The TRUTH about Obama’s “Gun Violence” Propaganda & Proof He Doesn’t Care About Murder Victims


Sadly, on Friday November 27, 2015 — while much of America was enjoying the start of a Thanksgiving weekend — a crazy man decided to go on a killing spree in Colorado at a Planned Parenthood center.

After a 6 hour standoff, with three people dead and at least nine wounded, the accused killer finally surrendered to a SWAT team.

The next day, President Obama wasted no time politicizing the event and again spoke against so-called “gun violence”.


Let’s talk about why “Gun violence” is actually only a propaganda buzzword and why Mr. Obama is only using it to manipulate the population because he clearly doesn’t actually care about innocent victims of violent crimes.

“Gun Violence” Is a Made Up Propaganda Buzz Word

Attorney Robert Shapiro is a well known lawyer for the rich & famous. He put together the “dream team” that kept OJ Simpson out of jail and he is known for his creative application of English in the legal profession …

In 1990, he was called on by Marlon Brando to defend Brando’s son Christian who had admitted to shooting his sister’s fiance–a potential first degree murder charge.

Shapiro describes how he beat the case …

 “… So I coined the phrase “an accidental manslaughter.” And each and every time sombody asked me to comment on the case, I said “We will show clearly this was an accidental manslaughter.” And that’s what the newspapers printed. And to this day, when people talk about it, Christian Brando pled guilty to accidental manslaughter.

    “The phrase does not exist in law. It came out of my mouth and I repeated it hundreds of times over the course of three months. And it stuck. One-time use. One-time need.”

The phrase “accidental manslaughter” was never used before or since, but it served to change the conversation in the minds of the jury of that case.

It was literally propaganda that mentally associated the idea of “accidental” with the “manslaughter” charge in this case.

In the same way, President Obama and every anti-gun politician uses the words “gun violence” whenever talking about crazy murderers to get people to mentally associate the idea of “guns” with “violence” and horrible murders.

Then President Obama always makes the quick connection to wanting to ban semi-automatic, magazine fed rifles such as the AR-15 by calling them “weapons of war” and acting like they’re a real problem.

On Saturday he said, “… we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.”

Let me quickly point out the hypocrisy of Mr. Obama claiming that he does not want so-called “weapons of war” on our streets because he certainly is OK with the police having these weapons on American streets as the meme below so eloquently points out:


Because I want to make the point incredibly clear I’m going to continue kicking the dead horse and point out that President Obama and every other anti-gun politician is hypocritical for only wanting firearms to protect themselves, but not everyday, regular Americans like you and I.



Let’s move on …

Actual Crimes Committed With Rifles (of any type) Are INCREDIBLY Low

Notice the use of the words “weapons of war” and even the commonly used description “assault rifle” are propaganda words anti-gun politicians use to demonize semi-automatic rifles like the AK-47 and AR-15 that are available to civilians like you and I.

The fact is, using the data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, we find that rifles are used so little to commit murders that they are barely a blip on the statistical radar.

As you can see, murders using rifles of all types is so low you wonder why President Obama would make a statement about it at all …


It’s important to note that the so-called “weapons of war” — the semi-auto AK-47’s and AR-15’s that Mr. Obama would like to ban — are only a subset of the “rifle” category of murders the FBI collects. This category would ALSO include hunting rifles and any other rifle ever used in murder.

Yet what do we find?

Once again, despite the President’s attempts to politicize every tragedy such as this … and despite a complacent media that jumps on these stories because “if it bleeds it leads” … not only are murders by rifles extremely rare, mass shootings using them are EXTREMELY rare.

Here’s a little bit of perspective for you:


The truth is that murders by rifles are such a low, low number that if a person actually cared about stopping violence they would look somewhere else.

And mass shootings — the type that Obama loves to politicize by his own admission — are even more rare.

To put it all into perspective, the following infographic needs to be shared far and wide:


In short, according to the 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Report, FIVE times as many people were murdered with knives in 2011 than with rifles of any type.

Three People Killed By Knife Over Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

Take a look at this headline from the Daily Mail, reporting the horrible murder-suicide of three people during the same Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Yet, I can 100% guarantee that President Obama won’t issue a press release and demand tougher “knife violence” laws.

The White House will not tweet that this type of murderous activity is intolerable and that “enough is enough”.


Because Mr. Obama doesn’t actually care about innocent people being murdered. 

He only cares about his agenda, which is to ban firearms — specifically AR-15’s and AK-47’s and other semi-auto rifles (though I’m sure he would love to ban all firearms).

Obama’s Drone Strikes Have Most Likely Murdered More Innocent People–Including Children–Than The Colorado Springs Shooter 

Not to put too fine a point on it, but President Obama’s drone strikes have most likely murdered way more people in his time in office than the Colorado shooter.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism actually keeps tabs on the Drone Strikes and published this in January of 2015 (emphasis mine):

“At least 2,464 people have now been killed by US drone strikes outside the country’s declared war zones since President Barack Obama’s inauguration six years ago, the Bureau’s latest monthly report reveals.

“Of the total killed since Obama took his oath of office on January 20 2009, at least 314 have been civilians, while the number of confirmed strikes under his administration now stands at 456.

“Research by the Bureau also shows there have now been nearly nine times more strikes under Obama in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia than there were under his predecessor, George W Bush.

“And the covert Obama strikes, the first of which hit Pakistan just three days after his inauguration, have killed almost six times more people and twice as many civilians than those ordered in the Bush years, the data shows.”

Keep in mind — no matter how you feel about the effectiveness of these drone strikes in actually eliminating suspected terrorists — every time there is “collateral damage” in countries like this, it inspires more people in those countries to join the Jihad against the West.

(If someone blew up your grandmother, or your niece and nephew, you’d be pretty pissed too and be looking for a way to hit back. The CIA has labeled this common behavior “blowback”, but that’s outside the scope of this article.)

In Summary …

“Gun Violence” is a made-up word that President Obama and the media like to use because its propaganda that gets people focused on guns, not on actual violence …

Mr. Obama claims that “weapons of war” don’t belong on our streets, but he is clearly comfortable with those weapons of war being used to protect himself on these same streets just not for you to protect yourself or your family.

Additionally, the actual number of deaths by rifles — of any type, not just so-called “assualt rifles” (another propaganda word) — is so low it’s laughable that it’s a political issue at all.

In short, about FIVE times more people are murdered with knives than any type of rifle (based on FBI statistics for the year 2011).

Finally, if Mr. Obama was actually concerned about the victims of violence he would care about ALL murders, not just those extremely rare mass shooting events involving a semi-automatic rifle.

Additionally, I would assume the President would care about the hundreds of civilians he has murdered with the drone strikes he authorizes.

Instead, President Obama simply wants to politicize every shooting to push his agenda to disarm the American people.




  1. obama is a communist in his entiire life he has done absolutelyy nothing to up hold or deffend the connstitution only deestroy it he has done more damage to the connstitution than any other communist party leader in the history of the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west

  2. There have been an equal number of killings in and around the South side of Chicago as there have been in all the mass killings in 2015. If Mr. Obama, he doesn’t deserve the title of President in my opinion, is so opposed gun gun violence, let him clean up his own neighborhood first. Why take it out on the rest of the United States population if he can’t take care of just one small area. Why are we afraid to explain the real logical facts to someone who has no clue what the real issues are. We are upsetting ourselves by listening to internet junk like American News and other such publishers of false stories. Blame Chicago on setting the example of violence Mr. Obama. You can also blame the administration around our weak leader.

  3. the only lives that matter to oboma are the terrorists lives , he shows it every time he opens his mouth, as for the guns , he wants our guns so we will be helpless like all the other gun free countries and his terrorist allies can walk right in and take over our country , then he can become the dictator he dreams of becoming

  4. Obama is a enslavement instigator for the elitist New World Order / United Nations / European union that everyone to be brought back into serfdom as it was 300 hundred years when the silly idea of the so-called divine right of kings prevailed.

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  11. My diagnosis of Obama’s condition is that he’s a narcissistic psychopath. Ad to that that he and most of the libtards in government service are pathological liars with the need for unlimited power. Scum that will say anything that they need to say (lie) and do anything that need to do to attain and exercise power over others. This is a psychosis that also indicates that they’re capable of engineering (stage) events that would serve the purpose of getting the ignorant and gullible people on their side. The one undisputable fact is that they will never be able to attain the power that they think they deserve as long as there’s the threat that “The People” will fight back. Today, politicians have the dire need to disarm us because of their treasonous fiscal mismanagement of OUR republic for the past century. This began by selling our financial system in 1913 to the greedy and corrupt central bankers who have bankrupted this republic. Our government know that the collapse of the fiat American Dollar is inevitable sometime in the near future and that a lot of us will deservedly put the blame on them and their reckless fiscal policies over the past century. And now to speed this collapse up, the Chinese have been cutting back on buying the government bonds that have been keeping our economy artificially afloat for decades. The threat of armed insurrection is clearly on the horizon and our government recognize that fact. That’s the reason for their urgency to now disarm us.

  12. The AR 15 is not a weapon of war. It is an American sporting rifle. The M16-M4 is a weapon of war with it’s selective fire capabilities. Obeyme bi Lyin is more of a threat to this nation than the M16 or M4.

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