Black Entrepreneur Tells The TRUTH About How To Make America Safer


It would be funny if it weren’t so absurd (and if it didn’t lead to so many more people being killed in America) to hear anti-2A people argue that guns have to be strictly controlled, even banned, to make America safer. They especially argue that making sure that guns aren’t available to anyone in black communities is essential to save lives (as if a person’s DNA makes them more likely to be violent).

But is that true?

A black entrepreneur and political commentator has some very definite opinions on this issue, and political liberals, if they truly want to save black lives, should pay attention to what this man says. Armstrong Williams writes,


What we need to rectify this situation [of rampant crime increases, especially in Democrat-controlled cities,] is more policing and enforcement of the rule of law. Until then, we are going the wrong direction by focusing upon gun control. We need to be increasing funding to the police, not “defunding” them. And we need to ensure that law-abiding citizens are afforded their constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. It’s an essential way for men and women to protect themselves.

People kill people. Guns do not. And it is obvious that overregulating gun ownership will have zero effect on the estimated 400 million guns that are already in private circulation. Gun control simply cannot stop violence in this country, which is being caused by a crime-ridden society that is out of control.

Armstrong is right on the money on this issue. To be able to protect their own lives, law-abiding Americans need to be able to have firearms on their persons, and it’s sheer ignorance to think that governments trying to control gun ownership and access can actually reduce violence.

It doesn’t. Government intervention in this area only ends up with more innocent lives lost, and that is true in both rural areas and Democrat-run cities.



  1. He is right the police need to be proactive to crime and not reactive and we need to go back to the meaning of the 2nd. Amendment ( the right of the people to keep and bear ( carry ) arms ) …

    • It would help , but we need to adhere to the Constitution as it was written …
      The forefathers were not stupid and gave us Amendments to rectify unseen problems …

  2. Better enforcement of existing law is the only thing proven to work. Look at NYC crime rates before and after R. Giuliani and with no new gun control laws. This alone disproves the left wing opinions.
    It’s common sense if you want to control crime you need to control the criminals, trying to control guns to control crime has not worked in the past and will not work in the future.
    In fact, if you plot the increase of gun control laws beginning in California as a response to the Black Panther Party open carrying, what you see is as gun control goes up in the state and in other states so has the crime rate in the states that passed more gun control laws especially when they are Left wing Democratic Party controlled States & city’s.

  3. Here’s an idea. Let’s require that all schools which receive any tax money *must* provide basic gun-safety training before the end of 3rd grade, basic gun-competency (“riflery”) training before the end of elementary school, basic defensive shooting before the end of middle-school, and tactical shooting before the end of high school, such that all high school graduates can receive Concealed Carry permits upon graduation. This will guarantee that as many citizens as possible get the training.

    • “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.
      Simply mentioning mandatory instruction on gun safety and competency in schools would cause massive apoplexy among the clique of socialists that infests our pubelick eddykashun sistum.
      Flush ’em.
      Our nation should have the opportunity to make a public decision on the matter.

  4. I, really like and support Williams article and the comments, so far. All shall be REVEALED. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB

  5. First of all, let’s bring back the death penalty for ALL murders. Allow one time review of trial and if confirmed guilty sentence to be administered within 6 months. Secondly, enforce all existing laws with no “catch and release” arrests. Thirdly, if a crime is committed with a firearm, a five year prison sentence should be mandated. It’s time to punish the criminals, not the victim.

    • And make their time hard-time, not the cush walk in the park the prison system has become. However, I do think prison should also make the prisoners learn a trade so they can be productive good citizens when they get out.

    • I’d take it a radical step further and say bring back back public executions. It may have no effect on hardened criminals but might have a huge impact on potential criminals- the ones who start out stealing bikes and graduate to armed robbery, eventually killing people.

  6. What no one ever hardly talks about, with the exception of black entrepreneurs, lawyers, judges and certain politicians of right thinking, is the big main problem is not mental illness, too many guns etc etc. It is that society is falling apart and there are millions of fatherless boys left to themselves with all their hormones and their depraved heart, no discipline, direction, mature example, love and relationship. Unless we have the Word of God to convict and soften our depraved hearts, (which we’re born with), and without loyal, faithful men at home to teach this lovingly, yet with discipline when needed, and who will love their wives and be the example of mature men, we will continue to have this problem. The other thing is getting God back in our country as far as the Word of God, biblical principals and precepts, which is law in and of itself. The Ten Commandments state, “Thou shalt not kill”. Obviously that commandment is broken daily not only with actual murders but with the hate, slander, jealousy and vitriolic unforgiveness in the hearts of people. The Word of God teaches to follow the HEART, of the Law of God, not just the outward physical law. In other words, hate…in Jesus own words, is the same as murder. If we can control the heart with the help of God through conviction of and turning from sin, by His Holy Spirit, and turning to Jesus for salvation, for our sins to be forgiven; then and only then can we learn to control our tongue which wounds and destroys, and by adhering to biblical Wisdom we can learn to be faithful and have Fidelity in marriages, learn to love our own children and our own husband or wife better than ourselves, and learn the meaning of sacrifice, unconditional Love, forgiveness, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self control. Without our country having the laws of God to bring conviction to the human heart, all is lost. We will be like any other nation that is struggling now with depravity, lust, murder, andy, hate and unforgiveness rampant. We used to hang the Ten Commandments in every school, college and university in America, and Bible study groups and Bible classes were offered as electives. This is our problem in America and it was planned to bring the downfall of America by bringing immorality first via Agenda 21 which reads very much like The Communist Manifesto. In Agenda 21 the elites were talking about one of the ways, one of the first steps to get control of our country and demolish the Constitution was to destroy the morality. Destroy the morality, you’re heading very quickly towards the ending of true freedom and the Democratic Republic. Just like Rome when it fell into complete depravity during the time of Nero. All the laws were being ignored and the elites took over as depravity and lawlessness increased. The human heart is desperately wicked and in need of being remade by God in Christ. We don’t need more jails, psycho-babble, or gun control. We DO desperately need daddies in homes, and mama’s too, learning to love each other and learning how, by the incredible Wisdom in God’s Holy Word.

  7. Funny how Democrats have been pushing Gun Control since about 1840. Now if only they would also push Criminal Control as hard. With Cashless bail, even for Murder, how hard is it for a Criminal to think that there is no punishment for anything they do? Guess in the future if you want to have a firearm, you’ll have to have a criminal record. Then Democrats will fight for your right to own a gun.

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