Terrorists ALWAYS get around useless “gun control” laws


As good ole Kurt Russell has said, it’s “absolutely insane” to think gun control will stop terrorists.

But many politicians and really ignorant people (oxymoron?) still seem to think that’s the case.

But the truth is that terrorists will always get around any and all useless “gun control” laws. Today, I want to share with you some surprising info on how the terrorists in a Tel Aviv shooting did it.


Gun Control Is 100% Useless In Stopping Terrorists

As I pointed out in my article titled Why More Gun Control Will Not Stop Terrorist Attacks Like The Orlando Night Club Shooting, the killer in Orlando passed multiple background checks AND personal investigation by the FBI to go on to commit a mass murder in a “gun free” zone.

In my other article Why It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Actually Ban Guns, I pointed out that guns are actually really easy to simply make at home.

Even in some alternate universe — where the earth suddenly had ZERO guns — terrorists would just make them at home.

Here’s something interesting I just found …

Tel Aviv Terrorists Used Homemade Submachine Guns

There was a recent shooting in Tel Aviv with a video online. It appeared that much of the shooting stopped because of malfunctions with the terrorists weapons.

That’s most likely because they were home made.

Hat tip to this story I found on TheFirearmBlog

The homemade guns used in Wednesday's attack

The homemade guns used in Wednesday’s attack

Earlier this month two gunmen burst into a restaurant in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, killing four people and wounding six more. The death count could have been much higher had one of the attacker’s weapons not reportedly jammed, CCTV footage appearing to show one of the gunman throwing his weapon down in frustration.

As with a number of earlier attacks this year including the shooting and stabbing of Israeli checkpoint guards at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, improvised firearms were used. Weapons of this type are known locally as ‘Carlo pistols’ due to their crude tubular construction reminiscent of the Swedish Carl Gustaf M45 submachine gun and Egyptian made Port Said / Akaba derivatives which are common to the region.

Carlo pistol 2

The examples used in this latest attack look to be much cruder than usual, appearing to use homemademagazines. Other models widely seized by Israeli Defence Forces appear reasonably well made and use 9mm Uzi magazines with AR / M4 pistol grips and butt-stocks sometimes fitted. As this video shows, small SMGs of this type have an extremely high rate of fire which combined with poorly fabricatedmagazines likely contributed to a failure to feed in this case.

Carlo pistol 1

Carlo pistol 3

Palestinianrifle1 improguns

Efforts by terrorists and rebel groups to produce homemade submachine guns isn’t anything new. Small workshops in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ churned out hundreds of crude but entirely functional weapons which were used in sectarian killings by Loyalist paramilitary groups. In the 1970s various rebel groups across South America including Argentina’s Maoist ERP set up factories to produce homemade submachine guns including close copies of the Swedish K / M45. Security forces In Colombia have in the past closed down factories operated by FARC which produced versions of the British 9mm STEN as well as MAC-10 submachine guns. We’ll likely continue to see more attacks perpetrated with this type of weapon in future, especially in areas in which the smuggling of conventional arms may present difficulties, thus leaving a void for entrepreneurs with drills and hacksaws to fill.



Like I Said, Even If All Guns Disappeared Tomorrow, Terrorists Could Still Simply Make Them

So what’s the solution?

If all the bad guys have guns … don’t be a good guy without one.

What do you think?

Are you surprised that terrorists are now making guns? I’m a little surprised, considering the terrorists who attacked Paris just traveled into the country with a bunch of AK-47’s. (Even though — of course — Paris has some of the world’s most strict gun control laws)



  1. To make it worse, the Democrats don’t practice what they preach. Here is the full list of 26 Democrats who participated in the sit-in who own a gun, as determined by Heat Street:
    Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
    Rep. Bennie Thompson
    Rep. Dina Titus
    Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger
    Rep. Jared Huffman
    Rep. Jim Cooper
    Rep. Jim Costa
    Rep. John Carney
    Rep. John Garamendi
    Rep. Keith Ellison
    Rep. Mike Thompson
    Rep. Peter DeFazio
    Rep. Peter Welch
    Rep. Rick Nolan
    Rep. Ron Kind
    Rep. Steve Cohen
    Rep. Tim Ryan
    Sen. Gary Peters
    Sen. Harry Reid
    Sen. Mark Warner
    Sen. Martin Heinrich
    Sen. Patrick Leahy
    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
    Sen. Tammy Baldwin
    Sen. Tim Kaine
    Sen. Tom Carper
    Heat Street was able to obtain the information from a 2013 USA Today survey on congressional members who own a firearm; 12 congressional Democrats who participated in the sit-in did not answer the survey.

    • people have been doing this ever since before george washington was even born zip guns are nothing new no matter what or how our communist government dose to violate the constitution there will always be a large group of patriots to stand up for it even if they are called criminals the prison system is so screwed up no matter what they simply can not control it anyway and communist party gun control simply dose not work any better than communist party health care

  2. I have posted on this issue for several years. Illegal weapons can be had for the price of some illegal drugs. Anyone can get a “friend” or relative to buy weapons for them. Or have we forgotten Sandy Hook and dear old mom?

    • Sandy Hook did not happen. Wakeup. All these false flag hoax events take place in gun free zones. They want gun control so they can trample all over your rights. Wakeup you stupid fucking morons.

    • I think Columbine would be a better example of a straw purchaser. At Sandy Hook he murdered his mother to get access to her guns. At Columbine they had someone else purchase the guns for them.

  3. If they can’t control the bad guys having guns, (speaking of our liberal Dems, ) then US the good guys, damn well better have our own guns loaded & handy !!!

  4. I have been saying for years that ‘Gun Control’ is not about guns. It’s About control. WE need to ask ourselves who wants the control and, most importantly, WHY?

  5. just look at our own prison system they have been doing that for many years now and they still can not stop them no matter what or how the communist party dose or says they simply can not actually control everything or even maintain the illusion of control it is their own mental insanity that makes them think they can

  6. YouTube has several videos about making guns. One shows how it is done in the middle east and the 1911 styles are very well made and look like a professional job.

  7. Gun laws do no good when the sitting president sells them to our enemies across the pond or to cartels south of the boarder.

  8. A “zip-gun” (single-shot) can be made in a school Metal Shop, or at home. Very easy and simple to make. . . A couple pieces of pipe, a pipe plug, a nail, and a spring. Criminals WILL get guns on the street, just like they do drugs, some times from the same person. Lawful citizens are the only ones restricted by MORE gun CONTROL laws. There are many sentencing laws for a person convicted of firearms POSSESSION while committing a crime but seldom used.

  9. It is not Just Terrorists that can get Guns, Off Market! Anyone with the Cash, can get whatever they want!

  10. everyone knows gun control has absolutely nothing to do with “criminals”,its all about disarming the American people so the elites and the government can control us,guns won us our freedom a long time ago and its guns that will continue to allow us our freedom,the day we give up our guns,our freedom and our rights are gone

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