Proof That STUPID Runs In The Anti-2A Family


Despite the supposed levels of education that you see from people on the anti-2A side of the political spectrum, I’m consistently surprised (or maybe just appalled) at how consistently foolish those people can be. It’s as if they aren’t thinking at all when it comes to guns.

Why do I say that? The answer is simple, really: When a person keeps doing the same thing over and over and over (in this case, pushing for more and more gun control) and getting the same and worse results (like higher gun violence rates where gun control is strictest), then, that isn’t insanity. It’s stupidity.

Or, at the very least, it’s willful ignorance. But that’s no justification for pushing for the evil of trying to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights, especially when doing that makes people less safe because violence is even higher in strict gun control areas.


It’s ludicrous.

But because of this consistent foolishness, it’s (unfortunately) not a surprise to see Joe Biden pushing to force the failed gun control policies of, possibly, the most anti-2A state in the nation on to the rest of us. John R. Lott, Jr. writes,

President Joe Biden traveled to Monterey Park, California, the site of a mass public shooting that left 11 dead in January, to announce new executive actions on gun control. He touts the proposals as necessary “to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer.” But California already has all the gun control laws that Biden put forward, and yet, it has a higher per capita rate of mass public shootings than the rest of the country.

Measures already in place include background checks on all transfers of firearms, “red flag” gun confiscation laws, and an assault weapon ban. Even if Biden’s ideal background check law had been in effect and perfectly enforced, it wouldn’t have stopped one mass public shooting this century.

Biden exaggerated the support for his background check proposals. The surveys he cites compress long, complicated proposals into one-sentence summaries. But when people are told that these laws would turn someone into a felon just for temporarily lending a handgun to a woman who is being threatened by a stalker, survey respondents answer that they oppose the regulation.

That’s right, Biden is trying to push California’s gun control laws on to the rest of us.

And for those who cite California’s statistics (out of context) to push for gun control, Lott puts those statistics into context which reveals a much different conclusion than anti-2A people want you to believe:

Biden says we need national gun control laws to protect states like California, but that ignores the fact that the guns used in California’s mass public shootings were from California. Indeed, the firearms in all but two mass public shootings over the past 25 years were from the state where the attack occurred.

Gun control measures aren’t just ineffective against mass public shootings—they actually encourage attacks. The shootings keep occurring in places where people can’t have concealed handguns.

It’s completely inexcusable that the President of the United States, who has access to an incredible amount of information and resources so that he can make intelligent decisions about how to make a positive difference in the world, still chooses to push an agenda that actually makes the world less safe.

The fact of the matter is that gun control makes (non-criminal) people less safe, so, to push for more gun control seems utterly stupid. That’s if we’re being nice to anti-2A people, though. Because if they aren’t just stupid, that means that they have much more evil intentions towards us.



  1. How about we ‘test’ their theory – 1) disarm the guards from the politicians and celebrities and 2) actually enforce the existing ‘gun control’ laws for a year. IF any of them are still around after that time we ‘might’ consider their lame attempts to disarm over 100 million American Citizens.

  2. This administration is nothing but treasonous, and once they have all the guns then they will drop the hammer on we the people. But for me and mine it ain’t gonnna happen. I think mass gun confiscation will spark a revolution and rightly so it’s long over due !!

  3. No one is more insane & brain dead than Biden!!
    Followed closely by NYC Attorney General and EVERY DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS & AMERICA!!!!!

  4. Thanks GomeznSA for the great idea!! I am all for disarming and “Disguarding” all these liberal half-wits. See how they like it!! This whole “gun law” trash is only about their Marxist nazi plan to disarm us all. Taking our guns away from us is the “globalists” plan to make us completely defenseless. Its one of the biggest steps in bringing “communism” to America. These brainless people don’t listen to anything we say and they are all chronic professional liars. They are too stupid to realize that their plan will NEVER happen. We all love our freedom too much!!!

  5. ANY and ALL GUN CONTROL LAWS are in Fact UN CONSTITUTIONAL therefore are MUTE and totally UNENFORCEABLE. FJB and FGavin Newsom and all of the other Communist DemonRats that are doing their best to Destroy America.

  6. Since controling guns is not Specificlly assigned to the federal gov’t, doesn’t that mean it is up to the states? Therefor precluding a ‘National’ gun control law?

  7. Two thoughts: First I believe that gun control laws are clearly reserved to the individual states by our Constitution. Any federal law that passed would be challenged in the courts for that reason. Second would be great if we could stop any of these madmen from perpetrating these horrendous crimes against innocent victims. They are tragic and it seems that if someone is crazy enough they can defy reason and common sense to inflict as much damage as possible on our country. As to “gun control laws” which attempt to disarm law abiding citizens and eliminate their ability to defend themselves, well ask yourself why these mass shootings always seem take place in schools, churches, theaters and malls, but the crazy shooters never walk into a police station carrying a so called assault rifle and opens fire? Just something to ponder.

  8. I now believe the reason the Anti-2A bunch keep using asinine charts and questionable ‘data’, as well as the same arguments repeatedly, is they are NOT using their intellect and logic, but pure emotions! Emotions are NOT always overcome with words and logic, as not on the same levels!

    This is the same some say about female reasoning: it’s emotional. The male supposedly uses mainly logic! This could explain the lack of understanding between liberals and conservatives, not to mention men vs women!

  9. If criminals obeyed laws none of Biden’s proposed laws would be needed. They don’t; that’s why Biden’s proposed laws benefit the criminals. Job related injury protection from the Defund the Police crowd. Then they pass “no bond” laws, “equality” for the criminal class, and they let even known violent ones out of jail, never mind not prosecuting the criminals – they don’t even arrest them It’s getting ever easier to see whose side they’re on. Remember how they hammered Trump on documents? How much are you hearing about “documents” since King Joe’s cache was found on the floor of Hunter’s garage? And he wasn’t even empowered to possess them.

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