Someone Tried To Brutally Rob a 75 Year Old Woman and Her Family … Then This Happened…


In Loris, SC a 75 year old woman was home with her infant great-granddaughterWoman taking gun from purse and 9 year old foster daughter.

Then the unimaginable happened … they got robbed by a male and female suspect.

During the chaos, which included the male using a stun gun on the older woman, the tide began to turn as she made it to her bedroom.


“Dirty Harry” comes to mind when we read what happened next (from The Right to Bear):

She added the the male suspect pushed her to the floor, but she managed to get up and make it to her bedroom where she kept a gun.

“I said, ‘You want to play with guns?’” Ring said as she demonstrated how she pointed the weapon at the suspects.

Ring said when she shot the suspect, he fell against the refrigerator in the kitchen and both took off.

Emphasis ours.

We can’t imagine what might have happened if we didn’t have a 2nd Amendment, and this older woman couldn’t have defended herself and her family in this “Dirty Harry” moment.

But we do have the 2nd, and she was able to defend herself … thankfully.

Guess those punks didn’t feel that lucky on that day in South Carolina … did they?



  1. I Texas you can carry a fire arm in your car. Now the question is when you step out of the car to defend your family who is right? You with the fire arm or the person causing the fear for your family?

    • It’s one reason, but it’s not the most important reason.

      We have the II because our Founders knew that we’d need to protect ourselves from government run amok. Being able to protect ourselves from thieves and other vermin, and to hunt and shoot targets, etc., is just icing on a delicious cake.

      Mr. Magoo, er, O’bama, will there ever BE any Jobs?

  2. When you or yours are threatened with violence, the only “proper” way to respond is MORE force. When children are involved, deadly force is best used. Great ending to a possible bad story. Proves a point, DON’T mess with granny when the grandkids are visiting.

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