How to Shoot a Pistol in Less Than 3 Minutes [Video]

Man shooting on an outdoor shooting range, selective focus

Shooting a handgun accurately can be a big feat to learn. Even if you are a sharp shooter with a rifle, shooting a handgun can give you fits at the range. 

Some people even start to think that it’s just the nature of handguns. Maybe it’s just that the gun is inaccurate.

 This is why I hear a lot of people say “Well my gun just shoots low and to the left.”  While in some VERY rare cases it actually is the gun, 99% of the time it’s the shooter. 


Whether people have been shooting for years or you are just starting out I often see the same shooting mistakes when people come to our Patriot Pistol Classes.

 I think a big reason for that stems from a lot of people never learning the right way to begin with.

 Even if you shoot a lot or you have been shooting for years it won’t matter if you aren’t applying the correct fundamentals while shooting. 

In fact in a lot of cases you’re actually making your shooting worse by shooting a lot. 

Now I know that might sound a little ridiculous, but it’s true. If all your doing is going out to the range and slinging lead down range you’re most likely going to build bad habits if they aren’t addressed and worked properly.

This can all be avoided by applying the proper techniques from the beginning. If you take the time to learn these core skills you’ll be able to shoot lights out in no time. 

That is why we had Jeff, our Head Instructor at Patriot Training Center, make this quick Youtube video. In it you will learn how to properly shoot a pistol in less than 3 minutes. 

While this video does a good job at explaining the fundamentals. It obviously isn’t a replacement for live in person training. 

When you take a class at Patriot Training Center you’ll not only learn all of these fundamentals in depth, but you’ll also learn how to apply them correctly and learn way faster than you would on your own with Youtube videos

You’ll also learn things you can do at home to practice and what type of drills to do at the range by yourself. 

This is only scratching the surface of what you’ll learn in our Patriot Pistol Course.If you want to see how we can get your pistol shooting skills better than 99% of People including most Military and Law Enforcement Click this Link