A Real-Life Example Of Why Gun Ownership Is Necessary For A Safe Populace


I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who would sexually assault a woman. None. I believe these people are intentionally aiming at those who are physically weaker and seeking to dominate and injure women in the one of the worst, most deplorable ways.

So, when I read a story about one of these predators being stopped short, I appreciate the rescuer’s efforts. I suppose that it’s no surprise that this story comes to us from Texas (Austin, to be specific). Mark D. Wilson, writing for the Austin American-Statesman gives us specifics:

The [arrest affidavit] said the woman reported that the attacker put his hand over her mouth and kept saying “shh, it’s me baby, it’s me” as she struggled to scream and use a whistle she carried to call for help.

As the assault continued, the man told the victim that he was a virgin, and this was his first time, according to the report.

Another jogger who was carrying a flashlight and a handgun heard the victim scream and ran over to help.

The affidavit said the jogger told police he shined his light in the direction of the screams and saw the victim on her back and the attacker on his left side on top of the victim.

The jogger pointed his gun at the suspect and demanded he get off the victim. The attacker stood up and was naked from the waist down, the affidavit said.

The woman got up and started walking to the jogger to get away from the attacker.

The affidavit said she did not know the jogger had a gun because she’d been blinded by his flashlight.

The attacker took off with the woman’s shoes and shorts when she walked in front of the jogger’s line of fire, the affidavit said.

Police arrested the alleged attacker three days later.


Now, let’s be clear about this: would the jogger with the gun have been able to save this woman from a worse experience than she had already experienced if they had not had a gun with them? I doubt it. Court reports indicate that this was not the first time that the alleged attacker had assaulted women in this area. He obviously wasn’t too scared in general, but something about the rescuer scared him off.

I’m betting that it was the gun. This is one of those incidents that simply reinforce why gun ownership is so important for a safe populace, and why I especially support women being trained and armed.



  1. I know of a similar event that happened in Arkansas about ten years ago. Except the victim was armed with a S&W chief and the rapist had a knife. After being grabbed she got lose and according to her she only had a glimpse of him because he had struck her hard trying to get her down, she fired twice with wad cutters and he moved and was emasculated. He was tried and convicted for 7 rapes and one attempted rape, and had extensive criminal record and was tried as a habitual criminal. He is serving life . Again justice was done.

  2. If the female jogger couldn’t see the gun due to the blinding flashlight, it’s likely the perpetrator didn’t see it either, and simply took off because he was interrupted, either way kudos to the rescuer and glad the cops caught this POS.

  3. We all have the right to carry a gun , all need to be sure of the correct way to carry & use them . The gun may kill someone, however it is the Stupid person behind the gun that does the killing of innocent people !

  4. For the very reason in this story I carry not only a gun, but other weaponry in the off-chance that my gun is rendered useless. I stay on guard with a constant situational awareness in all of my surroundings, and I let it be obvious that you don’t want to try anything or you will be on the short end of the stick wishing you had just passed on by!

  5. Too bad he didn’t shoot that POS and save the taxpayers much court costs.
    Any SOB who attacks a woman is nothing but a cheap COWARD.

  6. A good punishment for rapists would be castration and life in prison this way they can’t do it again. and yes, they are cowards.

  7. I heard the best, most simple analogy for gun ownership and against gun control that I have ever heard.
    The speaker compared the armed citizen to a gazelle, and the attackers as a lion. Anti gunners would have the gazelle(us) be without horns, leaving us defenseless against the predator. It really is as simple as that.

  8. The major media “forgets” to post daily “incidents” like that, but WILL post a murder for weeks on end. It seems that crimes are promoted, when crime-STOPPERS get ignored.

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