3 Crucial Techniques to Disarm Any Attacker


Carrying a firearm on your person is an important step to stay protected as you walk the streets, but sometimes the best course of action is to disarm your attacker, rather than initiate a dangerous firefight. Additionally, you may at some point encounter a situation where you’re caught unarmed, putting you in a position where you must take a gun or other weapon from your attacker.

No matter what the case may be, you should know these vital techniques for disarming attackers. They just might save your life.

1. Using Krav Maga to Neutralize a Gunman Behind You

This technique will require training, but it’s priceless once you’ve mastered it.


2. Use This Centuries Old Knife Disarming Tactic

Some believe that knifes are inherently less of a threat than guns. However, a knife can inflict fatal damage in an instant and should never be underestimated. This technique is ancient, and it’s still viable today.

3. Learn The Fastest Way to Disarm a Gunman Head-On

This basic technique is simple but effective.

Take the time to practice and master these three techniques. You may need to find a partner to drill with, but repetition in situations that resemble real life as closely as possible with ensure you know how to quickly disarm an attacker when time is limited.

Do you know any good techniques like these? Tell us in the comments.