VIDEO: When’s the Last Time You Saw an 8-Year-Old Do THIS With a Gun!?


Gun heritage in America is slowly dying out, and it’s no wonder why. Today’s younger generations have little to no interest in firearms, and their parents aren’t doing much to pass on knowledge of their 2nd Amendment rights.

50 years ago the picture looked completely different. Parents and children celebrated their Constitutional rights together, and kids learned at an early age to respect guns and handle them responsibly.

Today all we have is a generation of snot-nosed brats who are more likely to celebrate new gun control laws than their God-given gun rights.


However, one father is trying to help his son take a step in the right direction. He’s got lots of experience with tactical operations, and he’s teaching his son at a young age what it means to handle firearms properly.

He’s going beyond your typical kids’ gun education curriculum though. He’s got his 8-year-old son running tactical drills on a CZ Scorpion SBR!!

Thankfully, we have video footage to show off his son’s skills:

Impressive! Don’t you wish more fathers and sons were doing the same thing?

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