Why You Should ALWAYS Carry


In this day and age, things are just crazy. You never know when someone is going to think that they have a right to attack you for any kind of perceived reason, and you don’t know when someone is going to decide that they want to have a “mostly peaceful” riot near you.

Add on top of that the increased stress from our struggling economy under the current President and political polarization making those on the political left feel justified in physically attacking the people that they disagree with, and our country looks like it could be close to a major upheaval.

I hope that I’m wrong. I really do.


But the good news for you is that, if you carry everyday (and train regularly), you increase the likelihood that you’ll get home safely every night. And you may not even need to actually use your firearm for it to keep you safe. Dave Urbanski gives us an example of exactly this kind of situation. Urbanski writes,

A knife-wielding wannabe carjacker demanded a driver’s keys in the parking lot of an Oregon Walmart last week — but quickly changed his mind when the victim pulled a gun on him.

Officers from the McMinnville Police Department responded to a local Walmart around 11:25 a.m. last Tuesday after a report of an attempted robbery in the parking lot, authorities said. McMinnville is about an hour southwest of Portland.

Police said the victim was loading items into his car when an adult male carrying a large knife approached him and demanded his car keys.

Fearing for his life, the victim drew a handgun he had holstered on his hip and pointed it at the subject, who ran away through the parking lot toward the adjoining WinCo Foods grocery store, police said, adding that the victim was not harmed.

Police caught the would-be carjacker shortly after the incident.

One of the best parts of this story, in my mind, is that the gun owner didn’t even need to pull the trigger for the gun to keep him safe. It was just the possibility of the firearm being used, the knowledge that the would-be carjacker could be seriously injured or killed if they didn’t withdraw from the situation, that kept the driver safe.

A “non-use” use of a firearm like this is the ultimate use of it. Sure, you need to have trained and be able to pull the trigger if you have to in order to save a life or prevent serious injury, but if the situation can be resolved without anyone getting hurt, that’s always ideal.

Good for this driver for keeping a level head during the situation.



  1. No way of knowing how many times this dirtbag has committed the same crime. And of course yet another DGU that the lame stream media will claim never happens.

  2. Unfortunately, the perp will be back on the street shortly and possibly do this to someone not prepared, elderly or not carrying. Should have weeded out the gene pool. Predators should be eliminated.

  3. Well the guy might feel deeperate and alone on the world! No telling what he never did have! Might not have even had people in his life to properly teach him and make his an all around good hearted person! We take for granted the people we do have that some never have had! I think the situation was handled properly! I do! That guy needs some government assistance to put him into some kind of place that he will feel like he’s got people taking care of him and his welfare! I’m not defending his actions one bit! Just fyi! I think the government should commit people like that so they can see a psychiatrist and get the meds they need but can’t afford! Our President, he’s not done angry thing in this country’s good interest! God knows there are plenty of cantidates that would have served much better!

    • Our gvmt cannot even wipe their own Ass! And you expect them to take care of people who need it? OMG!

      • OMG!

        THAT’S TRUE! I’ll give you that! Just saying ( IF ) key word, our government could wipe their own asses. Hypothetically that is what is needed is committing people with issues like that ahead of time before they blow a gasket Yo! Idk how that mofo got elected anyhow..?! I bet people regret those damn votes they put in!

        Line them up and shoot them all I don’t give a F!!!!!!!

      • I have been to Texas several times and have resided/visited 2/3 of the World
        I have been to 48 of the states and you can have them all except for NYC.
        I am a native of California born and raised.

        You could not financially remunerate me enough to relocate to Texas.

        Perhaps if we are able to convince others to relocate to Texas, and the other states, many of our issues would follow them.

        They then become your problem.

    • You should be able to carrys a Christian Duty, read Luke 22:36, but then again this IS the highest Authority but Police do NOT obey God and his authority, Our Constitution was made for a God fearing religious people, it wont and can not work for a anti Religious people !

    • Carry an M&P shield 45 cal! Easily concealable and legal with no be number of rounds. The military now carries Sig Sauer M17’s and M18’s now which are 9mm but derived from the Sig P320. The M&P Shield in 45 will not disappoint! I was gojng to get an Sig P320 before but after reading the ratings for it and the ones for the M&P shield I went with the M&P. They give you a 6 round and a 7 round mag with them. It’s 6+1 o it’s the shorter more concealable magazine and can be carried all day without anyone knowing. It can e carried with the 7 round mag too. It’s a good firearm! I carry mine everyday! Way better than a 1911 which has the same amount of rounds but is a gigantic handgun! Not concealable at all! Get yourself an M&P Shield Mod 2 and you can thank me later!

      Hope your New Year has started off well!

  4. Absolutely best outcome. Too bad Oregon just let’s them go almost immediately with no consequences or appearance before a judge. I live in southeast Washington and the stories are always too similar. Good for the gun owner. He would have been arrested for sure had he shot the guy. Best outcome though. I carry every day all day. Retired at 72 years young and can still outdraw most crooks. I shoot straighter, too. Worked for the government for 40 years and couldn’t carry any work. Plenty of heavily guards. Secret stuff, ya’ know. Our nation is headed into some very unsettling times. We could have armed conflict across our great country. We need to be prepared. The left is not afraid to destroy and pillage and kill. Gun owners aren’t afraid to defend themselves and those around them. As a senior citizen. We are considered easy prey, but more and more seniors are Gun owners and conceal carry. I help them get armed and ready. Thanks for what you do and your unselfish service to help others. Your info on survival is critical in any situation. I salute you Caleb. God Bless You.

    • Damn Str8 buddy! I can’t stand people whom prey on older folks or think that elderly people are easy prey! They see females that wag a well It’s a shame the way our country has become in the past several years and it just keeps getting worse! I don’t go to the range often but I do go once in a while to stay sharp with my shooting! I am 43, have my first grandchild that is a little 5 month old beautiful girl and I dread how this world will be while she’s growing up! I feel like that’s gonna to be my job for the rest of my life is being her body gaurd and I’d gladly be just that! I’m not afraid to defend mine from all the so called thugs and the lunitics out there! The way things are in the government these days it seems as if we are on the brink of a Civil War! I’m staying as prepared as I can! You can’t ever have enough munitions!!!!!!! Can’t stress that enough! Stay prepared everyone and defend who you love! There are darker days ahead of us I’m afraid!

      God Bless!!!!!!!

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