Left Coast Hypocrisy On Who They Want To Allow To Buy Guns


Sometimes you have to wonder about people. Occasionally, you run across a story, and it’s absolutely clear that those people haven’t thought beyond their knee-jerk reactions to an issue. A perfect case-in-point is a bill introduced in California that would bar suicidal people from buying guns.

Now, on face value, some people might think that this idea makes sense. After all, we don’t want people committing suicide. But, then, you think a little more about it, and you dig into the details of the proposed law, and you have to shake your head.

The first problem with this law is the fact that California allows assisted suicide. To be fair, the people who support assisted suicide would say that the people who want to die that way are requesting to die. Of course, isn’t that a statement that you can make about anyone who commits suicide?


Now, understand me, I’m not trivializing suicide, but this point needs to be made: this bill essentially says that you are only allowed to kill yourself if you have help from a government-approved third party. California isn’t a state that is actually trying to keep people from killing themselves, so to prevent suicidal people from buying guns just seems to be a situation where the state is talking out of both sides of its mouth.

The second problem with the proposed law to prevent those who are suicidal from buying firearms is how they determine who is suicidal. Alexa Lardieri writes,

SFGate reports that the bill from Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, would allow people who fear they are at risk of suicide to anonymously and confidentially submit their names to the state office that conducts background checks for firearm purchases, in order to prevent themselves from purchasing a gun.

Two points here: 1. How many people are actually going to call up a hotline and say, “I’m thinking about killing myself. Don’t let me buy guns.”? I’m thinking not many. I think they would be much more likely to call a suicide prevention hotline where the can get some counseling. Giving a suicidal person more options may only confuse the issue and make it less likely that they’ll call anyone to get help which means more people will die.

The second issue is, how will this hotline determine that this is a genuine call and not a setup to harass someone? See, all it will take is a small group of anti-gunners to look up gun owners or registered Republican voters or any other group of people that they associate with being pro-gun. These anti-gunners can then call this hotline and, effectively, abuse this law to deprive innocent, non-suicidal people from purchasing a gun and exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. It’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to think this.

So, here you have typical anti-gunner hypocrisy tied up in another bill in California. When will it end?



    • Hello hotline? I am Francisco Machado and he’s….er um…I’m thinking of shooting myself. Please don’t let him…me buy a gun.

      • More like;
        {caller}”Hello, I’m Mark D, and I’m suicidal”
        {crowd/operator} “hello, Mark”
        {caller} “I don’t want to buy a gun”
        {guy in the back of the room} “then don’t”
        {crowd/operator}|to same guy| “shhhh, no cross talk” |then| “before we can help you end your pathetic existence, we’ll need to have your name, address, names of friends and relatives along with their addresses, then a list of everyone you know in case they may own a gun”
        {caller} “won’t that break my ‘anonymity’?
        {operator} “well, technically, no, because we’ll keep your name from the media”

      • THAT’S a BIG “no-no”…using HIS name WITHOUT HIS permission, and “I’M being serious. These idiots out in ‘Kalifornia’ are making ALL of us look really bad. It’s the “Bad apple” in the basket analogy…

  1. Never underestimate the stupidity of politicians, especially California politicians. To counteract this, a group o right-thinking gun owners should turn the tables and report each of the politicians who think this is a good idea as suicidal maniacs. I guarantee that many liberal politicians in California own and buy guns, because they are special!

    • how about the names of the people on the security details for these morons. Take their security away from them. Make them depend on law enforcement response.

  2. There isn’t an easy way for people to get back off the list. So, if someone were put on the list “by mistake”, they would have a serious.

  3. Seems like the liberal lefties are defined by prerequisite moronic thinking … “There’s Your Sign” … Jeez are they more concerned with suicides or homeless guns? Can they legislate against 50 prescriptions? How about laws against purchasing cars or 2x4s or ropes … the list is endless …

    VERIFIED … Leftist = Biggest Idiots on Planet Earth …

  4. So doesn’t this bring up a question of competency? Why isn’t competency hearings and licensing reviews being brought against these idiots?
    Fire them all and prevent them from ever holding another government job of any kind.
    Your required to carry a gun, there are no exceptions that I know of, failure to obey is against the law. What part of “Shall not infringe” did they not understand? Or are they committing an act of war, subterfuge, etc. against America and the people?
    Charges need to be brought.

  5. I’m a fifth generation Californian and while California is a remarkable state for many reason it has become far to liberal. Yes the bill “AB-1927 Firearms: California Do Not Sell List” is seriously flawed and should not be made law, I find your argument misleading with its half truths.
    Your characterization of California’s Assisted Suicide Law in relationship to AB-1927 as “talking out of both sides of its mouth” tells me you have little to no understanding of the Assisted Suicide Law. AB-1927 does call for the verification of identity for those persons voluntarily placing their name on the list, but does not specify how that verification is to be made which is very troubling. You’re correct that getting your name off the list is going to be far more difficult and costly both to the person and the state than would be expected. There are other issues with this bill and as I stated before, should not become law.
    I do agree with your basic sentiment but the tenner I find counter productive as with many of these types of articles. It is difficult to have a rational discussion/argument in hopes of changing/opening up a person’s mind when starting by off attacking their intelligence with half truths and exaggerations.

    • Thanks for the well thought out, coherent comment Ron…

      I guess we both can agree that California has become far too liberal then 🙂

  6. I’m at a lose as to how these people make it this far in life, these must ne the original tide pod eaters

  7. I wish everybody would spell the state correctly. It’s Kalifornia, not California. It ceased being California when Jerry Brown and all the liberal left-wing, communists came into power.
    I am a native Californian. Alas, my state is dead. Cry, the Beloved State.

    We will soon be goose-stepping and saluting with our right arms upraised in Kalifornia. Wouldst I could afford to move.

  8. **the Left Coast is made up of the largest majority of Muslim spy Obama democrat freaks in the United States-**

    • My above comment really doesn’t need moderation-there is no profane language–*just the straight truth!*

  9. My above comment really doesn’t need moderation-there is no profane language–*just the straight truth!*

  10. They don’t want suicidal people buying guns because it would cut the revenue of the assisted suicidal companies. That would eliminate the middle man…..

  11. Why does this not surprise me? Any State that would allow Jerry Brown to be Governor could easily come up with a very flawed law like this!

  12. Lets get serious here. The best solution is for all school children being admitted to a class, must wear their state issued bullet proof vests and Army grade Kevlar ballistic helmets. Helmets will obviously have to have a bullet proof fold down swat team face shield. Then arm the 30 kids with tazer, cattle prods and baseball bat’s to level the playing field.

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