How Newsom LIES About Guns To Push His Agenda [Video]

Screen capture from YouTube video.

California Governor (and presumed Democrat Presidential hopeful) Gavin Newsom hasn’t met a gun law or restriction that he doesn’t support. For everyone else, that is (just check his armed guards). And, like so many other (every other?) anti-2A politician, Newsom loves to spout “facts” about the positive effects of gun control.

Except that those positive effects can’t be attributed to gun control at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

No, the reduction in gun Deaths that Newsom desperately wants to credit towards gun control (which he’s trying to push even more of) is actually due to things that have absolutely nothing to do with gun control laws. Not even in the slightest.


You can watch a video take down of Newsom’s lies in the video below from our friends at

Did you watch that (if not, it’s worth taking the just over six minutes to watch it)?

How can Newsom claim that gun control saved lives in California when California’s gun homicide rate is virtually identical to both Colorado and Kansas who have much lower (or virtually no) gun control?

It’s because he doesn’t mind being dishonest to push his agenda.

So, homicides aren’t where California is decreasing gun death rates, what is? The video answers that one part of the explanation is the lowering of overall suicide rates, which can pretty much all be attributed to both demographics and cultural differences than other parts of the country.

Now, it’s admirable that California has lower suicide rates than much of the rest of the country, but because that lower rate is due to cultural and demographic differences, Newsom can’t honestly attribute that difference to gun control laws.

The other reason for a decrease in gun deaths is laws sending repeat offenders to jail (instead of back to the street like leftists like Newsom are, now, pushing for).

Yet, he keeps saying that gun control is what is helping and is, therefore, the solution.

So, what do we call it when someone knowingly and intentionally misrepresents a situation to push an agenda which has the opposite effect from what they say it will?

That’s right, we call them the liar that they are.



  1. WHAT’S NEW , we that know gun control doesn’t work and is only people control, and at that it is not working …
    We look at the statics and see that the areas with gun control have similar or higher gun homicides and crimes than the same size areas without gun control …

  2. Men and women who want to take our guns are fascists. Down right Nazism! We’re right at the threshold of another civil war against our so-called government. Gun control won’t work here in the U.S. because it was born in bloodshed. As they say, “Freedom comes with a price.”

  3. This all comes from the same man who formed the Reparations Task Force to pursue outright giving of Tax Payer funds into the many millions of dollars, to a single ethnic group based on highly dubious allegations supposedly involving illegible past losses of speculative generational wealth in California. This State Task Force also directs blame to loss of economic opportunity due incarceration caused by Blacks causing crimes, thus this effort indirectly calls for Defunding Law Enforcement, with the resulting skyrocketing crime wave we’ve witnessed throughout other cities under Democratic “Leadership”.

  4. Reparations are the right thing to do, they have one thing defiantly misconstrued, the people that want these reparations need to fulfill this insidious plan, instead of the taxpayers paying this out it should be paid by the people that did this deed, all of the supporters of the DNC should put forth this payment, in otherwards if you are affiliated with the DNC, or Vote for these Democrats, that are wanting this then they are the people that need to pay this money, Independents, or other voters should be void of any such payout. Thank you


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