Lying Billboards Try To Deceive People About Guns


How do you know when you’re winning an argument? When the other side resorts to lies, distortions of the truth, and deception instead of actually trying to win you to their side with the actual truth.

That’s exactly what anti-2A politicians and the legacy media do: they lie, distort the truth, and deal in deception to push their preferred narrative because they don’t want you to know the truth.

A recent situation in a rabidly gun control state won’t surprise you. John R. Lott, Jr. writes,


Understandably, some are upset with [such a large number of people and businesses leaving California for places like Texas], but the billboards put up in Los Angeles and San Francisco are a cheap shot. They warn Californians about mass public shootings in Texas, specifically pointing to the recent Uvalde school shooting. The billboards warn, “The Texas Miracle died in Uvalde.” They replace Texas’ slogan, “Don’t Mess With Texas,” with “Don’t Move to Texas.”

The billboards have received extensive national and international news coverage. But California, despite all its gun control laws, has more mass public shootings than Texas.

A mass public shooting is an attack where four or more people are murdered. It must occur in a public place and cannot involve some other crime such as a robbery or a gang fight over drug turf. Since 2000, when California enacted its major assault weapons ban, the state has experienced 10 such attacks. In Texas, over that time, there were six. Since 2010, California has had eight attacks and Texas, five.

Even when you adjust for California’s larger population, California has more mass public shootings per capita than Texas does. On a per capita basis, California has had 18 percent more since 2010.

By the way, Texas’ violent crime rate has also been lower than California’s in five of the last six years. The Houston Chronicle speculates that the billboards may be paid for by “right-leaning Texans eager to keep liberal Californians away from their voting booths.”

That’s ridiculous. More likely, liberal Californians are trying to stem the flow of California ex-pats, or are simply playing partisan politics. 

While the billboards are appalling in their dishonesty, I can’t say that I’m surprised that they’re being put up. After all, anti-2A zealots have a history of dishonesty about the subject. Why would we expect anything different in this case?



  1. Remember……Folks…the totalitarians are out here/there among you……they are replaced with new ones as others of their kind die off.

    You’re only a proper civil disturbance away from being shepherded into being part of the unruly massive crowd intent on being the one that paces and places the he/she/them/they/those/these……..into power.

    With so many unable to explain how American government is organized and works…time is soon for it all to “rattle its cage” some, as an indicator that the end of the Republic is near. It’s (the end of the republic) is way closer than you realize. It’s “lights out” after that. The “experiment” is over and it did well until evil took hold…..again.

  2. the bigest scam on the American people is that the Republican party is red like Russia and China but the truth is it is the Damocants who continue to take our rights away and nothing is said in the communist press

  3. I applaud their signs that say ‘Don’t move to Texas’. We’d prefer you come get the commies that have already moved here and take them back where they belong.

  4. ” Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.” Patrick Henry June 5, 1778

  5. Look to History we had far less shootings back in the 50’s when anyone could walk into a hardware store purchase a firearm and ammunition then walk out with it …
    I wish there was a time machine so those people could see its not the guns that are the problem …
    Its the people , the kids could play unsupervised till the street lights came on , leave the keys in your car , and ride a bicycle with out looking like a kid in a snowsuit …

  6. 40 years ago, every pickup in a highschool parkinglot had a shotgun in the back window. Mass school shootings were almost non-existant. this coming from a gun toting Democrat. There are always far left extremists and far right extremists, the GOP is no better than the democrats, republicans are taking away our constitutional right too, every time a republican get elected i personally lose rights, women can no longer make decisions about their own bodies, banning abortion is going to cause an aproximate 20 percent birth rate, pro life? More like pro birth,

  7. I do not live in Texas, but I am sure they do to want dems from CA invading their state and bringing their progressive mindset. They have more, an over abundance of illegal immigrants to deal with thanks to that mindset.

  8. It’s also a fact that when one leans far enough they fall over, topple, fail to stand any longer, fail to support, the list of phrases is long.

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