“Scream” Robber Agitates 80 Year Old Laundromat Owner, And You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next…


In a sort-of “Hollywood style” scene, an 80 year old man played thePipe smoking vintage characteristic senior man with gray hair and beard. Studio shot against dark background. role of a war-scarred veteran against a villain in a … Scream mask.

We can file this as a win for how gun rights are supposed to work.

From The Right to Bear…


The 80-year-old laundromat owner was in his store on Wednesday night when the armed robber came in, dressed all in black and wearing the Scream mask, and demanded the owner’s cash box. The owner didn’t argue with the armed robber, telling him to take the box full of money. The suspect grabbed the box and ran out of the store.

But the owner wasn’t content to watch his hard-earned cash make a mad dash out of his store, so he picked up his .25 pistol and followed the suspect outside, firing a round into the air.

The shot scared the masked moron, causing him to drop the cash box and sent him scrambling into a nearby vehicle in which he fled the scene.

The laundromat owner got his money back and I’m sure he got a good laugh at how he sent the little horror-movie-wanna-be twit running.

Now, the catch to this “victory” for the right to bear arms is that responsible gun owners know you shouldn’t fire a gun into the air … ever.  You can hurt someone.

But it’s kind of mixed up that we live in a society where we pay more attention to the debate about gun rights (which should be no debate), than properly teaching people how to use guns in the first place.

I wonder what would happen if we shifted focus to ensuring people know how to properly use arms?

Maybe this 80-year old war-scarred business owner wouldn’t have fired his gun into the air AND could have been the hero of this Hollywood thriller at his store.

Sometimes, shifting focus on a simple point is the key to getting real change.



  1. While I had gotten off work at 2am one morning, I noticed a car following me. It followed me to my house. As I got out of my car, I just happened to have my gun with me (that my husband had bought me sometime ago) and as I got out of my car with my gun in hand, the creep that followed me must have seen it and he took off like a bat out of hell.
    I was ready to defend myself if whoever this creep was, was going to try to harm me.
    Every woman should own a gun (or two or three) and know how to use them since it is our constitutional right.

  2. This is what the Marxist the lead hide behind as they could care less if we kill it shut her off, what their problem is is they have a very evil agenda to take our property away from us and our houses and put us in the so called reservation and that is called agenda 21, not counting the Mark of the beast they want to add pledge you with next year that is called a chip that the builder burgers part of the one world order have all the chips made up ready to go in 2017. So the gun thing is not about protecting the people it’s about protecting them from us and their Tierney. God bless America and may he expose the evil that they are

  3. What goes up, must come down! That’s why you should never fire a shot up in the air. Also, in most states, firing a warning shot is illegal, because it proves that you were not in fear of your life when you fired, and therefore, you discharged your firearm illegally. You cannot legally shoot, or even shoot at, someone who is running away from you, unless they are shooting at you, or it is in defense of someone’s life. Any discharge of a firearm in public, not fired in defense of a life, is unlawful.

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