If You Own This Accessory, Anti-Gunners Call You A Criminal And Want You Thrown In Jail


Question: At what point are we allowed to call anti-gunners “stupid” for making stupid statements?

I’m being serious. I know that we’re supposed to be nice, and I advocate treating other people decently and with respect, but at what point after a massive number of lies (probably intentional) or ignorant, uninformed statements (at best) can we just say plainly to an anti-gun politician “You’re being stupid. Educate yourself about the subject before you take a stupid policy position and make an even bigger fool of yourself, ya moron!”?

So, you’re probably asking yourself what prompted this question. In general, the question was prompted by every gun statement made by an anti-gunner in government and in the mainstream media. Specifically, this time, though, a bill being proposed in Congress has me shaking my head at their foolishness. Chris Eger writes,


A group of Democrats in Congress this week announced a measure that would end lawful consumer ownership of firearm suppressors. 

The measure, dubbed the Help Empower Americans to Respond (HEAR) Act, would criminalize the importation, sale, manufacturing, transfer, and possession of suppressors with exceptions for military and police use. The move is bicameral, with U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., backing a Senate proposal and U.S. Rep. Watson Coleman, D-N.J., running the House bill. Sponsors argue suppressors should be banned because, well, they seem scary and, according to Hollywood films, are just good for murder. 

“Gun silencers are dangerous devices with one purpose and one purpose only – to muffle the sound of gunfire from unsuspecting victims,” said Menendez. “The sound of gunshots is what signals you to run, hide, take cover, call the police and help others save themselves; however, this is nearly impossible when a gun silencer is used. That is why we must pass the HEAR Act, commonsense legislation that will prevent armed assailants from using these deadly devices to make it easier to shoot and kill another person.”

The HEAR Act would install a prohibition on lawful suppressors without the provision to grandfather those already in circulation with consumers. Using federal grant funds, it would pay for a reimbursement program for suppressor owners who were deprived of their property due to the measure and allow a 90-day grace period to dispose of the registered devices. Violators would be subject to as much as 10 years in prison for NFA violations. 

To be fair, if you’ve never heard a gun fired with a suppressor attached in real life, you might think that it sounds like a puff of air just like in a Hollywood movie.

And you would be wrong.

Yes, a suppressor somewhat muffles the sound of a gun being fired, but it does not make it “quiet” or “silent” or hide the fact that shots are being fired.

In other words, this proposal is based on anti-gun politicians thinking that Hollywood movies are real life.

Here’s a tip for those politicians: Hollywood movies aren’t real life. They’re a fantasy, and you need to stop living in a fantasy world.



  1. Unbelievable! Not surprising that the authors of this tragic piece of legislative dross are Democrats from New Jersey!

    If they think that a suppressor (no such thing as a true silencer) will enable and promote murders, then why have almost ZERO killers that used firearms used them? It’s pretty simple actually. Mass murderers WANT the attention. They WANT to cause panic when people hear gunfire.

    Murderers who want to keep it quiet will use a knife. A recent mass stabbing in a crowed mall showed just how easy it is for someone to quietly stick people as he passed through the crowd. Almost 2 dozen people were stabbed before anyone knew what was happening.

    Politicians, please get your heads out of your butts and come up for air once in a while.

  2. Colt, I have fired just about every weapon except a 50 caliber BMG. if you want silence there is a quick solution, do not pull the trigger. You could use a longbow too, pretty quiet. You want loud try the S&W .460 Magnum.

  3. I’ll compromise with these GOD hating, baby killing, gay loving liberal hosebags, I’ll give up on owning a suppressor if they will permanently have them surgically have them implanted into their blasphemous pie holes.

  4. The vast majority of gun-grabbers who are ADAMANT against “silencers” have NEVER actually been near a suppressor-mounted gun being fired! DESPITE the movies use of them in cloak-and-dagger films, they do NOT make only a ‘pfft”, or “pop” sound, they DEFINITELY make a distinct POW, just not a”B A N G”, or “C R A C K”, the usual noise! Plus, the MAIN reason to mount one is to diminish hearing loss of those near, such as the SHOOTER, NOT to prevent any discovering a shot being fired!!

  5. Just watched a movie about an American sniper in Iraq. One thing he said when taking out an enemy target . When you shoot the bullet goes so fast that the enemy target is hit before he ever hears the sound of the shot being fired.
    Also , another point made by one of the other responders, “The suppressor is used to reduce the sound of the cartridge being fired to help protect the hearing of the shooter as well as anyone standing close by,ie a friend spotting target or animal on a hunt, the person in the shooting range at your right or left, the soldier training your son how to shoot (Marine or Army ). Tell them Joisey idiots to go down to Vineland and pick watermelons🗽

  6. I am a HUGE 2A supporter. Do not mistake my position.

    Suppressors are NOT a necessity. NOPE. Give that up. We don’t need them.

    Should government BAN THEM? NOPE. Too much government. Will this achieve anything? NOPE!

    This is about making legal gun owners, criminals. PERIOD.

  7. Just to make it real for Biden and his anti-gun coalition , maybe they should lead this country by example , let all those cronies qalk around with no body guards with no weapons, and If they can survive for one year , then atleast they would have an argument , guns aren’t needed , but untill then , they can stop talking out of their BUTTS , GET REAL

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