REAL-WORLD PROOF That Guns Prevent Mass Shootings


One of the constant mantras that we hear from anti-2A people is that we have to ban guns, that we need more gun control, because guns cause mass murder. The implication, whether they say it plainly or not, is that guns are to blame for that type of violence. But are they, really?

If you’ve been reading this site for any period of time, then, you already know the answer to that question: Guns don’t cause gun violence.

It’s simple, really. Guns are nothing more than mechanical devices. If they aren’t manipulated in such a way as to cause them to discharge, then, they won’t fire.


But if you need more proof to believe that gun control won’t prevent mass shootings, then, you need to ask yourself a very serious question about the recent Nashville, Tennessee mass shooting. Chris Enloe writes,

At a press conference, [Nashville Police Chief John] Drake said that investigators had discovered the perpetrator had planned to attack another location, but decided against that location because it had significant security.

“There was another location that was mentioned, but because of a threat assessment by the suspect of too much security, they decided not to,” Drake said. “That area was here in Nashville, so we’re continuing with that investigation as well.”

Drake confirmed the perpetrator had written a manifesto that explained why she conducted the attack, which included detailed plans. That is presumably the source of law enforcement’s theory that the perpetrator skipped her first targeted location because of “too much security.”

Too much security. Think about that and what that means, and ask yourself why the shooter avoided the original target.

What “too much security” means is that the school was targeted because of the expectation that there wouldn’t be people with guns on site to shoot back.

To put it plainly: Guns on site caused the shooter to avoid the site and go someplace where there weren’t guns.

It’s sad that we have to tell people this obvious truth, but the mainstream legacy media and anti-2A politicians won’t tell people this truth. Guns on site save lives. Legal gun ownership saves lives. And that is the truth.



  1. Common sense dictates that arming teachers who qualify IS the answer. However, it requires common sense which is lacking in the Dumbascrap Party.

  2. Follow the Constitution of the United States of America! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ The second amendment shall not be infringed! All true Americans do have the right to defend themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic! Praise the Lord ๐Ÿ™ and pass the ammunition!
    God bless you and God bless America!

  3. The same logic would mean that cars cause reckless driving. But, that’s the problem- people are ‘thinking’ emotionally, not logically. I have told anti- 2A people repeatedly, “I will be happy to turn in all my guns when you can assure me, 100% beyond a doubt, that NOBODY will have guns”. Never an answer to that.

    • That is 100% the best comment and one that will never apply or happen. May we always be able to protect ourselves.

  4. As usual, this is another excuse for the Dumbocrates to further socialism: Defund the police, take our gunsโ€ฆ
    You know the storyโ€ฆ

  5. The way those Anti-America totalitarians think things through, I am really surprised they have not tried to ban all vehicles. How many terrorists have run down a crowd of people or positioned a bomb in a garage or close to a building, using a car, van or truck ? The vehicle as with a firearm, has no ability to think or do anything on its own. Mechanical things need a human operator, to aim their hate and do the damage. But don’t bring that up to those who hate our country, and our 2nd amendment, they will call you everything from Racist to Anti American and then some. Oh, but they sure don’t mind all their security people, having scary black full auto firearms, filled to the brim large capacity magazines and maybe even silencers on some of their Gats… do they.

  6. I owned an isolated small business outside a small town in Oregon.
    When a group of individuals were questioned after being arrested on a series of home invasions, burglaries, and other crimes in that area, one of the inquiries involved other potential targets they might have considered and/or actually hit in their activities.
    One of the youths involved apparently identified my business as a target they wrote off early in their spree.
    Why, you might ask?
    The answer was, “because that guy keeps a gun on the premises, and knows how to use it!. We saw it when we checked the place out!”
    Funny thing is, I never kept a gun around. I had a couple friends who would show up when they new it was a quiet period (usually early afternoon) and bring their own weapons and ammo to show me.
    There was a tall hill with a dirt slope behind my business, with a sheltered area where we could shoot safely, without danger to others.
    Apparently, these criminals had been casing the business on one or more of those occasions!

  7. …and on every occasion of these mass shootings, a gun was used to end the shooting, either a CCW civilian or law enforcement and sometimes at the hand of the shooter themselves. Either way it is usually a gun that stops these crimes. Guns are not only a deterrent but an equalizer. No gun zones make soft targets and the Dems know this. They are about instilling fear in the public so they can push their agenda of control over the public.

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