Leftist Politician Posts DISGUSTING Picture After Nashville Shooting


You would think that everyone would have sympathy for the families of the victims of a mass shooting. You would think that everyone would agree that the mass shooting itself was absolutely horrible and that people should look into how we can comfort grieving families and a grieving community.

But, apparently, some politicians are not “everyone,” at least when it comes to mass shooting situations. See, after the awful mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee (after the shooting, not before), a politician in Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’s administration posted an image online that could be interpreted as a call for more violence. Dave Urbanski writes,

The spokesperson for Democrat Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs appeared to call for gun violence against “transphobes” in a Twitter post just hours after Monday’s Nashville church school massacre.

Hobbs’ spokesperson Josselyn Berry late Monday posted an image on the social media platform from the 1980 movie “Gloria” depicting a woman holding a gun in each hand and pointing the firearms forward; the caption reads, “Us when we see transphobes,” the Arizona Republic reported.

Fortunately, Berry resigned after the backlash came from her tweet, but something so callous as her tweet should have never been posted in the first place. After all, being in that governor’s office, it’s nearly impossible that she didn’t know about the Nashville shooting before posting her threats to people who disagree with her thinking on the transgender issue.


But it wasn’t just Berry. Urbanski continues:

Along the same lines, a journalist who has contributed to NBC News as well as the New York Times, Reuters, and the Washington Post appeared to suggest in now-deleted tweet that conservative news outlet the Daily Wire — which is headquartered in Nashville — is to blame for the massacre.

How anyone can think that anyone or anything other than the person who intentionally pulled the trigger to kill six people is to blame for those murders is beyond all rationality.

The person who shot those children and adults is to blame, and anyone who calls for violence against other people based purely on disagreeing about ideas is insane and needs to be investigated by law enforcement for threats.

Understand, though, that these crazy people are out there that think that they have the moral high ground to you simply because you want to exercise the right to have and carry your firearm, so, you need to always be prepared to leave a potentially violent situation if at all possible and, if not possible, to defend yourself. Because, clearly, they aren’t going to try to keep you safe.



  1. Guns don’t kill people people kill people guns don’t have minds of there own pills dope and tv push people to do this

  2. Oh, for crying out , why blaming other for what your sick friend did? She the one along with the other girl that was involved! Not any conservative people! But people like you far left nuthead!

  3. I don’t know about y’all, but that picture of the baby looks disturbing. Let me guess this is that boy who killed them children and teachers, yes, no? He even has a disagreeable look already yet while he is still an infant, Damn!! Gets so you can’t trust no one… Not even babies:(

  4. I’ve had guns for nearly 50 years. Carried concealed before concealed carry was cool, and without a permit 40 years ago. Not once did my guns shoot anyone…EVER!!! period. AND, Alex Baldwin is a liar

  5. Sounds like something a Democrap would do. The LIE that there is such a thing as a Transgender needs to be stopped. This needs done along with ending the LIE that those who do not buy the LIES about Gays being born that way needs ENDED. Those who do not buy such LIES ARE NOT suffering from a Phobia. A Phobia is a FEAR of something. What those who refuse to buy the LIES about someone or something just means they are INTELLIGENT and do not accept the LIES Democraps accept to buy Votes.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Any male that still has original equipment and wears a dress, and says that he is now a woman is nothing more that a cross dresser. Don’t know about girls going the other way. If she’s had her appendix removed that’s an appendectomy but I ve never heard of a woman having an addadicktomy. Anyone know how that works??

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