1 Primary Reason To Own Guns Told In One Scary Story


The reasons that people own guns are often very personal reasons. Many legal gun owners are concerned about personal liberty and the possibility (likelihood) of government overreach. Other gun owners hunt to feed their families. Still other gun owners hunt or shoot as a recreational family activity. And, yet, others own guns for self-protection.

Whatever the reason that the person in today’s story first purchased a gun, it’s pretty obvious the reason that they are happy to have had it when they did. If you were in their situation, you would be happy to have had a gun, too.

Ugochi Iloka gives us details of this ugly situation:


Police said an older woman reported hearing a knock at her door when she saw the man dressed to look like a nurse or home health care worker on her porch.

Police said he tried to use that look to get in the home, instead of forcing entry.

When the disguise didn’t work on a woman inside the home, she called her son for help, according to police.

The son told officers he rushed home and found by that time he arrived, the man had broken in the door.

HPD said the son shot and killed the intruder as he was trying to breaking into their house.

Rob Morse, on reviewing this particular story, has some thoughts about how we can prepare for if we’re ever caught in a similar situation. Morse writes,

We want to completely avoid that possibility by watching the police enter our home as we’re sitting on the back deck of our neighbor’s house sipping a soft drink.. or maybe something stronger.

Most armed defense happens at and near our home so it is worth thinking about what we should do. Right now when our heart isn’t racing with excitement, we have the luxury of considering how to defend our family. What should we do if the bad guy is standing near our loved one’s bedroom door when we catch up with the bad guy? We probably don’t want to shoot in that case since we could send bullets through the bad guy and on into a loved one’s room.

Morse continues:

Take an analytical walk-through of your home at night. Where would the bad guys come in? Do the electronic appliances like the microwave or the TV give off enough light to see an intruder? I’m a big fan of turning on the room lights but some people disagree.

No matter how we do it, we want to see the intruder and identify that he is a threat before we decide to shoot. We’ve had too many stories of the mentally ill neighbor or the drunk relative trying to get into the wrong house. We may be legally justified in shooting them, but I’d go a long way to avoid it. In fact, I’d use lethal force as a last when I had no other way to protect innocent people. Please let that weigh on your heart a while before you decide what you’ll do late at night.

There’s a lot to think about here. One of the primary things is that, thankfully, this lady’s son had his firearm with him and was able to get to her home quickly before the burglar could hurt her. But there are a lot of other things to consider here such as Morse’s advise to think about how you could prevent ever having to shoot int he first place, which is always the preference, if you get to choose.

Stories like these should make us sober about the use of guns and should cause us to think about how we can set up situations so that we don’t need to use them. But better to have a firearm when you need it than to be disarmed because some anti-2A zealot thought they knew what was better for your life.



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    Oliver S. Ewing

  2. And the training to go with. The intestinal fortitude to stand your ground and use it.

  3. In countries like Myanmar, no one has any rights at all, no one but military has firearms. Government shoot’s protesters.

    Gun banning groups and gun banning politicians want to ban and confiscate all firearms in America. This is always ” for your own good”, ” to save the babies” , to “.stop crime”. Hitler said the same thing.

    One survival site said that there are over 2 million laws on the books in America, with something like 100 more added every week.

    It is said that one cannot drive to work or go grocery shopping without breaking half a dozen of these laws. So that in effect makes everyone a criminal, which is what the evil, power crazed politicians want.
    The evil politicians want to be able to control you and crush you. you are their slaves!
    There are never enough laws for the politiicians, so they lay in bed at night masterbating, thinking up new laws to oppress the American people.

    The power crazed politicians don’t want you to be able to protect yourself and your family with guns. The gun banning groups and gun banning politicians say you will get confused and shoot yourself or shoot your family members. Huh??

    They make the false claims that the police will protect you. The police are there to solve crimes and arrest the criminals, that’s all.

    In commiefornia, criminals break into railroad cars and steal merchandise. If and when they are ever caught, they are not charged with any crime and are let go because they are ” poor and a minority”.

    In commiefornia, shoplifter’s walk into clothing stores and grab arm fulls of clothes off the racks and walk out to a waiting car and drive off. No one does anything to stop them execpt film it on their cell phones and post it on YouTube.
    If and when these shoplifter’s are ever caught, they are not charged with any crime and are let go because they are ” poor and a minority”.

    In NYC, criminals go on subway cars and stab people, some have even thrown people in front of incoming subway cars. If and when there are ever caught, they are not charged with a crime and let go because they are ” poor and homeless”.

    Maybe if these demoncrap run cities would stop listening to a bunch of loud mouth criminals, rioters, looters protesters, and arsonist and stopped trying to defund-abolish the police and let the police go out and arrest these criminals and put them in prison for long sentences then the crime rate would go down. It’s as simple as that.

    To stop any school shootings, put the police or soldiers as guards and shoot on sight any school shooters.
    Stop all this wasteful billions in foreign aid money and use the money for school security. The government wastes billions every year in foreign aid to countries that hate America.

    Another way to stop school shootings is to put the parents of these monsters in prison. They are the ones who raised them like this, they are responsible!

    Some minority principal’s say the police will arrest students, why?, because they are gang members and drug dealers?

    In demoncrap run cities, the gun banning politicians have so called ” gun buy backs”. Where people turn in their guns to the police and get a $50 gift certificate for tennis shoes.
    At these ” gun buy backs”, the police will have a undercover agent in disguise putting guns on the tables to make the ” gun buy back” look good. These guns are from the police department.

    Also at these ” gun buy backs”, the police will have surveillance vans with cameras and videos taking pictures of everyone who shows up and of their cars and license plates, so they know who everyone is and they may be planning on a visit to that person house to see what other guns they might have.
    Never turn your guns into the police.
    If someone has a gun they don’t want, they can take it to a gun shop and sell it and get more money for it.

    These gun banning groups and hunting banning groups are run and funded by Micheal Bloomberg, George Soros, the Chinese government, Russia, the U.N., North Korea and Mexico.

    China wants Australia, New Zealand, and America.

    China and Saudi Arabia are spending billions buying up American farmland and ranch land, soon they will own it all and no one cares. Where will food come from then?

    China is using their umbrella companies to buy american TV stations and newspapers.

    During WW2, Germany and Japan had plans to invade the east coast and west coast of America and they wanted Mexico to invade the southern states promising Mexico to give them Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. But they were afraid of the Americans who owned firearms and fight them off. Nowadays they are joining up to ban all firearms in America.

    Russia is sending military vechiles and soldiers to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Mexico.

    Mexico voted against sanction on Russia. In fact, Russia is sending oil to Mexico refineries and selling gas on the open market.
    Russia has thousands of personal, agents and military stationed In Mexico.

    Remember the 1984 movie ” Red Dawn”? Russia did the same thing in the movie. No wonder they want guns banned in America. And there are politicians in America who would gladly help them.

    AOC and the squad and Letitia James want to repeal the 2nd amendment.
    AOC and the squad want to replace the Constitution and Bill of Rights with something out of Castro and Stalin handbook and make America into a ” communist workers paradise”.
    AOC and the squad want to replace the American flag too.

    The hunting banning groups are joining up with the gun banning groups to ban all hunting in America. Their idea is no hunting, no hunting guns. See how they work? These groups also want to put wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions and jaguars in all the 48 states and to make the national forests off limits to hunters and livestock growers.

    Why is it that back in the 1950’s one could walk into a hardware store, gun shop or mail order all kinds of firearms with no background check, no federal forms to fill out and no waiting period and crime was much lower than today?

    Back in the 1950’s, people would leave their front door unlocked, they would leave keys in their cars and no one did anything.
    One could not do that today with home invasion and car jackings being common.

    Support and protect your right to keep and own all types of firearms and accessories.

    Don’t allow the evil, Satan worshipping, power crazed, far leftist politicians to restrict and ban firearms in America.

    Join and support pro gun groups and pro hunting groups.

    Buy more guns, ammo and accessories now before it’s too late!!

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