Director Famous For Violent Movies Takes BIZARRE Position On Guns


Hollywood has a long history of making violent movies, and I’ll admit that I enjoy some of the more violent ones such as Robocop and John Wick. With that history of depictions of, sometimes, extreme violence, you could very easily get the impression that those in Hollywood are comfortable with violence and using it, especially when that violence involves guns.

Of course, we know that isn’t the case. Just look at Alec Baldwin’s and others’ calls for gun control while making movies with rampant gun use by both the good and bad guys.

Director Quentin Tarantino (who directed both Kill Bill movies, Pulp Fiction, and others) has a reputation for making very violent movies. He even seems to revel in it. And unlike many in Hollywood, he seems perfectly comfortable with personal ownership of firearms. If you’re him, that is. Cortney Weil writes,


Legendary director Quentin Tarantino, responsible for some of the most iconic films featuring gratuitous violence in cinematic history, is both in favor of guns for personal protection and against them, according to his latest interview with Spanish outlet El Pais.

In an interview designed to promote Tarantino’s book, “Cinema Speculation,” reporter Jacinto Antón asked Tarantino about a number of different topics, including his personal thoughts regarding private gun ownership in America. That question prompted a rather ambiguous reply from Tarantino. “There are always two sides,” Tarantino initially responded. “We certainly don’t need as many automatic weapons as there are. There should be better laws.”

But then Tarantino made an admission that seemed to surprise Antón. “I do have a gun at home,” Tarantino stated, clarifying moments later that the gun is “for protection.”

So, it’s okay for him to have firearms, but is he also saying that there need to be restrictions on the firearms that you and I can have?

He and I would agree on that first thought, but if that latter idea is his position (which is what seems to be implied by his statement about needing better laws), he and I couldn’t be further apart on that issue.

Gun control is both questionable in its legal grounds in the U.S., in light of the Second Amendment, it is also morally wrong in that it strips people of the ability to protect themselves from criminals, whether those criminals are in or out of government.

Therefore, gun control is wrong. End of question.



  1. He is not old enough ( born in 1963 ) to know what it was like in the 50’s when there were few gun laws in fact a person could walk into any store selling guns and walk out with a gun and ammunition with no checks other than proof you were old enough …
    Then we had less shootings, less crime, and a much more polite society …
    That all changed in 1963 when JFK was shot and the democrats started blaming the gun instead of the shooter …

    • Agreed!
      I was 10 years old I’m 1963 and actually bought a .22 revolver and 2 boxes of .22 long ammo.
      My mother had to be with me when I bought it. Used my own cash and I proudly walked out of the store with the gun and ammo.
      Learned how to safely handle guns at the ripe old age of 4 years 355 days, with my first BB gun.

    • Our entire world changed when Kennedy was murdered (by our own government more than likely). Its never been the same since.

  2. Agreed. How can all those Hollywood types make violent movies featuring the use of guns and then oppose gun ownership? I’ve heard them say it’s just “entertainment”, and it has no influence on how people behave, but then they go on to make “advertisements”, which they claim DO have an effect on how people behave. Hollywood also persists in making violent, R-rated movies when, if they really opposed violence, they could easily make the same movies rated PG-13 or even PG. They also say “we just give the people what they want”, but if that’s true, why are all the top money-making movies rated PG-13 or less? Hollywood is a sick, hypocritical industry run by a bunch of psycho Democrats.

  3. All these millionaires think that they will be able to get along just fine when the world order takes control and all of us common folks are enslaved or in prisoned but the they will be mistaken. The Word tells us in these last days that they will be brought down and destroyed. We will always out number theses POS and the hired guns will say , why am I working for him when I can remove him and become him. Then what ? Do they think their hired guns will turn on us and their families ? We will always have the numbers and they will burn in Hell.

  4. My Grandfather taught me to shoot a .22 with LR ammo on my 7th birthday. He told me this is not a BB gun, and that the .22 LR can travel over a mile. Know what is beyond your target, and never aim at anything you don’t intend to kill. Pretty simple rules. I follow them explicitly, and I am really old now. That simplicity applies today, but few respect that. Criminals never do. Stay ready and attentive.

  5. I’m less for gun control than I am for gun owner control. Rather than banning or limiting weapons or accessories law-abiding and sane people could reasonably expect to purchase, we should limit who can purchase those guns. In the great majority of mass shooting cases, the perpetrator had known mental issues, and yet legally purchased weapons or used accessible weapons owned by a family member. In the great majority of gang shootings, the perpetrators have known sociopathic issues, caring only for themselves and their own gain. Many have criminal backgrounds, but are able to purchase weapons through straw buyers or on the streets. If they get caught with the illegal guns, additional jail time is rarely added.

    • “” the perpetrators have known sociopathic issues, caring only for themselves and their own gain “” Sounds like the democrats …

  6. The primary owners of AUTOMATIC weapons are the military. I agree that they have too many. Every other gun fires one bullet with each trigger pull…no more. NEVER expect any Hollywood clown, especially one pushing a new book, to ever know anything about guns or care about freedom, liberty, or the rights of anyone else.

  7. You don’t need a gun for protection or the police! Until you’re attacked by someone who is trying to kill you or your family, friends or neighbors. Then it to later to change your mind!!! The left values suck.

  8. You don’t need a gun for protection or the police! Until you’re attacked by someone who is trying to kill you or your family, friends or neighbors. Then it’s to late to change your mind!!! The left’s values suck.

  9. A (significant) number of people in Hollywood and politics favor (stronger) gun control, except, of course, for themselves and the people who protect them and their families.

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