Why I Switched To Appendix Carry [Video]

How not to appendix carry.

In today’s video Jeff, our head instructor at Patriot Training Center, is explaining why he finally made the decision to switch to the appendix carry position. 

Some people think their body size is the reason they can’t carry in that position, but usually it’s how you have things set up. 

During our classes we get a lot of questions about why we all prefer the appendix position and how we set it up for us personally; so we had Jeff film this quick video explaining some advantages of making the switch and how he sets up his gear to carry.


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Getting your gear setup the right way for carrying everyday can be hard to get comfortable and effective. When you come to a class at Patriot Training Center you aren’t just learning how to shoot. You’re also learning how to concealed carry a gun everyday comfortably and safely. 

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