Major City Gearing Up To DESPERATELY Need More People Carrying Concealed


For people who keep chanting to follow the science on other topics, anti-2A politicians sure go out of their way to completely avoid the science when it comes to guns and when it comes to what actually correlates to reduced levels of crime and violence in an area.

See, anti-2A politicians want people to believe that guns being in the hands of private citizens is what causes more crime and violence, but the statistics are perfectly clear that the higher the gun ownership rate in an area, the safer that area is.

Or I’ve heard it put this way: An armed society is a polite society.


It’s simply true. It’s always been true, and it always will be.

And that’s why a recent push from the mayor of one major city is certain to cause a huge spike in crime, including violent crime, unless the people in that city are able to work around their state’s horrible gun laws so that they can carry concealed to protect themselves and others. Joseph Mackinnon writes,

Los Angeles’ Democrat mayor is taking a cue from other leftist-run cities in the West, seeking to drop standards for new police recruits whilst forcing out officers accused of having extremist ties, albeit of a purportedly rightest variety.

Mayor Karen Bass recently told the Los Angeles Times that she desires big changes at the Los Angeles Police Department, prioritized in this order: “crime reduction, personnel reform, alternative response and community policing.”

Now, Mackinnon also notes that Bass would “would like to see more detectives join up and take advantage of California’s red-flag laws in order to remove guns from Americans […].”

That’s right, taking firearms without due process.

And you probably won’t be surprised about the details of Bass’s “ideological purge” in the ranks. Again, from aMackinnon:

Among those apparently fit for termination are officers with alleged links to “right-wing” domestic extremist groups. There is reportedly no mention of candidates or existing officers having to be identified, disciplined or terminated if they had left-wing terrorist ties (e.g., to Antifa, Black Panthers, Jane’s Revenge).

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that she wants to eliminate people who actually care about the Constitution (and, especially, the Second Amendment) from the force.

Frankly, these moves will just make crime exponentially worse in Los Angeles.

If you live in L.A. or visit there, you probably should look into doing whatever you can to legally carry a firearm at all times. The life that you save may be your own.



  1. Philly and LA are BOTH shitholes! They should hang their leaders and vote wisely. This bullshit WILL bite you in the ass!

    • Lawful carry= everywhere you can…learn the laws. Get as much training as you can. Practice, practice, practice.
      Look, listen, open your sense. Be ready.
      Carry a pen that can break a car window in one hand. Or your car keys. HIT HARD, enough to puncture the skin.
      This serves to discombobulate the assailant while you get your gun out and shoot. PERIOD.
      No warning shot. Center mass then head. SAVE YOURSELF AND THE ONES AROUND YOU!

  2. That’s the problem, legally carrying…. Los Angeles does everything it can to restrict concealed carry legally. If they had any brains, (a big stretch!), they would be encouraging concealed carry for all, but particularly for women since they are the most susceptible to violence on the part of the cretins that would victimize them.

    • That is what the Second Amendment says. Our other Constitutional don’t stop at state borders. Gun control is not about hunting, crime or the safety of law abiding citizens. It’s about CONTROL!

  3. Come on now we all know this isn’t about taking guns from criminals as they never follow the law that’s why they are criminals. We all know the heart of the matter is our government need to disarm the citizens, they are afraid of us and know the only way to gain full power over us is to disarm us. That’s it in a nutshell. Too bad so many people just drink the coolaid and follow the narrative.

  4. California head is in a semi – vacuum . They have their heads stuck up their posterior. Trying to smell the roses , I suppose . And apparently they like the view. You can heal the sick and wounded but just can’t raise the dead. Poor souls just been under cover too long. Maybe high strung too. Oh , they are such daisy’s !

  5. One suggestion to all that live in the shithole leftist dim cities. Learn to build your own…..js

  6. If I had to live in a Shit Hole State/ city which I never would, I don’t care what their unconstitutional laws said I would carry Every day everywhere I went. and would pray that they TRY and stop me from doing so.

  7. It is no surprise to me that ignorant, uneducated people , like those that commented ‘above’
    …would also carry guns.

    • The Constitution tells the GOVERNMENT what it can not do. Not the people. The “ignorant and uneducated” also have the God given right to defend themselves. So do YOU!

  8. When they come for are firearms, give them all your ammunition first through the end of the barrel.

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