Man Legally Carrying a Concealed Handgun Didn’t “Waffle” When This Happened…


A robber armed with an AK-47 targeted, of all places, a waffle house in Texas.ak 47  isolated on white According to police, the suspect went inside and robbed customers and also the restaurant.

But thanks to our 2nd Amendment, one customer who was legally carrying a concealed weapon wasn’t having any of it … and followed the man outside.



After Cooper exited the restaurant, a customer followed Cooper into the parking lot and called out to him. Cooper reportedly turned around and pointed the rifle at the customer, but the customer pulled out his own gun and shot Cooper several times, KXAS-TV reported.

The station reported the armed customer wanted to protect his wife, who was on her way to the restaurant.

Cooper was taken to a nearby hospital where he was on life support. The customer who shot him was not arrested.

Since this responsible gun owner didn’t “waffle” when confronted with a situation that he protect himself and his wife … we have a light in a dark situation.

The robber was, well, not so responsible. ¬†Shouldn’t the liberal gun laws we already have in place have prevented him from getting an AK-47 in the first place?

Oh, that’s right, criminals don’t care too much about gun legislation. ¬†So more of the same won’t make guns go away … they just make the situation worse.



  1. Criminals don’t follow laws, that’s why their CRIMINALS. Seem simple to me, however I’M NOT A LIBERAL.

    • Absolutely Correct! Though I was raised a True Democrat, myself, my family, and my recent ancestors strongly believe the 2nd Amendment is there for the CITIZEN to be apt to defend themselves against criminals, domestic and foreign terrorism, and most of all TYRANNY from corrupt Government!

      I also am not a Liberal Idiot!

  2. I love to read articles like this one that TELL THE TRUTH about responsible gun owners and how CRIMINALS do NOT care about gun laws and will have access to any guns they want despite gun laws.

  3. What liberals and tyrants do not understand is that good people need to be armed in case bad people do these things. Also good people need to be armed in order to overthrow tyrants like King George of England and present administration if they declare martial law so this idiot can remain POTUS.

  4. I was 66 when the bad guy came in my back door. He was 24 and looked like a “Hispanic” version of Mike Tyson. My little teeny pistol made him decide I was NOT HELPLESS. He ran back outside, hid in my garage. He fought 3 police officers for 15 minutes, and ended up with a hole in his face and both arms torn out of the sockets and me screaming insults at him the entire time. He left in the ambulance and I DID NOT! My husband said “SHE is HALF TEXAN ON HER DADDY’S SIDE and you have to be SO CAREFUL NOT TO RILE THOSE PEOPLE!”

    His own daddy told me over at the courthouse that his son would have killed me if I had not been ARMED!

  5. We have THEM that roam amongst us daily. Like Steppenwolf’s PUSHERMAN, “They could care less if you live or you die”. Exercise your 2nd Amendment. Always carry. Always practice.

  6. It is perfectly clear from this post why we cannot allow Killery or O’Bozo to take our 2nd amendment away. Being armed is the only deterrent to criminals and terrorist. If they know we are armed they will be a little more hesitant before committing an act of violence.

  7. Two guns make two people equals. If you own a gun, use it for a good reason, then keep it with honor.

  8. It seems like what the people following the lead of their favorite “gun control” advocates don’t ever do is take a good honest hard deep look at them and ask themselves exactly why are those advocated taking such a hard line on the subject without at all considering their publicly stated reasoning as a viable and trueful answer.

  9. I’ve always felt that if being armed or having other citizens around you being armed is uncomfortable, there are plenty of countries around the world where you can go and live instead. I hear Mexico is lovely, as are Venezuela and France. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  10. The gun laws we have around should have stoped the man but with killery around they diden’t.

  11. MORE gun laws only restrict lawful American citizens. Crooks WILL get guns ‘on the street’ just like they do drugs… there are many sentencing laws on the books requiring MANDATORY (no parole) SENTENCES for crimes involving a firearm, but not used. The current “agenda” is for citizen CONTROL, not gun control… ANY cop knows that. The ‘over 10 rounds’ magazine ban would also restrict police handguns.

  12. I was chatting with my local police chief about my concealed carry permit this week, and he was absolutely clear that in a situation not involving a threat to my own life, I should stay out of the way and not intervene. He told me he doesn’t even carry a gun when he is off duty. In the events described, he obviously would have arrested the CC guy and thrown him in jail. I live in Maine, where you don’t even need a permit to carry and open carry is legal. Things sure vary state to state, and maybe even county too county don’t they?

    • Gordon, if you read it carefully it said “The station reported the armed customer wanted to protect his wife, who was on her way to the restaurant.” that’s the only reason he followed the guy into the parking lot because he was protecting his wife — she could have been walking in and got shot so he confronted the guy before that could happen. That’d be legal in any state.

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