Why You Shouldn’t Trust Anti-2A Politicians

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There’s just something about certain people that gets under my skin. I suspect that they get under your skin in exactly the same way.

Now, the certain people that I’m talking about are anti-2A politicians, but there are other people who get under my skin for exactly the same reason.

Who are those people? Hypocrites. You know, people who say one thing and do another or who tell you to do as they say but not as they do as they blatantly violate the rule that they just gave to you.


So, I said it. One of the biggest reasons that anti-2A politicians get under my skin is that they are, to the last person, hypocrites.

Now, before any anti-2A person reading this story gets upset at me for that statement, read more below. You’ll understand what I mean. Harris Rigby writes,

You see, normal everyday people don’t deserve police protection, but if you’re a very important person, like The Squad’s Cori Bush, then you actually deserve armed protection.

She’ll fight to defund the police in YOUR neighborhood, but she’ll use money from her campaign to pay for her own police force.

How much money are we talking about? Joe Schoffstall writes,

Rep. Cori Bush, one of the most outspoken federal politicians for defunding police, has now topped more than $500,000 in private security detail expenses, filings show.

The Missouri lawmaker’s campaign spent $38,528.63 on “security services” between Oct. 20 and Nov. 28, according to its post-general report. The payments primarily flowed to the St. Louis-based Peace Security, which employs several “security operators” with military or law enforcement experience, despite her opposition to them, its website shows.

The new private security payments follow the $490,000 Bush’s campaign had already spent on it for the 2022 election cycle. The campaign has now surpassed the half-million dollar mark for such services, a luxury most Americans can’t afford. 

Think about how many law-abiding Americans could have been armed and trained for safe and accurate use of their firearm so that they could protect their families and continue to better their communities with the half million dollars spent by this woman to protect herself while she tries to prevent you from being safe, too.

It should be criminal.

And every single anti-2A politician does the exact same thing. They have armed guards for themselves.

Cori Bush and the her anti-2A chums in Congress and the White House deserve to be stripped of any armed security so long as they continue to try to prevent Americans from being able to experience that same safety in their own lives.

Because that’s part of what made America what it is: the leaders were never intended to live a privileged life that wasn’t available to everyone else.



  1. These politicians feel that they must be protected from their constituents? What’s that tell ya about ’em?

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