1 HORRIBLE Story Explains A Key Reason To Concealed Carry [Videos]


What would you do if you were at a friend’s home with your family, just having an enjoyable get together celebrating Independence Day here in America and a nutcase walks into that home and opens fire?

Hopefully, you’d have your firearm on you and have the presence of mind to shoot back to stop the threat before anyone (or anyone more) was hurt.

But, then, add this twist, what if you were shot in the head with one of the first shots that insane shooter made? What would you do, then?


Well, if you are Raul Mendez, you, thankfully, regain consciousness, and, then, you do what has to be done to prevent more injuries and deaths. It’s an incredible story. You can watch Mendez’s interview with Tucker Carlson below.

The entire story is just amazing, but as Menez said in another video, he’d rather be without his eye than see his family dead. You can watch that other video (which is an NRA promo video) below.

Mendez is a hero. He saved lives that day by stopping that shooter from shooting more people.

But you have to ask why, with such an incredible, almost unbelievable, story, the mainstream legacy media hasn’t jumped on this story to share it with the world.

The answer isn’t a mystery, though. The answer is that this story doesn’t fit the narrative because this story shows one of the reasons that private gun ownership, our Second Amendment, is so vital for people to be able to protect themselves.

So, in light of that, it’s unconscionable that the mainstream media covers up stories like that and that politicians work to take your Second Amendment rights away from you. I’d even say that is criminal.

Your Second Amendment rights are vital to both your safety and your freedom, and you should never allow anyone to take them away from you.



  1. I wonder what Kathy would do if faced by a gunman who is threatening her life? Or is she surrounded by gun carrying plain clothesmen who’ll do her shooting for her? I’d say the second question is more likely the correct. How nice for her! But what about you? Do you have a cadre of concealed carriers to protect you? Think about it! Then decide…

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