Biden Is Trying To Disarm These VULNERABLE People


One of the more annoying ideas that anti-2A folks keep pushing is the idea that gun control actually makes people safer. The fact of the matter, though, is that gun control doesn’t make anyone safer except criminals and an overbearing government (some would say that those two groups are the same).

Why do I say that? It’s simple, really. Criminals don’t obey laws, so, why would anyone think that criminals will start obeying gun control laws when they are breaking other laws already? You shouldn’t think that they’ll obey them because, time and time again, history shows that they won’t.

So, what happens in a strict gun control environment is that people like the gentleman in the following story will die instead of saving their own lives (hat tip to here for the lead). Joey Oliver writes,


An 80-year-old man shot and killed a person who broke into his West Bristol Road home on Thursday night, according to Flint Township police.

Police were dispatched shortly after 8:45 p.m. Thursday, April 21, to the 1000 block of West Bristol Road for the report of a shooting.

A 31-year-old man had broke into the home and was confronted by the 80-year-old homeowner, police said.

The homeowner shot and killed the intruder.

Ryan Jeltema also writes about the same incident:

The 80-year-old resident, who also wasn’t identified, was released from custody early Friday while police continue the investigation. 

Now, you have to realize that if Biden is successful in implementing the gun control that his administration is trying to shove down the throats of Americans, many more 80-year-old law abiding citizens will die at an earlier age because they won’t be able to defend themselves against criminals.

Just think about it logically. Is there an 80-year-old, no matter how good their physical shape, that can wrestle, box, or otherwise fight off a 31-year-old healthy attacker? It’s pretty unlikely.

So, what is the 80-year-old’s alternative? Get a gun, and get good at using it so that they have it when they need it.

Joe Biden’s push for gun control will make 80-year-old people in our society sitting ducks for criminal attackers.



  1. I hope a thef breaks in your house and you can’t defend your self because you fucked us out of our protection maybe you will find out when burglar shots you then what do you think now when you’re family has to bear you ! How do you feel know!

    • Who are you aiming that at? Everyone seems to have gotten it right. I assume that you are targeting the anti-gun activists sot hen you are rifgt.

  2. Our constitutional right to bare arms is ours and all you legislators & senators are trying to disarm us. Beware my merry men, you are asking for trouble. You liars and deceivers are trying to get the guns so that you can have your way with us and bring in socialism which always leads to communism. American’s aren’t push overs

  3. this is joe stalin biden communist dictator of the united soviet america dream everybody loves everyybody no violence just a lot of free sex drugs and rocknroll 1 big stoned happy family just like when he was a grungy hipy living in a grungy commuion droping acid and smoking pot dogging the draft protesting americas involment in viet nam joe stalin biden communist dictator of the united soviet america is a genetic mental defect due to many generations of incest and illegal narcotics so it simply is not his fault it is the people who elected it to office that are to blame

  4. I have a .380 handgun. I practice at a firing range. I have a laser pointer that fits in the barrel and I practice what I’d do if there’s a home invasion. And I’m 80. However, I don’t believe there’s any use for assault rifles with large magazines. I read a report by a physician once about a mass killing at a mall in the Midwest, where he described the horrible wounds those bullets inflict on people, huge gaping wounds. This article is misleading. No one is trying to ban handguns. No one is trying to disarm any 80 year old person protecting their home with a handgun.

    • True “assault Rifles (a translation from the German “Sturmgewehr’) are capaple of full automatic fire and require a Gederal license to own and $20,000 or so to buy. The AR types are semi-auto only and are not suitable for military use. However, the “Anti’s” have coined the term “Assault Weapon” and are bent on declaring that that term means, “Anything they say it is.” Reminiscent of the way BAYF teried ti say that about “Machine Guns.” Actually, the “AR” stands for “Armalite Rifle” after the company that developed it and is properly known as a “Modern Sporting Rifle.” It’s easier to hit with a rifle or carbine – as in the picture – but you use what you have.

    • You are wrong. Joe Biden is trying to revive his proudest accomplishment, that complete disaster known as the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. This 10-year law listed my 9mm HANDGUN as an “assault weapon”, and the law was COMPLETELY ineffective at reducing crime. “Assault weapon” is a completely BOGUS term that was made up by liberal Democrats in an attempt to get rid of “scary-looking” guns. Using such a vague term, they can classify ANY firearm (even a handgun) as an “assault weapon”.

      • You can label a hunting knife an assault weapon if you use it to assault another person with it. So it goes for a hammer, screw driver, chisel, club, air nailer, no end to the items that would fit that classification once the action is taken. What needs to happen is to clear out the liberal politicians, judges, anyone that has not had proper training on how to handle, use, possess a firearm. Back when I was in school, if you wanted a hunting license, you were required to pass a basic training program in school ! The big [problem is an over population of people that refuse to take the responsibility of training, fathers not in the home with children with responsibility and or education to train kids from early age, people in society that refuse to take action when irresponsible people get out of hand with ANY type of weapon, ( drug use, street gangs) All the people that expect someone else to address the problems with society and not stepping up and assisting the authorities when the time and circumstances require. People that turn their heads and say nothing, see nothing and say nothing! People that don’t want to be a part of the solution, but not accepting they are a part of the problem by ignoring what goes on around them. Back in a day when positive criminal control was a common denominator, we lived in a world where doors could be left unlocked, kids could play in the yards and streets when they had no yards, there was no such thing as a drive by shooting. If and when something did happen, people were quick to bring a solution up and if nothing more than hold those responsible in check until the proper authorities came on scene to deal with it. There’s no difference between when it is a military force that hold superiority over another force which maintains a level of fear for reprisal or a criminal element that fears the same reprisal for stepping out of line. One of these days hopefully a majority instead of a minority will come back to that realization. Take the conflict in Europe right now as an example, The free world seems to be cowering because of what the dictated world is saying and doing. The concept of civilians taking arms and joining the fight has made a big difference. It’s a lot harder to subdue a population that is able and capable of fighting back— EVERYONE knows that ! Our Constitution clearly states ALL ENEMIES FORIEGN AND DOMESTIC !

  5. there are thousands of unconstitutional laws on the books. This with people in positions of authority taking an oath to the constitution, not to the government or lobbyist’s or other. Sherriffs do have the right to arrest these people for not upholding their oath’s. See tactical civics and liberty first society for more information. Constitutional attorney Krissanne Hall is a leading attorney in this area. She can be found at her name as a dot com. Research people.

  6. These Criminals in Office have forgotten, or simply ignored, the Oath they took when they assumed their current positions in Office. That, by itself, should lead to an automatic removal from the Office they hold, and bar them from holding any other Public Office, regardless of its level, local, County, City, State, or Federal. The Bill of Rights, for which the Second Amendment addresses the People’s right to Bear Arms, is a GOD given, Natural Right which cannot be legislated away. The idiots that continue to push this bull Sh!t agenda should know this, or must be made to understand this, by way of removing them for violating their Constitutional Oaths.

  7. Biden and company do not care about anyone over 70 years old EXCEPT THEMSELVES OF COURSE and thus do not care if they are maimed and/or killed by criminals whether civilian or government.

  8. Gun owners in my adopted state of Arizona KATIE HOBBS IS THE QUEEN OF THE ARIZONA COMMIE GUN GRABBERS!!!Just look up her record if elected Governor she will enact California, NY,NJ,Conn, GUN Control. Sadly Many democrat gun owners I know don’t believe this ..

  9. the second amendment does not discriminate against type of fire arm, age or anything else about the shooter
    its these asshole government people that want protection from allof us as they deviate from the guaranteed freedoms. They know that someday we the people will say enough is enough and if necessary take over with the firearms

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