One Gloomy Reason Why We MUST Keep The Right to Arm Ourselves


Imagine a scenario where the gun-grabbing politicians get their way and we haveNo Firearms Allowed Sign to turn in our guns.  All of them.

(Of course the criminals won’t care, but that’s for another story).

So, in this fictional (?) scenario we no longer have the right to bear arms, but the Police and other necessary professionals still can as a part of their jobs.


You’re now unarmed.  Then,  because of that sometimes nasty thing called the Economy, your local police force gets totally underfunded and says…

“Sorry, we don’t have the resources to help you in an emergency … we aren’t coming.”

This is just fiction, right?

Apparantely it’s not in Miami-Dade, FL, according to Guns N’ Freedom:

According to wsvn, the proposed budget cuts would create a negative impact on public safety.

John Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, said, “If the mayor’s not going to provide security, then my recommendation, as an experienced law enforcement officer for nearly 40 years, is either buy yourself an attack dog, put bars on your windows and doors and get yourself some firearms because you’re going to have to protect yourselves. We won’t be able to.”

These comments followed the decision by Mayor Carlos Gimenez to cut $64 million from the 2014-2015 budget which will result in the loss of at least 600 police jobs in the county.

Emphasis ours, and filed under “Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

So don’t let any gun-grabbing liberal try to talk you out of your guns, because a time may come when your city runs into economic trouble and tells you the following:



  1. Remember THIS article when you step into the voting area this November. You have two choices…Scumocrat COMMUNIST, Marxist gun grabbers or TRUMP. Hitlery has already stated that she WILL abolish the Second Amendment one way or another. TRUMP has stated he will “protect the Second Amendment” Who do you believe? Hitlery that has gotten where she is by insane promises of “free stuff”, GREED, constant LIES and deception, or TRUMP? The choice is YOURS America, choose wisely, it may be the last thing you do.

      • There’s a lot of that non-compliance stuff going around in “The Great Progressive Socialist State of NY”

    • If by fraud Hillary did get in the White House I absolutely would not comply with anything she demanded. I think our military and our law enforcement would side with the citizens to uphold their oath. If it did come down to a actual battle then so be it. Many of us who served our nation will uphold our oath. People must realize that our 2nd Amendment was given to us just for this purpose.

  2. If they think they are going to get them come on down bring lots of bodybags and Smile!!!wait for the flash!!
    Wash dc IS NOT part of the u.s. and that so called illegal muslim pres. Obama cant make illegal laws.

    • Governor “Moonbeam” Brown did it in the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornia.

  3. I WILL NOT COMPLY with any illegal thing passed that says I can’t own a gun. I will not surrender my God given right to self defense to anyone under any circumstances!!!!!

  4. Early June, Hillary said the following in an Interview . ” If ( is the operative word here ) it is a Constitutional Right, then like every other
    Constitutional Right, IS SUBJECT to reasonable regulations ” Note the word IF , She is saying clearly that she does not acknowledge the ” Right to Bear Arms ” , period ! She basically repeated the same lie when in an interview with Chris Wallace when she said she’s not out to take anyones guns away nor would she appoint any Jurists to SCOTUS that would jeopardize the 2nd A ! Yeah , right ! She also stated quite clearly that in the HELLER case , SCOTUS got it wrong and that she would take steps to correct that disastrous decision on her first 100 days in the WH . Her ” rabid ” anti- 2nd A activism speaks for it self over these many decades . Hillary also made the remarks that America should seriously consider Australia’s gun ban and confiscation schemes ! Does that even remotely sound like someone who claims she’s not out to take away our guns ? This woman is a consummate LIAR ! And she had the gall to talk about ” Freedom , Liberty and Justice ” in her acceptance speech at the DNC Statist Convention ! So, ladies and gents , come 8 November , Vote for Freedom First , and that would be Mr. Trump and not the Statist Hillary , for the sake of our Constitutional Republic ! May God Bless America !

  5. so cut the police budget – why to piss the money away somewhere else ? well then there shouldnt be money to police the black lives matter marches either. when they riot let them burn it all down and call out the national guard locked and loaded.

  6. Trump we need a landslide to win the crow hillary serial liar .wikileaks came out with more . The donkeys are the real racists. thats why they make it legal for illegals to vote. They dont care for people of color. there just a vote. America is in deep trouble. vote trump to keep our America .vote hillary we will become united states of germany. think hard please!! Watch open gates germany you tube. may God give our country one more chance. Amen

  7. if you vote for hillary , lady,s get ready to live under sharia law , the muslum country,s dont listen to women so they aren,t gonna listen to hillary just because she wears pants , ladys if you dont know what sharia law is you better look it up . you will be wearing a birka .they can rape your 13 year old daughter , they need 4 witneses to be found guilty , there are more things about there laws that go against women, hillary owes the muslum countys to much , for all there donations to her and bill . the dems are keeping you as slaves and you kbow who are . under hillary we will get nuked , the muslums don,t care they wanna die , so they can go see there 77 virgins . wake up ladys . you have to vote for trump , just to be safe, and keep the terrorist out of the u.s.a. dont give up your guns no matter what .

  8. Well, since when have the police EVER been available for protection? Just remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. They aren’t “just down the street” you know, but rather busy elsewhere, and certainly ten to fifteen minutes away, when and if you have time to call them.
    NO, we must be prepared for the ugly choice of self protection or victim. That admonishment could be said by anyone in authority from the founders until today. It is the second reason for the second amendment (the first being to present a formidable argument against a government going rogue).
    Ask any criminal in jail what his greatest fear was when in the act, and it’ll come out something like “that I’d meet an armed citizen while doing my thing.” And it’s what the potential police-state also fears most.
    Get armed, learn how, and defend yourself. Nobody else will, EVER! (Not a bad idea either to learn a little military self defense knowledge – such as how to kill with one quick blow – it is easy – I have a series of them stashed in my subconscious. Dear God, I pray I never have to use them).

  9. Listen folks, if we want to see our Country go down the Shit Hole, Place a vote for Hitlery. Now on the other hand, if you want our Great Country to get back up on our feet after what Oba”Numb Nuts”ma has done to us, I really ask you to do some sole searching and Vote for Donald Trump, I really feel that he will help our Country get back up and running again. Get the Muslims out of the US, and send back to wherever in the Hell they came from and let them continue their WAR there. “YOU WANT FREEDOM, VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP”

  10. We must always be able to have arms; it’s just a matter of time, the way the corrupt thieves in Washington are going, before the almighty dollar collapses, and our economy. And when it finally does, it could get VERY UGLY, and VERY FAST! Always be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, help your neighbors, and defend your property and assets!

  11. You know, we need to stop thinking like they want us to think!

    The whole primus of this article, while it sounds so good, is simply that – thinking like they want us to think. Well. It has never been the job of the police to protect us. It has always been our job to protect us. Under the authority of the ELECTED County Sheriff, WE were the police force (remember posies on the old westerns? )! Now the police are the EXPERTS set up by those who THINK it is THEIR job to protect us!

    All that has been happening to the police and to us for decades is about placing all of the police under the control of the federal government! An armed government is NOT going to tolerate an Armed Citizenry! Stop looking to them to “protect you”. STOP IT! It has never been their job because they simply CANNOT do that! Furthermore has it ever occurred to any of you that there is NO second Amendment for government? The military is NOT government! Where is THEIR guaranteed right to bear arms? If government is instituted by men and gets its authority from the Consent of the governed then who has given them the authority to have guns? It wasn’t me. Was it YOU?

    Anyone who has the power to give rights also has the power to take them away!!! But NO ONE gave me my unalienable rights! Therefore no one is going to take them from me!


    … we ain’t giving up our guns. I don’t have guns because I’m afraid of criminals. I have guns because I’m afraid of the commie leftist socialist LIARS who should have been shot long ago for such talk of treason; who are now in control of government; who believe themselves the experts that we should all give up our individual rights – ALL of our rights – to. From somewhere out of thin air they decided they were the experts who’s job it is to reshape us and take care of us! We cannot be armed for them to successfully do “their job”.

    “And for the International Order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs. That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign” – Barrack Obama (The Lawless) , Bilderberg Group, Brussels Belgian, 23 May 2014

    So you see. The very primus that the police might not be funded to protect us only applies to those who believe the lie in the first place. Our right to bear arms is founded upon the right to defend ourselves; which is the true purpose and FORCE of law – in the first place! The Force of LAW is based upon the singular RIGHT of every Human Being to DEFEND HIMSELF!!! There isn’t any other purpose of JUST law. Any other law has an ulterior motive – THEFT!

    WE NEED TO STOP THINKING LIKE THEY WANT US TO THINK; and REFUSE to obey their unfounded Tyrannical Laws. Collectively! If I refuse to obey their laws alone THEY WILL KILL ME. If we all refuse to obey their laws they will run like the pussy cowards that they are! I am SICK of plying THEIR game. Time they played ours!

  12. no one wants to take your guns, but when a nut case can buy an assult weapon
    and kill many people, then something should be done

  13. I seriously doubt that Hillary can do much about the guns issue. Obama has failed because of Congress. But in any case, I stand with all Americans who stand behind the US Constitution.

  14. Except for the responses from bob Flowd/Caleb and Jerry Branson,it appears all other responders are blaming OUR problems on those voters who continue to reelect those CORRUPT POLITICOS !!

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