Commanding Officer EMBARRASSES U.S. With Gun Gaffe


The Biden administration is turning as much of the U.S. into clown world as they can. Yes, I said it, and I won’t take that back in the least.

And as someone who grew up in a military family, I find the way that the Biden administration is working to humiliate the U.S. military is especially infuriating. Whether you’re talking about the terrible image that the U.S. has across the world after the horrible abandonment of U.S. allies in Afghanistan or whether you’re talking about plummeting recruitment levels due to the horrible policies that Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, put into place.

And, now, we have a story that, sadly, doesn’t make the U.S. military look any more competent with their already struggling image after the impact that the Biden affect has had on the military. Joseph Mackinnon writes,


The U.S. Navy shared an image to its official Instagram page Tuesday showing Commander Cameron Yaste, executive officer aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain, firing a rifle.

The post was captioned, “From engaging in practice gun shoots, conducting maintenance, testing fuel purity and participating in sea and anchor details, the #USNavy is always ready to serve and protect.”

Keen observers noticed something amiss about the photograph taken on March 24.

Some critics suggested the fore grip on the rifle could be mounted closer to the gun’s center. A few had something to say about Yaste’s stance or his ostensible choice to shoot on three-round burst. Most, however, noted that the scope on the rifle was backward, with its cap still on.

You can see the image below.

USS John S. McCain Gun Shoot

Now, I don’t know this officer, so, I’m not trying to single him out. But, really, this picture shouldn’t have ever been taken much less seen the light of day. He should have known what he was doing before pulling the trigger.

But the Biden administration seems to be doing exactly that: pulling the trigger on new programs and ideas without even considering whether they make sense.

Or, maybe, the Biden Administration implements those programs because they, like this picture of Commander Yaste, will turn out badly.



  1. It was embarssaing for sure, but I doubt if he attached the scope or forward grip himself, Looks like the ship’s GM or 1 of his people screwed up, the ships PR should have proofed the photo’s before release

    • So the fool or moron proceeded to go through the photo shoot even though the rifle he was going to shoot was “NOT” assembled correctly? MORON!!!!

      • When I served in the military, during the Viet Nam War, I never experienced any incompetency even remotely like this fool. Is this a joke?

  2. One word, “INCOMPETENT”. That word applies to that officer, to the quartemaster who gave him that rifle and to the navy’s PR people who did not review the appropriate picture for publishing. And that’s where my tax money goes. Paying incompetent people. God bless America.

  3. Don’t worry about this! Our military has considered eliiminating firearms as a safety matter! As a substitute, they considered cap guns and water pistols! Ultimately, to reduce the cost of the defense budget, flags of surrender were being studied.

    All of this makes us happy to see our tax dollars at work!

  4. Nothing out there at sea to use the scope on anyway. What I get a kick out of is someone bracing his shoulder to keep him from falling over from the recoil.

  5. I served in the U.S. Army for nearly six years. I served as a training NCO for awhile at one of my assignments, I have to say we had a couple of incompetent officers unfamiliar know how to do the regular maintenance needed for their weapon. It was usually doled out to someone with a lower space on the bar. Inspection by the command usually glossed over that part , but when SHTF they would be the first ones to be unprepared for anything that came their way. I would consider that attrition by way of incompetence.


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