RIDICULOUS: Treasury Removing Jackson From $20 Bill, Replacing With Harriet Tubman (and Keeping Hamilton!)


It’s official, they’re removing Jackson from the $20 bill and replacing him with Harriet Tubman.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said “Andrew Jackson — a less beloved former president whose face graces the front of the $20 bill — will be removed in favor of a female representing the struggle for racial equality”

At first they were going to take Hamilton off the $10 bill, but after a lot of feedback from critics they promised “We’re not taking Alexander Hamilton off our currency.”


And now the decision is final. They’re removing Jackson from the $20 and putting Harriet Tubman. And they’re keeping Hamilton.

This is one of the major things wrong with our country.

If you know anything about our monetary system, then you know why this is ridiculous. It’s like making a statement against liberty.

Who Was Andrew Jackson?

The 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, an important president that we don’t talk much about. But we should. And here’s why.

He was the only president to care enough to pay off the National Debt.

When Jackson first ran for president in 1824, he denounced the debt as a “national curse.” He vowed to “pay the national debt, to prevent a monied aristocracy from growing up around our administration that must bend to its views, and ultimately destroy the liberty of our country.”

It’s almost like the former president had a crystal ball into the future huh? Because that’s exactly what has happened now because of our monetary system.

Though he was a democrat, Jackson was a Jeffersonian-style president who wanted a super small Federal Government. Like Jefferson, he hated banks.

In fact, Jackson even succeeded in shutting down the second Bank of the United States, the central bank of the day (much like the Federal Reserve today).


The same Central Bank started by Hamilton.

Who Was Alexander Hamilton?

Thomas Dilorenzo, author of Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution–and What It Means for Americans Today, says “The great debate between Hamilton and Jefferson over the purpose of government, which animates American politics to this day, was very much about economic policy.

Hamilton was a compulsive statist who wanted to bring the corrupt British mercantilist system — the very system the American Revolution was fought to escape from — to America. He fought fiercely for his program of corporate welfare, protectionist tariffs, public debt, pervasive taxation, and a central bank run by politicians and their appointees out of the nation’s capital….

Hamilton complained to George Washington that “we need a government of more energy” and expressed disgust over “an excessive concern for liberty in public men”

Hamilton was neither the inventor of capitalism in America nor “the prophet of the capitalist revolution in America,” as biographer Ron Chernow ludicrously asserts. He was the instigator of “crony capitalism,” or government primarily for the benefit of the well-connected business class.

… When Hamilton and George Washington led some 15,000 conscripts into Pennsylvania to enforce the hated whiskey tax, the purpose was not only to collect the tax and reassure bondholders, but also to send a message to any future tax resisters….

James Madison remarked that this episode revealed Hamilton’s agenda of “the glories of a United States woven together by a system of tax collectors.”

The Guy Who Expressed Disgust Over “an excessive concern for liberty in public men” Gets To Stay and The Only President To Pay Off The National Debt Gets To Go

Dilorenzon continues, “Things have not changed at all to this day. A recent Fed publication entitled “A History of Central Banking in the United States” proudly boasts that “the Federal Reserve has similarities to the country’s first attempt at central banking, and in that regard it owes an intellectual debt to Alexander Hamilton” who, the Fed says, “sounded like a modern-day Fed chairman.”

When Jefferson and his followers fiercely opposed Hamiltonian statism they were fighting to avoid bringing the rotten, corrupt, and economically-impoverishing system of British mercantilism to America.

They understood what Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations, which was a harsh condemnation of British mercantilism as both corrupt and impoverishing. Indeed, many of these men (or their ancestors) came to America in the first place to escape from that very system. Hamilton mocked Adam Smith just as he mocked Jefferson’s “pygmy mind” and his “excessive concern for liberty.”

It may have taken several generations, but that system of “crony capitalism” or “government for the benefit of the privileged few” has been cemented into place for quite some time now.

The politically incestuous relation between the banking and finance industries and government is the sole cause of the current economic crisis, particularly the boom-and-bust cycle caused by the Fed and the system of fractional reserve banking (i.e., lending money that you don’t have) that it administers. Hamilton’s Curse is plaguing America once again.”

What do you think? Were you aware that Hamilton was the father of big-government-central-banking and that Jackson did so much to fight against it?

Does this make you mad like it does me?

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  1. Nothing this administration does makes any sense. And how much will this cost the American people?

    • A good question. Of course, the way this bunch prints money, we were going to be paying for new bils and their printing anyway, so who’s picture is on them is irrelevant to the price, or virtually irrelevant. The fact that they decided to remove Jackson is more symbolic in it’s cost than anything else. Still another aggravation we’ll have to put up with for many years AFTER the smoke clears.

    • It will cost billions. Either way, they should have taken the corrupt Tyrant Hamilton off of the ten dollar bill.
      Or maybe Ben Franklin, since he “Claimed” to have discovered something which was here before any life in earth. ELECTRICITY! Ben Franklin was the real joke!
      Hamilton was a greedy Tyrant and thief. No wonder they want to keep Hamilton, he expresses their power!

    • Well: Idiots in Washington DC, and others, want to ban the Stars and Bars, Confederate flag because it, “offended” people depicting the Civil War with regards to slavery; Now they want to put the face of Tubman, on the bill, whose deeds were because of the Civil War. They’re talking out of two different sides of the mouth. or what ever. Am I missing something??

    • You’re right, the country is broke and yet they have this obsession of pissing our money down the toilet. We really need to stop these idiots.


  3. Is there something wrong with White heros ! Take FDR off the coins tell Lew stay in Riverdale NY

  4. Obviously the current administration cares not a bit about traditional USA values and history and is hell bent on going about making new traditions and history while at same time diminishing the USA on all fronts. It is very sad that they would want to put a symbol of racial equality on the currency while at same time promoting racial and social divisions.

  5. Last night I ws treated to an attack on Andrew Jackson , by Stephen Koblear, who called Jackson the Indian Back stabber. Stephen your just a little tiny Punk, quite frankly your not even that funny. Two bad we do not have a time machine , because I would love to send your lilly white dumb ass, back to Jeffersons time, and where he came from , you just might come out of it playing a different tune !

    Stephen I know a whole lot of Ass-Holes like you, you would be on your knees cryin for your moma and begging for Andy Jackson to come save your bacon, it takes two to tango my friend, most white people Stephen are good people as are most Indians, Notice I say most, there are some bad white people, such as yourself who spread lies and deceit, There are some bad Black people, and some bad Indians , and sometimes good people listen to and follow Ass-Holes such as Your self Stephen k. Like the german People followed Hitler.

    White scum bags Like you Stephen would have people believe had the white people not come to America, The Indians would have been left alone in peace, That is simply not true , nor factually correct, The Indians had a warrior class, long before the white man or anyone else ever arrived to these shores. They had wars, they practiced slavery to, just like every race did, Black, White , and every Ethnic group did, just a fact.

  6. I will no longer accept a 20 dollar bill as legal tender if the idiot in the peoples house replaces the image of Andrew Jackson with harriet tubman. This fool is insane,

  7. There’s Nothing But Nuts & Racist Communist Trash In Charge Of Our Country Now. That’s Why There’s Always So Much STUPID Crap Going On Ever Since ODUMBASS Took Office & This Just One More Crazy Thing Their Doing. With What Their Saying In The Article How Did Replaceing A Men With A Woman Get To Be A ” RACIST ” Problem ??? AND IT’S FUNNY THAT EVER SINCE ODUMBASS STARTED DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY HOW EVERYTHING IS NOW RACIST !!!!!

  8. Not in my lifetime, I refuse to use the new 20$ and will not accept it as legal tender. Why is this fool destroying out traditions and values?

  9. Leave the dam money alone we don’t need to change any faces on any bills !!!!!!! Putting this lady really offends me and makes me angry !!!!!!! We have much more important things to do with our time and tax money’s than to put some lady on our $20.00 bills !!!!!!! I will try to never use or receive one of these bills and any of my transactions !!!!!!! We need to fire all the crazy people in our government and get rid of the crazy people in the treasury department !!!!!!! Washington D. C. Is the biggest assaying asylum in the World !!!!!!!

  10. Hamilton laid the groundwork on which the progressives, beginning in earnest with Woodrow Wilson, grew our government through overreach after overreach, eroding the Constitution and compromising our rights. Progressives have come from both parties over the years, but Wilson, FDR and Obama are probably the three worst presidents in that regard.

    • Look at it this way: The liberal democrab, Odumma, wants to replace a “flaming” liberal president with a gun-toting republican.

  11. Simple. Refuse any bill with Tubman’s face on it and request that it be paid with other bills. Yes it will be more bulky, add more time to the transaction but it will send a message to the treasury that the people do not want the change of face on their bills. when Banks and the Treasury have all these bills sitting around and not being used they may get the message “Leave our money alone.”

  12. This is so typical and saying all evidence of the downfall of this great nation only thing I can suggest is Boycott the bill when you go to the bank this kind of makes sense doesn’t it look we have As a president his whole goal was it turn this into a third world country and he’s excelling that that goal at a very fast pace before he leaves and that is if he does leave?? God save us all go Donald Trump wake up America and Hillary for prison !!!

  13. I surprised, given the times, they don’t just feminize Jackson and say that it is a picture of Andrea Jackson!

  14. It’s about time he was removed from the $20.00. Jackson was responsible for the “TRAIL OF TEARS”. during his administration. Many east coast tribes were forcibly removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma), and untold numbers died along the way. His like was saved by the CHEROKEE tribe during the Creek Indian wars, and he repaid them by forcibly taking their land way from them, and moving them west.

  15. A total disaster that any president idiot wants the USA to be Africa where he came from …
    Never ,,,never ,,,has a comeuppance with a legetamnt birth paper that is true all is false

  16. I, for one, plan to deface – er – artistically modify every one of the stupid new bills that fall into my possession.

    • Hank, Me and my pen will also be showing my displeasure in this obsurd change to our $’s

  17. I simply can’t get upset about this. Andrew Jackson did some fine things, true enough, but he was also a very base man. I was very glad someone managed to mention on this morning’s news about the “Trail of Tears”. Jackson was responsible for removing the Cherokee Nation out of their natural environment all the way across country where they had no clue how to plant because the conditions were so vastly different from where they had lived for hundreds of years!

    He came into the new State of Tennessee a brash young lawyer and even though he had absolutely no experience, all but demanded the job of Brigadier General. Happily, those in power, namely the very first Governor of that State recognized the lack of experience in the younger man (and having held that job previously himself and was the premiere Indian Fighter of that region he knew what the job entailed). When it came down to it, the governor helped a man into the position who, indeed had the experience and the chops for the job, so to speak, selecting him over Jackson. This made Mr. Jackson rather angry and he declared the governor an enemy. Somehow, this brash young lawyer became a Judge, made friends with Roane, (who later on would become the Governor) and when the first governor (who had served two terms back to back) left office and attempted to become the Brigadier General, such as he’d been in the past, Jackson ran against him. It was a tie, that Roane, being his friend flipped in favor of Jackson.

    The former two-term Governor let it roll off of his shoulders. However, when he made another run for Governor, Jackson, along with his crony, Roane, made up vicious stories about the former Governor regarding land and fraud. All untrue. The former Governor won the election, despite their efforts to defame him. This triggered bad feelings between the two prominent men, which led to an unfortunate exchange of words on the courthouse steps. Thereafter, Jackson challenged the Governor to a duel — which was accepted so long as it was to take place outside the State of Tennessee whose laws forbid such things. Jackson, wavered and insisted on it being inside the State. In the end no duel ever took place. As for the Governor, he won a second term again to be the longest serving Governor of that State.

    I find it amusing, in a sardonic sort of way, that both Jackson and the Governor have statues in the State Rotunda. Both crafted by the same artist. The two statues of the men are looking in different directions. 😛

  18. For several years now I have advocated to my friends that the federal reserve should be abolished and they, of course, have entertained that I am crazy. I am aware that the federal reserve banking system is now so entrenched that it is virtually impossible to root it out but that does not negate the benefit of doing so. As to the elimination of the Jackson $20 bill, I intend to use only $1s, $5s, $50s, and $100s post advent of the Tubman $20. This Obama regime is determined to obliterate as much of American tradition as possible before they lose control of our government and it seems that the average voter is unaware or doesn’t care that it is happening.

  19. Printing new faces on the bills will not be worth anything but costs money to engrave new plate, which is very expensive, and the new design. The powers that be think that window dressing on a bill will make everything ok but what is behind that bill is nothing! We have lost so much value on the dollar that printing new faces on the bills is like a slap in the face to the American citizen. To have one printed with a strange face on it, meaning hardly anyone knows who it is anyway, can change what is happening to our money from the federal banking system continually printing more money without any backing, makes our money worth a lot less. Remember the Italian Lira? It would take a wheel barrow full of money to buy a pair of shoes there because of just printing new money without backing.

  20. When they come out my only bills will be 5s and 10s. Unlees the 20s on hand are the old ones.


  22. Just another move by this administration to erase our forefathers from the pages of history! They don’t want General Lees statue they don’t want Jeffersons statue next they’ll be going after Mt. Rushmore. This is America we know our shortcomings we don’t have to erase history to be reminded of them!

  23. I can understand why Native American Activist would love to see Jackson taken off the $20 bill (think: “Trail of Tears”, Indian Removal Act of 1830) but they are no more mainstream American than their counterpart Native Hawaiian Activist that are demanding separation for the U.S. (now there’s another really well thought out idea).

    Jackson did more for our American Liberty and Freedom than most other historic American figures. Destroying the (US) Central Banking System was just one of his “Great Services” to this Country.

    Hamilton was a Revolutionary hero but with suspect motives. Hamilton had in mind a strong (European style) Central Government, with little freedom to the citizenry, as long as he was part of the elite political (ruling) class and not a proletarian. Sound familiar?

  24. Another “obama administration suckup” pandering to the liberal base for BLACK votes. I am surprised they didn’t try to put KILLERY on the bill.

    • Nah, there next one is to put some mexican on the face of a fifty. If they’re going to do this, why don’t they come up with the $2 bill again and put put her on that. Then they could come up with a $4 for the mexican….now that makes as much sense as what they are doing.

    • She’d have to be dead first, The skank will be around longer than most of us, probably. The fact that she never achieved anything good while in office or Sec. of State. Hell even tried to steal from the White House on her way out. Hillary has the goods on Obozo that’s the only reason he’s protecting her now.

  25. What this administration is doing makes no sense at all!
    Are they trying to divide the people.

  26. Maybe obama should have his picture on the twenty. Oh thats right it is only people who are no longer living have their picture on money. Well just a thought.
    I think Chuck Berry should have his picture on the two dollar bill and Ray Charles could be put on the five. After all they want black people who have contributed to, some thing, well they did give us some great music.

  27. They talk anti Confederate flag because it offends some people, regarding slavery and the Civil War. Now they turn around and want to recognize someone, Tubman, who’s deeds were because of the Civil War! Huh!!?? Oh yeh: How about a $3 dollar bill with Bruce Jenner on it? Why not?

  28. 100 bill should be change to Cesar Chavez for the raical iniquities Mexican have been throw. Lol ridiculous no stupid is more like it.

  29. From what I read in the indian museum in Tennessee this is a good move. Jackson kicked the indian tribe out of their own land sent them west to less fertile type lands on the so called “trail of tears” in which half of them perished

  30. Ya’no, everyone keeps asking; when is God coming again ? Well, keep piss’n him off, …. and you’ll find out.

  31. All the “BS” just further indicates that sophomore Senators do not make presidential material.

  32. The recent tendency of playing with grammatical terms has caused confusion among people.
    Exa.: “Racial Equality”, is there such a thing ? If races were equal there would not be races.
    Can some impartial individual clarify the correct application of the term equality ?

  33. The real reason for the treasury to do this is as a result of Obama wanting to limit the use of CASH….!! this would make it illegal to “Stash CASH” Most likely we will have to surrender old bills to get new ones..My thought is that we won’t come out ahead…!!

  34. Greta van Susteren suggested that the $20 Bill be left alone and a $25 bill be created for Tubman. I could go for that idea.

  35. I story I read said that Jackso hated the British, hated the Indians(oops, Native Americans), and got Crockett thrown out of Congress for trying to HELP


  37. The point that most people are missing is that it is a publicity campaign. Our money is just a coupon of sorts to advertise what the people in power want. Everybody sees them many times a day reinforcing thier views. Which happen to be the rewriting of history. Out of sight, out of mind. If we arn’t constantly being reminded of Jackson then maybe we will forget who he was & what he did for this country. Freeing them up to do what they want. Our childern are already short changed in school by not being taught about civics or the revolution anymore. My 14 year old really has no idea about what led to this countries birth. Why, who, and at what cost, much less what we all stand to lose. Change history to suit the plan & change the advertisments. Our money is ment to be more than a simple tradition. Our money is a constant reminder OF our traditions and our way of life. This is one more shot at our Constitution and our liberty & freedoms. Funny how the power elect always find a way to disguise thier moves to steal our liberties & and enslave us. God Bless America, or atleast what’s left of it.

  38. Our money is really just another form of advertising. Everybody looks at the image’s many times a day just like any other ad. Think of the $20 bill as a coupon with an ad on it. Only now the power elite want to change what the ad says to suit thier agenda. With Jackson gone the message he left us with, all the good he did for this country and his phrofetic warning will be lost, just as they planed. Now they are free to put in a new message promoting thier agenda. No Jackson, out of site, out of mind. It’s all part of the plan. Our children arn’t even taught in school about, civics, the reveloution, who, why, and what it cost and what we stand to lose. My 14 year old doesn’t really have any idea about anything our fore father’s did or about the founding of America. The $20 will just advertise the new plan. It is not about the bill being our tradition. The bill is an ad for our traditions. That’s what they are stealing, it’s another shot at the Constitution and our liberty and freedom. These the power elite are slowly erroding away untill we will compleatly forget the past then they can completely enslave us. Wake up. God Bless America, or atleast what’s left of it.

  39. I will not use the new bill. I will not accept them for payment. I only use the ATM machine at my bank, and will immediately go to the teller and exchange them for 10’s. It will be a bit of a pain, but a small price to pay to stand by my principles.

  40. Halle Berry would be a “keeper” ………..Harriet Tubman?? Or…..maybe a Tubman $25 bill
    ..Leave the rest as is!

  41. And in other news, the irony of this liberal government deciding to oust a Democrat president and replace him with a Republican Civil War Union Army nurse, Suffragist and civil rights heroin. They probably never got past the fact that she’s black, not white and don’t yet realize she was a Republican!

  42. Tubman should be on the Welfare Checks or the Welfare Debit Card to reach Of the Black African Americans in a short period of time.

  43. This is just more pandering to the black activists. The more we yield to their ridiculous demands, the more they want. This must stop. Please contact your senators and representatives in Congress and ask that they block this. There is no reason to change our currency.

  44. WELL: This proves that the Only Ones as far as HUSSEIN OBAMA and COMPANY MATTER are BLACKS and MUSLIMS.

  45. Leave well enough alone. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Make another denomination. Put her on a new 2 dollar or a $25.00 bill. Is this 1 of Obama’s change proposal? Scrap it. Segregation has already been abolished. Let it go already. Put her on a box of rice. Uncle Bens time is worn out. I’d rather see Captain Kangaroo. Lincoln already did them a favor. Keep pride in the USA. Stop worrying about offending others: worry about how people here feel.

  46. Leave well enough alone. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Is this one of Obama’s change proposals? He can keep the change. Lincoln already did them a favor. Be happy with that. Segregation was abolished a long time ago. Let it go. You’re free. Enjoy life. Don’t rehash the past. Go forward, life’s toooooooo short. Stop worrying about offending everyone else. Worry about how the people in the USA feel: regarding everyone else. Take and keep pride in this great country. It’s ours. PERIOD!!!

  47. Who gave anyone the right to make these changes? This is our heritage and no one has the right to change the faces on our money anymore than they have the right to take away the Constitution. It’s time for a revolt on Washington D.C. and that includes the idiot in our WH. It’s time for the Muslim to leave this great nation and never return.

  48. I think replacing the first Democrat president with was a gun-toting, Jesus-loving spy is probably the best thing this administration has ever done.

  49. The Federal Government should worry more about saving our monetary system than any graphic changes to the worthless bills. That just shows how inept their thinking is and why our country is going into the dumpster if we don’t start taking control of our government once and for all. Elections don’t seem to do it because there is too many of the old cronies running the show in Washington and rigging elections should be cause for the people rising up, march on Washington, and showing them they can’t get away with it. What it amounts to is taxation without representation, and is why we kicked the British out of our country. We might have to do the same with the non-constitutional senators and representatives of this country or jail them for being traitors.

  50. This is to remind the uneducated that they are entailed to a Mule and 40 Acres.
    The Government has dumbed them down in public schools.
    Kept them in slavery with Government assistance. Now it will be in their face every day, most will not have a clue.
    I will not take a new $20.00 bill we can protest that way.

    Silent majority it is time to make some noise.

  51. I wonder how much this will cost the taxpayers…let’s see …the designers will get a pretty good amount….the engravers another amount….and then how about the counterfeiters will have a field day…all for political correctness

  52. Ms. Tubman was NOT a “president”, so just leave Jackson alone! If you “have to” put her face on money, then put it on a quarter, or half-dollar!

  53. I just examined the coins in my pocket. Nickels have two different faces, quarters have 50 different obverces, pennies have two versions of the Lincoln Memorial. I never confuse any of these coins. Canadian coins mirror US coins in size and value; I frequently get them mixed
    (as do most Americans). As long as everything else re-
    mains the same, what difference does it make whose
    picture is on any bill? How about for recipients of the
    Medal of Honor and the Medal of Freedom?One for
    soldiers, one for civilians? How about other catalogues?

  54. Harriet Tubman is actually a good choice from a 2nd ammendment perspective! She had many death threats, so carried firearms, and USED them to protect herself and her charges. A fine example of why a woman may need firearms!

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