Pokemon GO Shines Light On One Homeowner’s Idiotic Interpretation of Gun Rights…


What are some irresponsible people thinking when it comes to the proper useIdiot and handling of a gun?

This homeowner wasn’t thinking at all.

Your right to bear arms allows you to protect yourself, but doesn’t allow you to wave your gun irresponsibly for any purpose.  You might know that.


This guy, who fired on two innocent teenagers playing Pokemon GO in front of his home, is a poor example of responsible gun ownership (at best).

From The Right To Bear

A homeowner in Florida is likely to face criminal charges after firing into an occupied vehicle that had been parked on the street outside his home, and which fled when he approached. The people inside the vehicle were not criminals, but were instead a couple of teenagers playing the hottest new video game, Pokemon Go.

Thankfully, according to authorities no one was hurt in the incident.

But the most salient point from the article is this:

An idling car on the street outside your home does not come close to the minimum legal threshold for discharging a weapon. A car attempting to drive away from you does not come close to the minimum legal threshold for discharging a weapon. You may only discharge your weapon if you or a third party you are attempting to protect are in immediate mortal danger (yes, I’m aware that Texas allows homeowners to shoot at people for certain property crimes under certain conditions; those laws wouldn’t apply here either).

In order to keep the right to bear arms, we must treat this right as sacred.  When idiots like this aimlessly wander outside firing their guns illegally … that only “arms” the gun-grabbing liberals with ammunition for their legislation.

Solidarity, plus proper gun handling and use education are the keys.  Two ways we can make sure everyone is able to protect themselves in a legal way.



  1. These are the idiots that make it rough on the law abiding citizen, I’ve owned guns all my life this idiot does not deserve the right to own one, I was an NRA instructor for over 30 years I must say out of thousands of men and women I had to evict two morons out of the classroom for telling weird stories about their time in the woods.

  2. He obviously does not know or respect gun safety or laws, you can not tell me this gut had a carry permit. It is just like the guy recently shooting himself in the groin when starting to cleaning his pistol, complete stupidity, I can not fathom the ignorance of this guy, seriously, I must check my weapons 5 times before proceeding to handle or clean. You can’t help stupidity.

  3. I was just waiting for this to happen I knew the minute this game start this would happen even my wife said the dam thing I was think you have people playing a game that will put people on private property and in harms way especially if they play this fools game at night let a lone day time not good Google needs to place these thing in public places not private property my step daughter was playing in our house asked her what she was doing my wife was freaked out that there were any poki mons in our house just think this is bad business

  4. It’s idiots like this that give the Libs fodder to criticize us all. I hope he gets slam dunked!

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