are, is totally missed by almost all, and we need a reminder. Back in 1959 Russian Premier, Nikita Kruschev voiced it best: “America could never be invaded, because there would be a rifle or gun behind every tree, rock, and shrub”. That STILL is the main reason we need our firearms equal to what our military, and our enemies carry. WE THE PEOPLE ARE OUR COUNTRY’S FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE.

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