Why Do Anti-2A Nuts Ignore What Mass Shooters Say Would Stop Them?


There’s a story that American Major General George Patton, after he defeated Nazi Field Marshall General Erwin Rommel in Africa, said that he was able to defeat Rommel because he had read Rommel’s book on tactics.

It makes sense that, if you can learn how your enemy thinks and the tactics that they use, you can thwart those tactics and defeat them.

Using that same logic, doesn’t it make sense that, if we read the manifestos that so many mass shooters leave behind, we can learn what they’re thinking and what their tactics were so that we can prevent future mass shootings?


Of course it does. After all, many mass shooters use the same tactics, so, knowing how to beat those tactics would seem to be a way to save lives.

So, why aren’t anti-2A groups using this information to try to save lives? That’s what Dr. John Lott is wondering, too (hat tip to here for the lead). Lott writes,

Last week, attorneys from Everytown Law, the legal arm of Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety, filed a lawsuit against a shop that sold the gun used in the fatal shooting of 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, in May 2022. The murderer is a racist who specifically targeted racial minorities. Everytown claims the attack “could have been prevented,” but in fact, the gun seller performed all of the proper background checks. 

Others are also being sued, including the 18-year-old murderer’s parents and social media companies that allegedly “transformed and addicted” the murderer by allowing extremist content on their sites.

But the lessons from this shooting, like many other mass public shootings, are hiding in plain sight. One needs only to read the killer’s manifesto. 

“Areas where CCW [carrying a concealed weapon] are outlawed or prohibited may be good areas of attack,” wrote the shooter. “Areas with strict gun laws are also great places of attack.”

But Everytown ignores those quotes.

The answers on how to prevent mass shootings and minimize their damage are in plain sight.

But anti-2A folks (or, at the very least, the people that they’re listening to) aren’t looking for real answers. They’re looking to push their agenda.

No, those folks want to push an agenda that will get more people killed, and their hypocrisy about guns has to stop.



  1. IIRC the Covenant school murderer specifically chose that school due to lack of armed security, bypassing several other places on her ‘target’ list that DID have armed security. Since tptb are still refusing to release ‘her’ manifesto we will likely never know exactly what ‘her’ motivation was

  2. I may be painting with an overly broad brush but I think that people who want “gun control” can basically be divided into two categories.

    1. Liberal pu**ies who are scared sh**less of guns because they’ve never used one in person. The only time they’ve seen a gun used is on TV or in a video game. And on top of that they’re actually stupid enough to believe the bulls**t about “guns kill people”.
    2. Communists who have sense enough to know that they will never have their Communist Utopia as long as the ordinary citizens have guns and the willingness to use them.

    Both groups are equally inspired by the devil. And both of them need to be put down like the mad dogs they are.

  3. DEMON RATS are smart..
    In some ways.
    But most are dumb, stupid, uneducated. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson, and the abridged textbooks in the classrooms. Thanks to the 9 German Socialist Jewish thinkers who, in 1937 and 38 fled Germany and installed themselves in the “schools of higher learning”, like “HAHVAHD, Columbia, Stanford, etc”. The destruction of our children became the most important value of the schools, in the eyes of the owners of the Federal Reserve. Which in itself worked very hard to destabilize the Dollar, until today, when the Dollar is being displaced by BRICS…
    The DEMON RATS are following the “””nazi””” Schwab and his bosses, the owners of the Federal Reserve.
    THE DEMON RATS want us under their tyrannical thumbs, obeying the most stupid orders to mask, ( science proved not working), to get shots that MURDER children as well as adults, ( proven by SCIENCE); all this instituted by “””gates””” with “”” fauci””” playing the henchman, under the watchful eyes of the US biological warfare TRAITORS, who built the virus and handed them to Wuhan. The French helped build the labs there. WHY DID THEY ABANDON THE PROJECT?
    Now, the UN wants to destroy all that made the USA the greatest country on earth. WHY? Simple. FREEDOM. Too many of those here. The UN knows PRESIDENT TRUMP wants them out. The DEMON RATS will not allow PRESIDENT TRUMP back in. The DEMON RATS will keep their emprise over their blue territory. And will never allow people to defend themselves. Thanks to the TRAITORS who play judges. The “defunding” of the police plays in their hands. But the “absolute stupidity” of the DEMON RATS now plays in the hands of the right… Hence, the DEMON RATS are demonstrated to be “ABSOLUTELY STUPID”!!!

    • Steph – no disagreement with the main points you made. I’ll just point out that perhaps a better term in lieu of “smart” would be ‘sly’ or perhaps ‘crafty’. Smart implies that they can be analytical and operate on reason, facts and data instead of being emotionally driven.

  4. But yet you do not explain what they say can stop them or should we jail any white person or no black person that spew any sense of racism?? Hmmmm 🤔

  5. “Everytown For Gun Safety” ONLY exists as long as “mass shootings” happen. Their real agenda is to deny the law-abiding citizens of this country their 2A rights. One cannot attribute that agenda to anything but “an important first step”, to borrow one of their seemingly innocuous expressions, to undermine all of the other nine in the Bill of Rights, of which, the Second is the cornerstone! (I hate to have to say this, but there cannot be ANY other reason!) Why else would they ignore, and even cover up a solution to this problem that they profess to want desperately to solve (If it were to be solved, there would be no further need for them to attack the Second Amendment!) It’s sad, but for all they care, “the more killing, the better” would be a good motto for “Everytown”, since it seems that sums up their whole purpose!

  6. The schools must have TSA. airport security in the schools to stop these nut cases.
    If those crazed shooters can’t get into the building, that’s what you need to keep that learning
    environment safe.
    To get the funds to put the safety officers into our school buildings,
    stop sending air cargo airplanes full of money to Ukraine.

  7. Every one should know the easiest place to do something wrong is somewhere that is not prepared for it …

  8. BECAUSE,it does not fit their BULL SHIT ABOUT GUNS. They want to take away all guns, so there will be no resistance uf they try to take over our country. plan and simple.

    • feed – not really true, they don’t want to take ‘all guns’ – just the ones from people they cannot control, you know – the deplorables. They need to have a certain amount of guns for the police (and eye are ess ‘agents’ etc.) to able to force that control. Armed peasants are not likely to willingly get into boxcars to be transported to the reeducation camps.

  9. More guns means less gun related violence. If I were going to rob or hurt you with a gun and I knew you had a gun I would be less likely to attack you. The reason is simple we are both on even ground. But a NO Gun Zone where the shooter is the only one with a gun is like going fishing in a barrel. Anti gun nuts believe that if you take the guns away from the people all of a sudden murders would stop. It would stop nothing because if I am hell bent on killing you I will stab you bow and arrow you beat you to death with a stick or kill you with poison. It would not change a thing. But arming the civilian public with guns who know how to use them would have prevented Columbine, Sandy Hook and that church in Texas. I would rather be judged by 12 then interred by 6, when it comes to carrying and gun ownership. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


  11. Were is justifying doj and this administration to believe that we the people will let them take the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AWAY! That was what they did in ww2 and they lost!! Think about it! If you know your history but this K-12th has not been teaching any of the basic knowledge since this woke agenda! Justice will prevail!!!

  12. Brazil relaxed gun ownership laws. The homicide rate went down. Brazil is re-instating restrictive ownership laws. We’ll see what happens. If I were entering a life of crime I would, without question, favor laws restricting ownership of firearms. I wouldn’t obey them, of course, I’d just favor them. Reduces job related injury risk.

  13. I’ll be 61 this year and like most guys my age, we don’t have time for any childish bullshit understand!?! This current administration we’re under is “Pure faggetness” You read right! I don’t play that shit! Never have, never will! Yet we have a common bond!Guns dammit! But there’s one thing you should know? and that I don’t play by the governments rules! As far as I’m concerned? They can kiss my ass! Sorry 4 being so blunt, but they can fuck off for all I care. I’m a true patriot. When push comes to shove!?! You know damn well what’s going to happen. Peace…

    i don’t play by the gov/feds rul

  14. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating since the antis don’t seem to ‘get it’ – if a magic ray was invented that would instantly vaporize all guns, ammo and the corporate knowledge of such evil devices, murders, rapes and other assorted violence would still occur. Roving gangs would assert their will on individuals who no longer have an effective means to resist. We would then live in a society ruled by brute force – aka mob rule.

  15. In addition to all of the comments regarding the liberal agenda, in which I wholeheartedly agree with, the issue of banning guns, doing away with the 2nd Amendment, are, at least in the liberals’ mindset, the easiest, and least intrusive upon individuals’ personal psychological health problems that are at the root of any person’s predilection for wantonly killing another person who isn’t attempting to do harm to the individual doing the shooting. Since all of our premier mental health “scholars” and educators came of age during the permissive era of the 60s, the consensus for treatment seems to be engaging in a hands-off approach, lending itself to validating harmful thought as some form of “normal” experience. And we all know how we feel about Red Flag Laws! In their present state, at least in the manner that they have been worded, and then procedurally enforced, they pose no equitable solution. As long as the “agenda” exists, enforcement of laws of those type remains too easily corruptible in furtherance of the agenda. Setting aside all of the speculation about the decline of our youth’s mental health situation due to increased chemicals in food, and in prescription drugs, etc., etc., until we achieve a real resurgence of family values, morals, and the presence of God in our lives, this dilemma of mass shootings, is not going away. Think back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even the 80s, for the most part…Were there not severe cases of PTSD among our parents who returned from the wars of those, and prior eras? Were there instances of mass shootings? Not really, or else we just didn’t hear about them. But, the family units were still mostly intact. The family sat down to dinner, TOGETHER, almost every night. The family attended church, TOGETHER. The differences of right versus wrong, were lessons we learned on a daily basis. Psychoanalysis was unheard of except in extreme cases. When was it that God became an imagined entity, and who was it that ushered in that idea, in order to release people from personal responsibility, and personal guilt. So, you tell me, where did the wheels start to come off this train? Whether you want to admit it, or not, I’ll bet you know the answer. And those of you, like me, who are of a certain age, need only look back at persons we attended high school, or college with, and the light bulb will illuminate. And I’m not trying to be a judgmental prick, here, but I will also bet that if you have read this far, there are faces and names that came to mind, and you said to yourself, “Yeah, I can see it.”

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