A Micro-Compact 9mm Which Comes Standard As 11+1? Yes. Check It Out

Image courtesy Springfield Armory.

There is the long-running argument among firearms enthusiasts about whether accuracy or stopping power is more important in a handgun. Whichever side of that argument that you fall on, it’s likely that you’d like to have more shots between reloads while keeping the firearm small enough to carry.

With that in mind, Springfield Armory produced a micro-compact 9mm pistol which comes standard as 11+1 (and it comes with an extended mag so that you can carry 13+1 if you prefer). And now that pistol is available in “Desert Flat Dark Earth” (FDE) coloring (see picture above) if you want something that looks a little different, too. The NRA’s Shooting Illustrated gives us the details:

The same specifications that made the Hellcat such a standout [when introduced in late 2019] are still there: 3-inch barrel, 11-round capacity (13 with the extended magazine), U-Dot rear sight and tritum front sight with luminescent ring for both low- and normal-light levels. The mildly aggressive adaptive grip texture is still present in the FDE Hellcat, and the same operating system with dual, nested recoil springs helps keep recoil manageable. The Hellcat in FDE is also available in optics-ready guise, with the OSP variant incurring a slight price increase for the ability to mount a mini-red-dot optic.

The Desert FDE finish offered on the newest Hellcat variant is a rugged Cerakote veneer that provides extreme corrosion resistance while imparting an attractive contrast to the black Melonite finish on the hammer-forged barrel. In addition to the barrel, other parts and controls on the Desert FDE Hellcat — trigger, magazine release, cover plate on the OSP version, sights and more — are in black to continue the color-contrasting look.

For many people, the fact that you can can carry 11+1 (or 13+1) easily (and out of the box) is going to be a big attracting factor for this pistol, but some folks are going to find the Desert FDE look to be what seals the deal.


Whether you prefer your pistol in black or Desert FDE, though, the Springfield Armory Hellcat may be one to consider.



  1. You do a great injustice to Taurus. They had the 1st double stack 8mm compact pistol with the PT-111, also a 12 + 1. And at a price point well below the Hellcat. I have two Pt-111’s and have never, repeat NEVER had a FTF or FTE in almost 2000 rounds.

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