Supreme Court Makes SURPRISING Unanimous Ruling On Gun Crimes


Unanimous decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States aren’t terribly common. Especially when you consider that there are some very politically liberal justices on the court and some pretty libertarian (as in Constitutionalist) justices on the court, and those political ideologies rarely see eye-to-eye on any issue.

But, apparently, there is one case that they had a meeting of the minds, and they popped out a unanimous decision about certain gun crimes (yes, really!). Zachary Stieber writes,

Some people convicted of gun crimes can spend less time in prison, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 16.

Sentences for certain gun crimes can run concurrently, the nation’s top court said in a unanimous decision, siding with the convict.

“Congress could certainly have designed the penalty scheme at issue here differently. But Congress did not do any of these things. And we must implement the design Congress chose,” Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, a Biden appointee, wrote in the ruling […].

The case involves two subsections of 18 U.S.C. 924. Subsection (c) outlines offenses and penalties, and states that “no term of imprisonment imposed on a person under this subsection shall run concurrently with any other term of imprisonment imposed on the person.” Subsection (j), which was added more recently, outlines other offenses and corresponding penalties. It does not include language about forbidding concurrent sentences.

District courts generally have discretion as to whether prison sentences run concurrently or consecutively. Some laws forbid concurrent sentences in certain cases.

So, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about this decision?” It’s a good question with two simple answers.


The first reason is that the Supreme Court is upholding the law which bans concurrent sentences in certain situations. We should care about the courts upholding the law as passed by the legislature instead of judges legislating from the bench. It means that those judges are actually doing their jobs, and that’s what we want because it protects our Second Amendment rights.

The other reason that you should care is that this ruling helps to prevent some nutcase Obama or Biden appointee from sticking us with multiple concurrent sentences just because they don’t like that we have guns legally (not that they seem to mind people illegally having firearms, for some reason). That could protect you and me in the future if we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation where we are involved in the court system because we had to shoot to save a life.

So, while this case is, for most people, a little thing with a limited application (meaning it won’t affect most people), we should be glad for it because it’s a step in the right direction.



  1. This money would be better spent on disolving vicious street gangs, bloods,crips posse’s spangler, and shower and other alien criminal gangs???

  2. You are worried about Street gangs, and you have people running these Street gangs that are protected by the democrats and are used by the government as the CIA, FBI, and Homeland security, what good is that going to do, and now the corporation’s are using them to, what can we do, Corporations are having their employees to gang stocking individuals with police help, and getting big money to do this, and there is no accountability for this. The Corporations are using us as unwilling test subjects for their products of death, I’m one who they are experimenting on at this time. What can you do, they have been cut loose on the people of country and the children they have no pity for, what can you do?

    • What can we do? Well, Martin, you are doing some of it already. Thanks for speaking out on this.

    • I cannot say that Govt intelligence Agency’s would use undependable criminals to accomplish intelligence agenda’s. I can say that it is apparent that State and local political officials are using these gangs to accomplish there political ends??These practices should be ended immediately.
      Bring in City, State, and Federal Agency’s to bear on these horrendous gun and drug crimes. Get them the (FBI) OUT of the white collar crime business. These agency’s should vigorously pursue the crimes that are destroying our Country and neighborhoods. Get the Federal Government involved, in the guns and drug enforcement business?? Hey they have the money and the means!
      I’m told that fentanyl has killed more people in this Country than gang and gun murders ??Stop illegal aliens from bringing fentanyl into this Country. How about America FIRST???

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