1 State’s Gun Owners Get Temporary Relief


With anti-2A crazies pushing their agendas in some states, you would think that it would be impossible to get any relief from politicians and bureaucrats trying to make you defenseless. And, sadly, that does seem to be the case in some places.

But in one state, at least, that has a history of being controlled by anti-2A zealots, legal gun owners were able to catch a break and go about their lives as the law-abiding people that they are.

And, no doubt, that makes our “favorite” crazy big city mayor, Lori Lightfoot, furious. Michael Clements writes,


An Illinois judge has blocked the gun control law Protecting Illinois Communities Act (the Act), enacted on Jan. 11, saying the state is violating a clear and discernible constitutional right and ignoring the public’s right to know.

Thomas DeVore represents Accuracy Firearms LLC and 866 other plaintiffs from 87 counties who requested a temporary restraining order (TRO) in the 14th Judicial Circuit Court on Jan. 17. He told The Epoch Times that the issue is about more than gun rights. His clients want to expose their state’s cavalier attitude toward the people’s right to be involved in the legislative process, he said.

“This is how they pass these laws, and we have to draw attention to it,” DeVore said.

Clements continues:

DeVore’s clients claim that the law was passed in a manner meant to hide the state’s true intentions until it was practically too late to act. He said the Illinois General Assembly has routinely ignored the constitutional process for so long that it has become the de facto process.

Thankfully, the judge in this case, Joshua Morrison, agreed with Devore who argued that the bill didn’t follow the legal process to be passed in that state which includes being read publicly three times (even more bizarre, the bill in question started out as an insurance bill before being changed to a gun control bill and passed that way, apparently, without the public readings).

It sounds like this legislation was passed in a pretty devious way, and, of course, because it’s gun control, it shouldn’t have been passed at all.

Now, hopefully, this court case can lead to some permanent relief for legal gun owners to be free of the anti-2A people trying to steal their rights in that state.



  1. Yes going after it with the Constitution the 2nd. says the people have the right to arms and SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED and the 10th. says the state does not have the right to pass laws that the federal government is prohibited from passing …

  2. Why does Chiraq ( Chicago ) have so many gun shootings and murders ? With some of the most STRINGENT GUN LAWS in the country, and yet they have some of the highest murder rates !!! We all know that outlawing guns from law abiding citizens won’t stop the problem ! It is mostly teenagers & Gang bangers who are roaming the streets at all hours looking to do a hit ? HOW ARE THEY GETTING ALL THOSE GUNS ? They certainly didn’t register or get a F.O.I.D. Card ! So how are they getting them ? Are politicians giving them guns to cause harm so they can follow through with taking away our 2nd Amendment ? It sure seems that way ! ILLINOIS broke our constitutional right to KEEP and BARE ARMS !!! They ought to be fined, sentenced to do time, and then banned from their office as they failed to up-hold the laws of our country !!! THIS IS SO ” SICK ” !!!

  3. We should have the right to carry guns with a concealed carry license. I am so glad someone is willing to fight for our rights. Finally. Thank you

  4. Back in the day when Illinois first passed their Firearms Owners Identification Act (F.I.O.A.), and I warned. him that this was only the first step in eventual gun confiscation. But being a law abiding citizen. He refused to believe it would lead to it. After he passed, and being the only hunter in the house. I moved what few firearms he owned out of state to where I live. We have no such laws to deal with. Because we are a Constitutional carry state, and will always be that way. Want to know how we get rid of bad politicians in my state? It’s called term limits!

  5. Just a few ANNUAL statistics….approximately
    …for the last 2 OR 3 DECADES



    YES… MORE THAN 35,000 A YEAR



  6. Oh Lavonne, the only stupid one here is you. Guns are not the problem, people are! My guns have never snuck out of the house and shot someone. I’ve never seen a gun shoot a person, but I have seen plenty of people shoot other people.

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