The Unexpected Gun To Have In Your Survival Arsenal


There’s a common thought among gun enthusiasts that you can never have too many guns, and while I can relate to that idea, there are limits on what you can have with you at any given time.

For example, you can’t carry your favorite carbine or rifle with you in all areas, and even if you live in a constitutional carry state, it’s sometimes simply not practical to carry that gun with you, either because you only have so many hands to carry things with or because the outcry from anti-2A people who panic at seeing you with a gun causes so many of its own problems (so, you carry concealed).

Then, there are those cases that you need to prepare for to make sure that your family is taken care of in a survival situation. An anonymous writer at has what may be an unexpected recommendation for a firearm that you should have for that type of situation. Now, by way of explanation, the writer details several of this type of firearm that they currently own, but, in summation, they write,


So, does the .22 single action [revolver] have a role in the prepper’s armory? Yes, if it is accurate. It is a great gun to start new shooters on and accurate enough for small game. You may have to try different loads to find one that the gun prefers, but that is part of the fun. If you just can’t find an acceptable load for a given revolver, then you can likely sell or trade it for about what you have in it, and try a different one.

This writer makes several good points.

First, the only purpose of a firearm in a survival situation is not self-protection (though, make no mistake, self-protection is important in those situations, too). Making sure that you can put food on the table is vital, and being able to hunt small game can mean the difference between eating and starving in those situations.

Second, firearms will be prized possessions in a survival situation because manufacturing new ones isn’t likely to be commonplace, so, your used firearms may be valuable for bartering.

What the writer didn’t mention above is that .22 is still a pretty common caliber of ammunition, so, finding ammunition to use will be easier with a .22 pistol than many other calibers. That means that the firearm could be useful for a longer period of time for something other than using it as a paperweight or club.

So, in conclusion, while a .22 revolver may not be your preferred choice for a firearm at this time (I like my 9mm pistol for daily carry, for example), having that .22 may mean that you have the upper hand to help keep you and your family alive and safe if that horrible scenario occurs.



  1. I have 2 .22 revolvers and 1 45 LC. All are common rounds. As my idea of guns it to have at lease one for each common round. So no matter what I can find. It will be useful

  2. I would venture that any accurate .22 LR Handgun is a must have for one’s survival cache. The only real advantage a .22 Revolver (DA/SA or SAA) has is the ability to make use of .22 Short and .22 Long (though .22 Long is pretty much obsolete and .22 Short is rare).

    I agree though that .22 is a must have for a Prepper/Survivalist. For hunting Small Game, it’s proven itself for well over a 100 years.

  3. I own a 22 car being rifle and I have a 22 caliber handgun and I’m buying another one that way I only have to take one kind of ammunition with me the 22 long rifle is it for me

  4. 22 LR is an excellent round and my Ruger .22 Single 6 is my go to survival gun. There are other guns that are probably as good such as the Savage .22 over .410 or 20 gauge. There are , of course, many others but as the caliber goes up so does the weight. Weight is usually a serious factor in a survival situation.

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