INFURIATING Details About MI State Shooter That They Aren’t Telling You


You may have heard about the horrible shooting that recently happened at Michigan State University. Three students were killed, and five more students were reported to have received “life-threatening” injuries. Truly a horrible situation.

What you probably haven’t heard, though, is that, if gun control actually worked, this shooting wouldn’t have happened.

And, no, I’m not being speculative and exaggerating in the least. If gun control laws worked, this shooting would not, could not have happened.


Joseph Mackinnon gives us details that will explain why I’m right about this. Mackinnon writes,

The Detroit Free Press reported that Anthony McRae — the man police indicated was responsible for slaying three innocent students and then killing himself — was arrested in 2019 on a gun-related charge in Lansing, Michigan.

Mackinnon continues:

McRae was charged with a violation of concealed carry law and possessing a loaded weapon in a vehicle.

Despite the initial felony charge, the Ingham County District Attorney’s Office, formerly helmed by progressive Democrat Carol Siemon, cut McRae a deal and lowered the charges to a misdemeanor.

Ingham County Prosecutor John Dewane, Siemon’s successor, told the Free Press, “Mr. McRae would have been barred from legally purchasing, owning, or possessing a firearm if he would have been convicted of the [concealed weapons] charge.”

“The misdemeanor conviction did not prevent him from purchasing, owning, or possessing a firearm after he successfully completed his terms of probation,” added Dewane.

Dewane noted in a statement Tuesday that the original felony charge was punishable by up to five years.

So, a Democrat (and, most likely, anti-2A) district attorney let this guy off, basically, free and clear and set up the situation where the guy was able to completely skirt gun control laws already in place.

In other words, if the (most likely anti-2A) district attorney had actually enforced the existing laws on the books (and if gun control actually worked), then, McRae would not have been able to commit this shooting because he wouldn’t have had a gun.

But he did have a gun, and it’s the anti-2A party’s fault that this guy was able to so easily get it.

But those same anti-2A politicians are using this horrible shooting to call for more gun control (which they won’t enforce, then, either).

It makes you wonder what their real end game is if they aren’t even going to enforce laws already in place to keep people safe, doesn’t it?



  1. Not enough info here on the “violation of CC law and loaded weapon in vehicle”.
    But sounds like he was charged for things that would not even be a violation some decades ago; let alone those charges were probably not compliant with the SCOTUS Bruen ruling.

    There may have been enough other circumstances to make him a prohibited person, but that info is not in this article.

    • The “violation of CC law and loaded weapon in vehicle”. charges were well before Bruen thus it does not apply. At the time charges were filed they were felonies in Michigan.

  2. The paradox is that when an event happens that awakens you to the need for a self defense firearm on your person when in public that event triggers an impassioned outburst of gun law hysteria, the goal of which is to disarm the people who didn’t do it, the people who are at risk. The only effect upon the criminal is ensuring his victims won’t be armed. Given that it is against the law to possess a firearm with the intent of committing a crime, this felon’s gun possession was already illegal.

    • Yes, your’s is the logical, intelligent way to look at it! Where is it that most mass shootings occur? In basically gun free zones ! Disarming the entire law abiding populace makes 99% of the country open for armed criminals and lunatics!

  3. Well folks, get reddy for the worst to happen.i am talking things that would make the most hardcore commie puke.yes a combination of the worst Muslim,natzi,and inquisition never seen before on earth.that is the world that the far left people want for us.

  4. Their end game is to ban firearms, except the bad guys won’t give up their weapons and firearm crime will increase exponentially. The prosecutor needs to be arrested, charged as an accomplice, lose his/her license to practice indefinitely, and be locked up. What do you bet that the prosecutor was bought and paid for by criminal, globalist, socialist, George Soros?

  5. The biggest problem here is that it’s not a surprise. The anti gun lobby makes these kinds of decisions every day and refuses to enforce them along with other very specific laws that they know will eventually cause these types of incidents. It’s not an accident they do it hoping these people will commit more violent crimes with a gun because the more it happens the mire they have ammo to lie about how guns kill people. They know it’s the people doing the killing and if they didn’t have a gun they would find other ways.
    The reason they act indignant is not because someone died. The left and their regressive/globalist friends want to lower the population via what they deem population control by any means necessary. All the deaths of some innocent people does is help them eliminate more numbers.
    The only reason the left politicians want to get rid of guns is because when they declare marshal law and discontinue the constitution along with taking away our right to privacy, which is almost completely gone because of the current administration, is because fewer of their cronies which will be sent out as police, IRS agents, FBI agents and ATF agents will be killed when the people reboot against their Marxist/globalist enslavement it the people. It would be inconvenient for them to have to train more agents as soon as they take over. That is the real and obvious reason.

  6. OH NO a loaded gun in a vehicle?????? WTF is that, all of my guns are loaded ALWAYS, and unloaded gun is just a club and is worthless in time of need, what kind of state do you people live in that this would be against some law that goes against the 2A and our constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Where I live almost everyone carries and there is always one in the vehicle and it’s always loaded. the police know this and don’t care because it’s in our Constitution, The Right of the people to keep and bare ARMS shall NOT be INFRINGED.

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