No, We Don’t Need To Do Anything After A Mass Shooting. Here’s Why


Mass shootings are terrible. No sane person would argue that they aren’t. They are heinous things done by evil people, so I understand why anti-gunners get all worked up when shootings happen and why anti-gunners keep pushing for us to do something right after a mass shooting occurs.

But we don’t need to do anything right after a mass shooting.

Now, before you freak out and think that I want to promote mass shootings, I’m going to tell you do something counter-intuitive when these emotionally charged situation occur: act rationally.


This means that you need to take a minute and think about the proposals that people put on the table after a mass shooting occurs and think about the long-term effects of those suggestions. Simply put, they almost invariably make the situation worse. Why? A writer going by DParker gives us some of the reasons why anti-gunner proposals don’t work.

One of the primary reasons that Parker gives for anti-gun policy failure is simply that “Liberty Control does not work. It only makes things worse… far worse.” Parker writes,

Liberty Control (or as it’s referred to by its misnomer: Gun control) has to be one of the original inspirations for the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It’s very much like socialism, its ideological brethren in that it will never work as advertised.

It’s really a world-wide phenomena of failure in that it’s non-functionality can be found everywhere from Chicago and Washington D.C. to Venezuela. In point of fact, IF it did work somewhere the Left and the media (but we repeat ourselves) would talk about it 24/7. It only serves to disarm the innocent and empower criminals and the government.

So, in that light, it should be no surprise that most mass shootings occur in what Parker calls “Liberty Free” zones (i.e. gun free zones). Why isn’t that a surprise? Because mass shooters want to injure and kill as many people as possible which means that they are going to target a location where people are least likely to shoot back. Surprise! That just happens to be where law-abiding citizens won’t be carrying firearms because they are gun free zones!

It really doesn’t take any great intelligence to understand this, just an understanding that evil people don’t follow the rules.

Other reasons that Parker gives to not do anything after a mass shooting include that punishing all gun owners for the evil of a tiny number is “profoundly unfair,” and, with 120 million innocent gun owners in America, if owning guns were really a problem, we’d already know about it.

Never mind the fact that gun violence is decreasing (with the possible exception of gun free zones like Detroit and Baltimore), and emotions, such as fear, are not a valid reason to steal rights.

Really, it all comes down to anti-gunners using people’s fear to push for gun confiscation (that is the end goal). Gun confiscation, historically speaking, has always ended up with more people murdered than when guns were legal in the same culture. But knowing that would mean that an anti-gunner would have actually had to study the facts of history instead of revisionist drivel.

The simple facts remains, the most important thing that we can do when a mass shooting occurs is nothing. The only other rational argument is to buy more guns and ammo so that we can shoot back when some nutcase opens fire. Nothing else make sense.



  1. Where it is forbidden to bear arms (gun free zones, anyone?) it is wise to be armed.

      • That would fall in the realm of “winning the battle but losing the war”. If you wind up having to use your concealed firearm in a gun-free-zone to defend your (or someone else’s) life, you expose the fact that you have violated the zone – and in most cases that’s a felony for which you will pay a fine and/or go to jail AND loose your carry permit FOR LIFE.
        Gun-free-zones in public areas (created by governmental decree) are a 2A infringement, and must be dismantled by Constitutional challenge. If the owner of a business (private property) chooses to declare a gun-free-zone, that is his right. The response in that case is simple – vote with your wallet (don’t shop there).

    • We know that there are simply put weak-minded, brain-dead liberals like the Policies. That say they want to make things safer. Well safer for who? Look at what they propose and anyone with even an inkling of intelligence will see it’s safer for those that do mass murders. Therefore, do the opposite. Do away with gun restrictions on intelligent, law-abiding citizens and allow those that are “RESPONSIBLY ARMED CITIZENS” this means those that have trained and continue to train. Those that have concealed carry licenses, where required. Do away with “ALL” gun-free zones. Allow teachers and ALL “RESPONSIBLY ARMED CITIZENS” that work within schools to carry. Do this and OH by the way “PUT GOD BACK INTO OUR SCHOOLS, FINANCES, GOVERNMENT, CHURCHES, AND FAMILIES”. Again go back to before mass school shootings and what do you find? You find GOD’s wall of protection around ALL schools. This also applies to anywhere you want those that work for SATAN to stay away. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PROTECT THE CHILDREN AND THE CHRISTIANS.

  2. There are hundreds of thousands of ” Responsibly armed Americans ” out there for every IDIOT out there that intends mass casualties. The unarmed public is one of the reasons there are mass shootings ! Ya’ll get a gun , learn how to use it RESPONCIBLY ,and protect those who are ‘\”afraid” of guns. The guns that would protect the innocent from those IDIOTS that disrespect our right to bare arms! Arm yourselves and protect everyone from those IDIOTS!!
    Guns aren’t cheep , but the lives of the victims of mass shootings aren’t either! We need , must have more “responsibly armed Americans”. To protect us all!!
    Disagree if U choose , but , think seriously about it , and tell me I’m wrong. I proudly own more than one gun and never considered shooting into a crowd. I may be a bit crazy , but not stupid! If everyone carried a gun , everyone , would an IDIOT be as likely to show up ANYWHERE intending mass causalities. There probably are some that crazy , just as a method of self destruction. Give them their space , a gun and one bullet. One less IDIOT to cause chaos! Sorry to those that are offended by “common sense”answer to the gun “problem”
    Suicide is wrong by any method , and of course so is killing innocents , but , it happens , but , it’s frowned upon to shoot the IDIOTS, no matter how badly they need it. Seriously ya’ll , get a gun , learn how to use it , carry it and shoot the IDIOT before he accomplishes his sick plan!!

    Steve Barrett, 08/26/2019

  3. This is very right. Exactly these mentally disturbed individuals are where they know people don’t have guns or they are holding down somewhere they feel safe. The left swamp residents no matter how hard they try will never succeed. These mad men will always find guns. Most of them are mentally ill. We agree that these individuals known to many be reported and be contained in a facility. See something say something!!!!!!

    Start SUING these corporations that put up “NO GUN ZONE SIGNS”. They ARE RESPONSIBLE for the safety of every person on their premises!!!!!!!!

    • Another hit the nail on the head , GUN FREE ZONES take the responsibly of me defending myself away and don’t provide any means to secure anyone …
      A SIGN WILL NOT STOP SOMEONE INTENT ON DOING SOMETHING it only points out easy pickings …

  5. The fact is, the Demonratic Party has always promoted crime, and opposed freedom, as they’ve been trying since the inception of the party, to make this country a tyranny, and disarming the populace is the first step toward the police state they are working to install. With everyone disarmed, and crime rising, a police state is easily accomplished by announcing martial law to combat crime. Wallah ! Welcome to your new enslaved life. Hitler followed the Demonrats program of iinstilling hatred and prejudice, only he picked the Jews, instead of Negroes. But he has the Demonrats following his lead in disarming the populace.

  6. I have always thought it’s wrong to give these shootings any time in the news. The huge coverage of these things just gives the shooter and others attention that they really don’t deserve. It’s wrong to go on all night about a mass shooting when it occurs because it makes it seem important in a way that’s not right. The person that is sick enough to do this certainly shouldn’t get attention like this as it keeps these tragedies in the limelight. There are things that should be covered but do it after the event when the shooter won’t benefit from the type of fame that they seek. It also seems to give others the idea that they will get in the news if they do this too,it’s just not anything to give anyone that seeks this kind of thrill.

  7. The problem is not guns, its the big pharmaceutical companies. They make these mind altering (high priced) drugs and have these physiological doctors prescribe them to every kid and young adults who is 5 points or more off center. Big pharma gives a lot of money to the DNC so there is never any thing said about what medication these shooters are/were on. They want only gun ban.
    The kids who shot up Columbine high school in Colorado were prescribed mind altering medication, when first came on the market. The Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter was on same type of drugs, and the Sandy hook sicko shooter was another with the mind altering medication. If authorities, who are not on big pharma’s pay roll, would look into what type of mind altering drugs all of the shooters are/were on, just maybe these very expensive mind altering drugs would be taken off the market and the natural herbal medications for the off center people would be prescribed. Shooter problem solved.
    Its a far chance any of this would see light , for the demonratic party and Hillary are in cahoots with Big Pharma.

  8. I believe the root of the problem started in the 60’s when the role of house wife was starting to change to the new glorious role of doctor, news castor, then moving into politics, starting to wear men’s dress (pants) using “equal rights” to justify it all. They jumped right into men’s world of so called freedom and managed to eliminate from our dictionary every word associated with man, like fire man is now firefighter, spokesman is now spokesperson, on and on. Truth is, giving birth and raising children is the most feminine thing a woman could do, but don’t seem to be any glory in it lately. The family is the core and fabric of any society, it’s where children are properly raised but ane now alone with both husband and wife working, IF they even have both. Most have one parent . It’s a crisis. I am old enough to know that womething went wrong in America’s families.
    It just might be the abandonment of our natural and divine laws, which result in consequences as we now see.
    What to do Now? Try to kill the shooter or run for cover. If you exercise in a gym, make a real name for yurself and tackle him if see a chance.

  9. Me-To. Well put writer. Your talk covers a lot of sensible think ability. The way intellectuals and ability of leadership individuals should be thinking!!!!!.

  10. Socialists are not really interested in preventing mass or any other type of shootings. I t serves their goal/purpose to continually pass laws that erode and take away our rights and freedoms. This way they can hold sway over the people and subjugate them to their will. Does tyranny ring a bell?

    • I don’t like either term gun violence and assault rifles. I never saw a violent gun and was never assaulted by a rifle. Where do these snowflakes get off?
      The answer to the problem istr to do away with all NO GUN ZONES and arm the entire populace. These cowards would rethink thier insane behavior because they wouldn’t want to take the chance of retaliatory fire. This idea will drive the

      gun grabbers wild, but I am sick and tired of the United States hating progressives trying to disarm us and subjugating us to their Insanity which has never worked and never will work!

  11. I’ve said it before, the way to get your point across, is to push it out where it can be seen by all, then make it look like someone else’s fault. the democrooks are the ones doing all the shootings, to get everybody worked up against guns, not the shooters, so they can take every ones ( except of course, the criminals guns) away. then they can easily take over the country, because ONLY the crooks ( prominent in “demo CROOK ) will have guns. if democrooks get back in power, there will be another “CIVIL WAR” in this country, bet on it !

  12. The current Attorney General William Barr has a wonderful suggestion, to wit: The shooter is executed immediately. Even those looking for their 10 seconds of fame don’t want to die for it.

  13. The main reason why Democrats want to disarm you is for one simple thing make it easy to implement Communist within USA, just like allowing more illegals into America to get more Votes. Wake up USA and when the time comes Vote with Trump in 2020.

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