Why More Gun Control Will Not Stop Terrorist Attacks Like The Orlando Night Club Shooting


There was an active killer attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL during the early morning hours on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

Since that time it’s been revealed that with a claimed 102 people shot, 49 people died and 53 were wounded, making it one of the worst active killer events in American history.

It appears it was actually a terrorist attack because the killer was motivated by radical Islamic beliefs.


Today, I want to talk about one fact that we know — more gun control would NOT have helped prevent this tragedy.

Obama Thinks That More Gun Control Would Stop Terrorist Attacks In The USA

To President Obama’s credit, he did not focus entirely on gun control the day after the shooting in his first speech.

He said, “We are going to have to make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country,” Obama said. “My concern is that we start getting into a debate, as has happened in the past, which is an either/or debate.”

“It’s not an either/or. It’s a both/and,” Obama said. “We have to counter extremism, but we also have to make sure it’s not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons to get at them.”

In his initial response to the shooting on Sunday, Obama made only brief mention of the gun laws. He expanded on his thoughts a day later, saying the fact the Florida incident was a terrorist attack shouldn’t distract from the conversation about guns …

“It’s crazy. It’s a problem,” Obama said of laws that prevent law enforcement agencies from being alerted when a person on a watch list purchases a gun.

“The danger is it ends up being the usual political debate, and the NRA and the gun control folks say ‘Obama doesn’t want to talk about terrorism,'” he said. “The point is if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult to find ahead of time.

“And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is going to make a difference if they are able to carry about attacks like this or not. And we make it very easy.”

Multiple Background Checks, Gun-Free Zones & Other Gun Control Laws Failed To Stop The Orlanda Shooting

Obama and other gun control advocates keep repeating the falsehood that more gun control laws would stop terrorist attacks such as this before they happen.

This is wrong.

The President wants more gun control, even though gun control failed to keep anyone safe on Sunday morning.

Consider that Florida gun owners are not allowed to carry in any establishment that serves alcohol. That means the Night Club where the attack occurred was a gun free zone.

That means Gun-Free Zones failed.

And the Orlando murderer passed several background checks (WAY more intrusive than any expanded background check for firearm purchases that Obama wants to implement) because he was a licensed security guard and bought his guns legally.

In fact, he held two firearms licenses and a security officer license, was employed by the security firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since Sept. 10, 2007. The Jupiter, Fla.-based company is one of the world’s largest security firms. G4S released a statement according to which the gunman “was subject to detailed company screening when he was recruited in 2007 and re-screened in 2013 with no adverse findings.”

He was even investigated personally, and cleared, by the FBI.

That means background checks failed.

Even a specific investigation by the FBI failed.

Finally, consider what happened in Paris, France — twice already — a place where almost all guns are banned. It’s a gun control paradise. Yet that didn’t stop terrorists from using AK-47’s to murder nearly 200 people on two different occasions in 2015.

What Works To Stop Terrorist Attacks?

Fighting back.

Force has to be met with force. Violence must be met with violence.

What does work is allowing the potential victims — that is, the real first responders — to defend themselves with firearms.

It’s already illegal to murder someone, so it makes no sense to believe that additional laws would somehow stop a murderer.

More gun control laws would only serve to disarm the people who actually follow laws and need the guns — the victims.

What Can You Do To Survive An Active Killer Event Or Other Terrorist Attack?

First, accept that the risk — while remote because you’re about 17,000 times more likely to die of heart disease than a terrorist attack — is real and possible. So that means it could happen to you and your family.

Then, educate yourself and decide you won’t be a victim. If you’re attacked you will survive.

I’ve said before that ISIS is in America, they said they’re in my state, and you should prepare now. Read that article to get some ideas of how to prepare.

In this article, I explain when running from an active shooter (applies to a terrorist as well) will get you killed. 

And I talked about how even if you’re unarmed when a terrorist attacks, you can still prevail using the tips in this article.

Finally, Greg Ellifritz is a respected firearms trainer that I’ve taken both a shooting class and a tactical medicine class from and he has an excellent article with links to his other articles on ways to prepare for terrorist attacks like the ones in France at this page here.

Of note, he covers both how to deal with the threats of bombs and suicide bombers and verybasic medical advice everyone should know. Both these topics would have helped the people in France.

The TFT group has a great video posted here and an article on swarming the active shooter (an excellent tactic considering that multiple un-armed potential victims — who can’t escape the danger zone — could still do this and prevail).

Greg Ellifritz also has a REALLY good primer on field medicine for terrorist attacks in this article. Consider your abilities. Maybe you are 60+ years old and you know you couldn’t fight back against a young, ideologically driven and crazed mad man … but you could still put life-saving medical supplies in your car and help save dozens of lives of the wounded if an attack ever occurs near you.

The Bottom Line Is That Gun Control Is Not The Solution, Because This Is Now a War On Our Soil

Because of the growth of terrorist attacks on American soil, all of us are now at war.

That means you, me and every American — whether we like it or not and whether we chose to be or not — could be instantly called up to be soldiers in this war.

It makes no sense to take away guns or make them harder to get for our soldiers.

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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of PreparedGunOwners.com. He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the UndergroundAssaultRifle.com course.


  1. Yes I agree, it’s the quire we are preaching to. The misinformed are outside the church. It will be us the survivors that are jailed for a proper response to an (islamic, muslim, jihadist ,terrorist, illegal, koran following, christen phobic, Obama following, Clinton believing, Soros puppet, American deserter, gender phobic ) shooter. Beware the guilty assets, cuffed, forfeited, jailed , without you being charged. How or what do you carry for that nightmare? My asset can’t afford a lawyer can one be appointed? The asset is’t considered a person like a corporation . How does an asset plead the 5th when it’s already considered guilty. Since I had knowledge of the assets crime there are laws applied to me also. The gun is papered and notarized. appropriate classes passed. A test of mental health of the gun not applicable well that is a ?? The gun is crazy. So the gun was crazy at the time of forfeiture. Plead insanity, right-insane gun. There for find for the defendant Mr. Gun. Buy that gun a beer and all lets go home.

  2. I’m still confused about two things (at least!) from the Orlando attack:
    1) The WIA toll is reportedly 53, yet the hospital says they treated 44, and 9 of those died. That leaves 35. where did the other 18 come from – or go to?
    2) What is the story behind the “armed security guard” with whom Mateen reportedly “exchanged fire” outside the club at the outset? Is he/she in the hospital, the morgue, uninjured, etc.? The only other time I can remember hearing about armed security “exchanging fire” with a mass killing attacker, it was the school police officer who caught the 2 attackers at Columbine in the parking lot unloading their gear. Early reports said he had “exchanged fire” with them, and then “Secured the perimeter” while awaiting back-up. How one cop could “secure the perimeter” of a high school is beyond me, but I was also intrigued by the fact that no further info was ever reported after the early reports, and the officer obviously neither kept “exchanging fire” with the attackers, nor pursued them into the school to continue trying to stop their rampage, although he was uninjured. The story behind the security guard (reportedly an off-duty LEO) in the Orlando incident seems to be starting out in the exact same way. If he/she is not dead or injured (and his condition has never yet been mentioned in the media), I have to wonder why he didn’t, at the least, continue pursuing and “exchanging fire with” the attacker when he entered the club and started shooting people.
    I think these issues, particularly the actions of the armed security agent present at the outset, are important, and especially so from the POV of determining how effective armed security is likely to be in potential future events of this type (of which I predict there will be more). If armed security is NOT generally effective, then it is doubly important, and that is a good argument for, getting rid of “No Gun Zones” altogether. I know there are other good arguments too, but this one is very timely and significant. Since it is impossible to prevent bad guys from getting guns, then they will HAVE YO BE confronted on the scene by the intended victims, and this will certainly be a lot more effective if those potential victims are armed.
    Also, perhaps we need to screen and assess our armed security guards better. I’m not talking about trying to identify someone like Mateen as a threat ahead of time here (although that’s also a good idea), but rather addressing the issue of improving the security guards we hire to prevent something like this from happening elsewhere. If the off-duty LEO at this scene was too frightened, or too incompetent with his firearm, or had some kind of contrary orders, that prevented him from continuing to engage the bad guy until one of them was incapacitated, then it would be interesting to know EXACTLY what prevented him from doing that, so we can try to identify future armed guards who would not labor under that deficit. I am well aware that people under fire, especially for the first time and alone without support, may panic. But it would be good to know if that is what actually happened in Orlando. The OPD seems to have been operating under the assumption that they were dealing with a hostage taker, rather than an active shooter (hence their initial lack of dynamic response), and knowing that, they can adjust their dept. SOPs for the future. But clubs that hire armed security could also adjust their procedures if they had a better idea of what to look for in a prospective security guard applicant.

  3. I guess after what happened to 2 police officers in Paris they had better take away our knifes also

  4. Obama and the gun control freaks can’t get it through there heads that criminals, thugs, and terrorists don’t obey laws. They can get any kind of weapon they want on the black market. This is where Obama should concentrate on.

    • Obama won`t bother these type of scum it is easier for him to take from the law abiding citizen and believes he did something for his liberal followers. Liberals don`t understand that a terrorist bullet could care less who they kill.

    • The sjhooter in this case legally owned his guns. He passed their background checks already, and this club was a “gun free” zone! Look how that “worked out”. No one was carrying concealed, so fifty some odd people were KILLED! Isn’t it time we get rid of gun free zones, and allow the law abiding carry rights? Come on people….wake up!

  5. It has been proven so very many times that gun control doesn’t work and gun free zones are an invitation for anyone who wants to enter one and murder as many people as they can before the cops get there!
    If these idiot liberals can’t understand this simple fact because they are not intelligent to read the evidence that’s right before they’re eyes, they need to get out of politics and shut up about guns and gun violence because they know nothing about it!

  6. let us not forget that it was the Obama administration that sold
    similar weapons to the drug cartels in mexico. If there was an
    agreement between the cartels and Obama not to pass these
    weapons to others I’m sure the cartels would strictly honor these
    agreements. also remember that it was the Clinton admin that
    tried to give the long beach naval shipyard to the Chinese to assist
    in their weapons smuggling operations
    but got caught when the coast guard intercepted a Chinese ship
    with 2,000 fully automatic ak47s earmarked for the California drug

  7. This is issue is not about guns. This is about a ideology of terrorism that goes back hundreds of years. These Islamic terrorist will never negotiate or compromise. This is ridicules. They will kill any way they can. we must protect ourselfs from the Marxist left in America who just as bad if not worse then these Muslim terrorist. They want to destroy the country with verbal propaganda. Phony discussions that blur the real issues. Taking away our guns is the only way to control a population and subjugate us. All this crap from the presidents mouth is nothing more then propaganda. He is protecting Muslims and his own narcissistic agenda. He is the enemy along with his fellow far left Marxist friends in congress who have tried to use the deaths of innocents into a political argument against guns. What stupidity. What a treasonous mentality we have in our own government. Stand up American. we have had enough. Our country is being hijacked by Marxist and radical Islam and far left hypocrites.

  8. It just will not work. The idea that having more guns available to others to curb crime just will not work. ha-ha-ha, One needs to see this from the point of view of those who do want population control. If something makes good sense, they are against it, because it usually challenges what they believe. Good common sense, looking at statistics that do not support their agenda is just wrong. People should not do that. They should not look to what makes good sense because it ruins their perspective. It also makes their work that much worse to get the masses to see things their way. So, to say that more gun control will not help prevent event such as that in Orlando is just wrong. In their little universe, what is right is wrong, and as one representative from California said, lead bullets implode.

  9. I know that am preaching to the believers But I have to ask my self:
    What is wrong with these people? All the gun control in the world will not stop
    the gun violence. Why? Criminals, and terrorists DO NOT OBEY ANY LAWS, why do you
    think we call them criminals and terrorists?
    If you want to see what will happen, look to England. First the hand guns,
    then the long guns, now the swords and knives. And their crime rate has gone
    up and up. Look to Europe, some of the toughest gun laws in the world. They are
    snowed under with terrorists raping, shooting and bombing their people. They are not
    allowed to defend themselves. In my option, they are subjects
    The question is are you a citizen or a subject?
    As a subject you are at the whims of a Government, the law, the rich
    and connected, who have their paid bodyguards to protect them from the criminal
    & terrorist elements. As a subject, the police are not required to protect you, they
    will protect who ever is in the power seat. If you are poor or not connected,
    you are on your own.
    We fought a war in 1776 to be free of the whims of a King, we did not want to be
    subjects, we wanted to be citizens.
    Now they are trying to make us subjects again. Sorry I will not be a subject,
    I AM A CITIZEN! I volunteered for & served in Viet Nam and earned that right.
    Molon Labe!!

  10. Obama, and his legion of minions, have no concern for United States citizens. They have no agenda to protect us. All they want is the total disarmament of the United States, so as to assure Das Fuehrer Obama will have no resistance to his attempt to maintain his status as president. Gun-Control is simply their PC equivalent to Gun-Confiscation! No guns, No resistance! No resistance, Martial Law! Martial Law, no elections! No elections, no displacement of King Obama! Get the picture?

  11. Last I heard it was two hand guns the shooter used. No AR was on site at Orlando. So did I get false info, and why is there footage of some dude by the t.v. crew with red tennis shoes being carried out on a stretcher, and someone was videoing the ordeal with their cell phone also. As they carried the guy past the ” no media” line the media quit videoing the guy, but the person on the cell phone kept on videoing and the guy jumps off the stretcher and high fives the guys that were carrying him out. Once again something smells like the same fish I smelled after sandy hook. And who is the lady they have footage of at the Orlando shooting that they also have footage of her at sandy hook? One of these two incidents is enough to make one wonder what’s going on and how strange things are, but two? I think once again the liberals in this country will stop at nothing to try and get gun control. Even if it means killing innocent lives. The know this is the sacrifice they need to make so they can control this nation as they want, and as long as we allow Americans to own guns the liberals know it will be a bloody battle. They are stopping at no measures to push thru their agenda. What sick twisted people liberals are. And I mean daranged by that.

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